Xgimi H1 Review – Best 1080p Home Theater Projector 2017

Xgimi H1 Review Hands Down Best 1080p Projector
On Sale Now: http://geni.us/uzSSu
Coupon Code: GXGMH1

Best Wifi Smart Projector | Optoma Intelligo S1
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Want to know what Camera I Used?
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Tom says:

nice video!

Andy Conway says:

This looks like a beast. I’ve subbed and have been watching your vids to get some info on projectors over the last while. This is the one. I know little to nothing about these but really wanna get enough info to make a proper family room happen. So far this channels been my go to. Great videos man I’ll keep watching and commenting/sharing and hopefully have a chance at winning this. Great vids man, best info on youtube! Have a good one.

Michael Jaca says:

why dont you try the Nebula Mars Projector i think its way better than this projector you are showcasing. You should check this projector out.. https://www.amazon.com/Nebula-Portable-Multi-media-supported-Projector/dp/B073P3JHTH?SubscriptionId=AKIAIPK5F55TNVMRHSZQ&tag=b0c55mobile-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B073P3JHTH

Red Scorpion says:

Did you say 900 Lumens because thats a joke,everything was looking good until I herd it had really low Lumens

John SmithDE says:

How about a projector monitor, no speakers, decent light output, native 1080p, wifi , a usb port, HDMI port, LED/ Laser light source and capable of 200″ screen size projection. Got anything like that for say $500 US ??

Charles Kuhn says:

How does this compare to the Nebula Mars?

Emm ii says:

Optoma GT1080 Darbee or XGIMI H1????

XSAVIER busy says:

So it’s sponsored … sure

Marcus Ireland says:

3:36 to 4:10 what game is that ?

Dontdalla says:

Hi, Can you downloan Netflix onto the Xgimi H1? have you tried it?, if so can you make a video on how it was done? or advise me. Also, can you use streaming devises like the Amazon Fire stick on the H1, and again, have you tried it?

Luis Fermin says:

The killer projector

Mariane Welter says:

Hi! I loved this projector! But i have made some reaserch and i have found some complaining about the smart software compability with some apps , like newer Netflix version. Is that true? If Yes, can i plug a smart device like chromecast in it? Will it work?

Guided Hand says:

I want a android 7.1 0S, 4GB portable, hdmi 4k projector.

Igor Carrasco says:

I’ve subscribed and have been following your projector reviews for the last few months.
They are top notch but have you considered keeping an updated list with the top 20 projectors?
Thanks 🙂

EjectedAlready says:

Is this better for home use than the viewsonic PX800HD (picture quality for movies & gaming)?

Edgar Soares says:

What about xming s2?

aulia kurnia Fajar says:

Can it play 3d movie? Like anaglyph movie

Michael Chong says:

Hi Casey. I’m confused about the 900 ansi lumens. Is it really 3000 lumens like the nebula mars projector?

Dontdalla says:

Thanks for the reply. Also, can you let us know when the Xjimi H1S international version will be available to purchase?

Russell Pitts says:

Don’t want Aptoide, I want Google play

D twist Rewind says:

Keystone correction for individual corners,not bad

arnold kokonya says:

Hey @Mind Seed TV what’s up…

Paulo Zabalotnicu says:

xgimi h1 or LG PF1500G

XGIMI Tech says:

Love your video! Thanks for your recognition ^^

Gerardo says:

Hi, nice review, I recently bought this, I was deciding between the optoma darbee and the H1, the decisive factor was that the H1 is led vs traditional lamp on the optoma. I haven´t received it yet, but it´s my first projector ever and bought a tripod favi 120 inch screen projector, I don´t have many good options here in mexico and amazon had that one cheap.

Also I liked the factor that it is smart, though it does seem to have some issues with Netflix (being only 720p), Amazon video and a minor issue with youtube where you have to enter google play store through kodi, no big deal there, hope you can do a video.

Marshall Kilgore says:

Mindseed! Great video man liked and shared

Jordan Hesterberg says:


Filipe Dias says:

Something i don´t understand, the ANSI lumens is suposed to be a standard way of measurment of lumens. the xgimi H1 has 900 ANSI lumens, how is it possible that other projectors say they have 3000 lumens and the actual lumens are similar to the ones on the H1 ? Are we talking about different Things, like comparing LED Bulbs with regular Bulbs, or are other projector using a differente measurement system ?
In the end, does the Xgimi H1 have a good amount of lumens ? similar to other projectors with 3000 lumens ?

sw1ft2U says:

wow i really like this one! thanks bro !!!

Sigedno Kastaneer says:

HI Mind Seed
I Like To See A Review Of The MDI i5 Projector, I Hear Its Quality, All In One, And The Right Price.

Ardy Valerio Louis says:

Hey M.Nolan, I realy fell like buying this Projector. I ‘ve ben checking out your video for quite a while now. But could you give your best recommandation for a projector that I could use in a lit room and also a dark room? Plus how does the Xgimi is in a lit room ?

LEAH Santos says:

ooooo plssss chooseeee me for my kidssss plssss

Her BoyToy says:

Do you know if there is an option to change the font to English??… You were showing Chinese(?) words on the screen just before you started talking about keystone correction.

Kayleen Willard says:

This projector looks amazing!

Igor Carrasco says:

Any chance you review the H1S?

Cristi Cristi says:

your review is the best and your info the same but please don’t associate your work and dedication with SCAMMERS like GEARBEST………dear people,trust the review but don’t trust the GEARBEST……i just lost 779.75 USD with this fake company ,be smart don’t get scam


Anyone have low volume on there’s? It seems mines sounds way to low in fact my echo is much louder

Cristi Cristi says:

Placed an order for Items, ‘shipped’ the same day, 28th Sept. Since then nothing, no tracking information available. No response to Messages. Did get a reply to Ticket but like others suddenly the 10-15 days has expanded to 25 days! AND once the parcel leaves China it is untraceable!! Maybe I will get my parcel. Maybe I wont. Gearbest is uninterested. Taken the money and now hides behind a wall of T&C’s…..take 779.90 usd…..and after 5 day ask photo for credit card…and I.D…please be smart don’t go spam.

Rohan Jadhav says:

Hello there. Thanks for the review. Few questions though.
1. Can I use it just as a speaker when I am not using the projector?
2. Can I connect another Bluetooth speaker to it?
3. Which one is better? Xgimi H1 or JmGO P2?


This review has me sold

that's not Gucci baby that's flucci says:

What size of screen should I get for this so it will fit perfectly and also be the clearest picture that the projector will put out?

Suraj Patil says:

I like this

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