Very Cheap Projector ($40) from eBay Full Review – Is it any Good?

You can buy very cheap led projectors from China on eBay, but are they worth it? A review of a $40 mini projector.
In this review, I demo and compare a very inexpensive mini projector to a full size 1080P Epson and a mini AxxA P4-X.
Can you really trust the product descriptions for these projectors on eBay?


Christian's haunt Videos says:

That is the Exact projector I have it is 60 lumens 230 320 I agree it’s really bad I will say It actually works for the singing pumpkins.

danoise007 says:

Wish I saw this couple of weeks ago. Put a phone on the wall & watch a movie on it would look better

damir valentic says:

great review, you just saved me some money but now I owe you a drink !!!!!!! it seams I’ll spend it anyway hahahaha ….thanks dude !!!

Alex G. says:

Dang it! Wish I would’ve seen this video before I purchased my cheap projector

Eg Egemarke says:

Thx for money well saved 🙂

Brent Franker says:

I’ve bought a few of the UC30 model cheap projectors and they are WAY better than the one you are testing. Sure, they don’t compare to my 1080p home theater projector or even the older XGA projectors I use for projections but I’ve found the UC30 to be decent for the $39 I paid. To give you an example, in this video, the blue spectre/phantom that is on the outside garage wall is being done with a $39 UC30 projector. There is a decent amount of light out there too with all the light coming from the orange lights hung right near it. For $40 or so, I find them to have their purpose but wouldn’t use it for a main projection 🙂

Michael Beeny says:

Does anyone really think a even low cost projector costs as little as $60? One born every minuet!

mrd7051 says:

Do a review of the $80 Meyoung projector on Amazon.

Tina Strangway says:

thank you for this video…. a couple years ago we bought a projector like this for our yard haunt for $70 and it was definitely a waste of money and then we purchased 3 other great ones since on EBay. I wish we could have seen this year’s ago lol

Sam Brasnett says:

I have the white version of this crap projector and its apparently it’s from a company called flylinktech

seeeye37 says:

can u do one on the irulu?? would love that

Alex G. says:

Anyone want to buy my projector? 2000 lumens. Works great up to three feet. Guaranteed u will love it. NO RETURNS!!

nickeystardust says:

Yes you did prevent, I’ve just cancelled my bid!

Jesse Morn says:

Would you say AxxA is any good for the price?

Mike Rado says:

thank you for posting this … looks about 10 lumens …

Tunca Badas says:

Perfect video. Today l bought one of these ELEPHAS 1500 Lumen. In my dark room even I could not watch a soccer game even. Really waste of time and money. i am really disappointment. Now i will pay more and get something serious. Thanks for nice video. It really help to much.

Evan Stanley says:

The hand crank TV from the Drake & Josh episode where Crazy Steve was watching Dora during a blackout is 10x better than that projector.

Aodin Projector says:

Hard to say……but you get what you pay for..

xdmderp says:

great video thanks…i just wish more people would see this and save the sorrow.

RTAVY73 says:

These are only good for Halloween or Christmas or any type of holiday graphics basic images. You can download really good Halloween ghosts to project onto walls. Just search here on YouTube and download them with the right YouTube downloader programme .and stick them on a USB stick.

sweetie pies says:

just need a cheapo to project comics onto walls to paint huge images for kids bedrooms..ok and dr who for me too


And guess what! i have just the Screen for you to use this projector with!
72 inch display is too big for this yes, but still fine id say.

Darren Fox says:

Just got same model and it’s great using vga cable from laptop not so great using hdmi or USB. But with a vga I got a clear picture at about 70 inch

Captain Crunch says:

great stuff, thanks for the warning

MyLink44 says:

Thank you, your efforts are much appreciated.

Major Tom says:

The cheap one is 500 standard lumens or 50 ansi lumens.

h3llra1z3r31 says:

Saved me some coin thanks.

rkan2 says:

Are you sure your Epson’s HDMI signal level is chosen correctly? The black doesn’t look black 😛

Grooty Tam says:

Those cheap eBay projectors are another way Chinese companies are shitting on us with lies to buy their garbage.

renetony29 says:

you get what you pay for

Christian's haunt Videos says:

Yea I wouldn’t recomnend it for anything it works for stuff but you can barely see it .It works for the pumpkins kinda.I tested the other Chinese brand projector abdtech for the singing pumpkins and rising wraiths from phantasms atmosfearfx and it looked a lot better that this one.

haarp2012 says:

I bought one such cheap PJ, just out of curiosity as i’d never had a PJ before and was thinking of going down that route. As low as my expectations were, I was really shocked at the truly awful quality, or rather lack thereof. Even for £60.00 it was WAY overpriced. TBH, I probably would have been happier to have received a house brick in the box rather then piece of cack I bought. Needless to say, I repackaged it and sent it straight back to Amazon for a refund. I then bought a Benq W1070 and realised that what I had sent back was a very poor toy, while the Benq was the real thing. And yes, I’m aware that the W1070 is a very budget PJ, but for the money I paid, and the budget I work within, I was, and am, happy with it.

Asad Durrani says:

Is it better than YG 300?

Christian's haunt Videos says:

The Chinese projector brands lie I also got another cheap one the abdtech that claim to be 1000 lumens and it’s brighter than this one but not as bright as my axaa p3-x pico.

Thomas Michelson says:

I had 4 different projector which i bought from dx, that one is definitely the best one for its price, only 50 euros..

Nova Halloween says:

So…how much would you be willing to pay for this???

andre mcheileh says:

What projector would u recommend for home use to watch movies something easy and preferably small?

Derek Libera says:

it’s 640×480 not 840. having said that I agree it’s not even that.

Dwayne Barker says:

Very amusing review. Thanks for the laugh 🙂

ronald rogerson says:

what happens if you put the cheap projector closer to the wall? maybe its good for watching things while falling asleep

T Brown Records says:

The cheap LED projector from ebay is no good.

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