YG310 LED Projector REVIEW – Small and Cheap!

The review of the cheap and small Excelvan YG310 LED Projector.
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In this video i take a look at the small and affordable YG310 Projector. It is very small and you can hold it in your palm. This projector can be used with a power adapter or a battery pack, and it will work the same with both. The projector doesn’t have the most amazing resolution but considering it’s very low price it is acceptable.


Asad Durrani says:

Good for the price, Seems good for watching you tube low resolution videos!

Muzamil Soomro says:

Redskull I intend to buy Optima EH416 for my business and conference purpose. Is that good enough to purchase for the said purpose?

angryduck 61 says:

can u connect your phone to it

PGI Cruiser says:

Thank you for showing the image in a well-lit room. Do you have a recommendation for a small/cheap projector that will work in a well-lit room?

Meth Methanoid says:

Crappy resolution for 2016 🙁

cougarten says:

can you test via hdmi? should look waaay better. I can see internal video player does the cheap resizing by just skipping a few lines of pixels, making this staircase-pattern visible.

stephanie reeves says:

Can I connect my laptop to the project via HDMI… I’ve tried and it keeps saying no signal… can you help please

Juan Uriarte says:

What size did you have it at?

José Henrique says:

How good is the slide show at school?

James Brian Aplicador says:

Can you connect it to the iphone?

shiela marie dion says:

I connect my sony xperia t2 ultra in yg310 projector,i use hdmi adapter then shows no signal

Asad Durrani says:

Can i connect bluetooth speakers with it?

Ahmed Syed says:

Does it support a Bluetooth adapter, to play movies via a cellphone?

Lisbon Silvera says:

Good review although not so good product!!

A Ba says:

…does chromecast/miracast work?

Asad Durrani says:

Brother what is the difference between YG300 and YG310 Models?

Newtab 123 says:

do you have any recomendation for projector with hdmi input and less than 100 usd?

Avner B says:

Hey Redskull. I’m seeing your reviews and need to ask:
between the YG310, H86 and VS 314 projectors, which one of this three is the best and why?
thank you for your help!

ahmed alabadi says:

can l play ps4

Christos Kargiotidis says:

Do you know anything about the yg-320? What have they changed apart from its appearance?

Stefan Flegel says:

“Power by lithium ion battery ( Not included the battery )” How can i build a battery in the projector?

Tony Villalba says:

Hello i have a question for everybody that has bought something on AliExpress when you ordered somenting and paid IT dit IT say that they are verifing your payment and they Will let you know under 24 hours?

abghere says:

Thanks for a great review.
This is children toy grade, not even good for occasional use!

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