ViviBright GP100 Video Projector, LeD 1080P Review! Best $200 Projector

ViviBright GP100 Video Projector,LCD 1080P Full-HD Level Image Quality,3500 Lumens LED Luminous Efficiency, WXGA Resolution, In Your Living Room Bedroom Meet All Entertainment,Games,Video Viewing.
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DengrayKai211 says:

hmmm interesting

Brian Driscoll says:

Lol, just read some of the comments after I posted mine. People are so fucking salty on the internet. He can do what ever the hell he wants with his channel. If u dont like it then don’t watch. Bunch of entitled children.

The nameless King says:

You should make another channel 1 for gameplay and gaming info 2 for sponsored stuff and unboxing stuff

Freeway Godzilla says:

Stonefox thank you so much for doing a review on this I bought one based on it and ive had it for three days now and I absolutely love it! The picture is so beautiful and crisp and bright my PS4 game’s look so good! Take care and thank you

Eddie Lule says:

The earth is flat

Unbox iT says:

1280×800 is the native resolution. It accepts a 1080p signal and downgrades it to 1280×800. Still looks good since it is basically 720p.

Terabyte Gaming Media says:

You’re drunk off the holy water

JD Gaming 1050 says:

Why are you bleeding subs?


Bull crap again? Stonefox your channel sucks!

tele-arena guy says:


Michael Mayers says:

Never said he was sponsored and nun wrong with that

Mcfluffy challenges says:

Him:ive gaines alot of experience this is a box knowledge

MLG Shadow Nigh says:

Hi stonefox what type of pc do you use

David Nguyen says:

Awesome review. I might get me one. Great deal for $200.

A.C. Dubya says:

He tries out the most random brands. Are these projectors from Wal-Greens?

Matt Buckley says:

Xbox one x

Brian Driscoll says:

Looking to build a man cave soon. Will probably put a projector down there. Thanks for the review!

JuniorG4 says:

What’s up it’s Chris from SelloutfoxMedia

GunsAndClips says:

Stonefox, if you do end up selling out at least don’t suck your sponsors dick too hard or else it’ll be obvious that your sponsored.

nick willard says:

Guys, he’s building a house. Videos like this are just supplementing his budget. It’s not like you’re required to watch it.

vivibright Projector says:

Signal input can be via HDMI or USB, depending on your video quality, if your video is 1080p resolution. It still supports HD decoding,
So you can get 1080P video quality. It really is not a 1080P physical resolution for the projector. Just support video decoding up to 1080P.
We can not imagine if this price can buy a professional full hd projector, that’s crazy. my friend, its physical resolution is 1280X800PIXELS.

MARTiN 23 KiNGS says:

StonefoxASSmedia you really sold out

hamuscheesus says:

this vs psvr cinema mode

Videogame Vegas says:


Love your channel, and I’m glad you’re getting into projectors. I agree with you on the Optima GT1080 short throw, its amazing!

Cool review for the VivaBright, but just wanted to let you know that this projector isn’t true 1080p resolution projection; it’s native resolution is 1280x800Pixels. Yes, it can handle 1080p content, but it won’t project it at 1080p, only up to its native resolution of 1280×800. These projectors are cheaper, because they don’t have a native resolution of 1080p. They use buzz words like “HD” or “support for HD content,” knowing most consumers only think of HD as 1080p, but don’t realize that 720p is also considered HD.

This isn’t to bag on your content, it’s a pleasure being a subscriber, but you have a big community and I know you wouldn’t want to mislead any of them.

Don’t feel like you have to change anything on this video, I just thought you should know.


Multirotor Go says:

Does it have a removable dust filter? I bought a Chinese projector and after just a week of use it start to collect dust on the LSD panel and internal lenses and you can see it on the projection 🙁

davey - bgames says:

Its 720p stonefox not 1080p.
I thought you knew your psss considering everything is ashy in your eyes.

Warren Moore says:

Come on man stick to game reviews and console reviews


Not 1080p it supports 1080 input but 720 native I had it sent it back to Amazon because of the 1080 wording they use to sell it

BenstaBeats says:

Yeah…. This is false marketing. This projector is 720p native NOT 1080p. I wouldn’t recommend this projector simply because it doesn’t put a true 1080p signal.

kevin Jabbour says:

I thought it was gaming new s

StormShadowGFX says:

I really like my projector and it saved me tons of money. Use to spend 100 bucks a pop on going to the movies. Now I just Netflix and HBO Go on a 120″ 1080p screen. My bulb has lasted 4 years so far and still going.

DOASalesman says:

Any chance you’ll get some 8K laser projectors? That’d be so cool!

streamline security says:

u should get yourself a optoma uhd60 or uhd65 first 4k projectors for less than $2000

kelly chen says:

Thank you Stonefoxmedia,I’ve got one because your review.
That’s awesome for this price around $200.I really love it very much.

GunsAndClips says:

0:31 Super horrible, hey thanks for the heads-up stonefox.


Stonefox WTF man!? Are you determined to destroy your channel?

ThatKiDwiththeDrums says:

At least research the product, stop saying it’s full 1080p, it takes a full 1080p input, which doesn’t matter because the output is WXGA. Output is what people will see. Full HD has more than double the pixels of WXGA.

Riley 410 says:

Your losing it bruh smh

David Lee says:

Thanks to your review I got the gt1080, never would have thought about projectors, pretty dope

mg lh says:

Let the man make his money who cares

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