VANKYO Leisure 510 Full HD Projector

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FULL HD VIDEO PROJECTOR SUPPORT 1080P: VANKYO LEISURE 510 Movie Projector utilizes the upgraded LED light source and TFT LCD display technology, which significantly reduces light attenuation and provides +80% brightness than ordinary projector. Supporting 1920×1080 resolution, 1000:1 contrast
MULTIMEDIA CONNECTION & FULL FORMAT SUPPORT: LEISURE 510 HD projector equipped with a variety of inputs, including HDIMI, VGA, AV, USB and Micro SD. Dual HDMI & USB ports design makes it more convenient to use. Built in playing engine for full format videos, the decoding skill can support most video formats.
BIG SCREEN HOME CINEMA PROJECTOR: Supports 44 – 200 inches projection size with distance 4.9-18 feet, 4.9 feet is the shortest distance to focus, and the best viewing distance is 10 feet with 98 inches. Easy to create a private home cinema, enjoy movies with your friends and families.
HIFI LEVEL STEREO AUDIO PERFORMANCE: Built-in two 3W stereo speakers offer excellent audio support. Easy to set up without the need for costly external speakers.

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Court of Protection says:

Good review, I will buy one too.

XxGogeto BluexX says:

How far should it be from the wall?

Anthony puerini says:

Damn nice projector! I just got the leisure 410 I never saw this one!

Sega Boy says:

I need to place this 8ft away from the wall. I can’t go further back, or get any closer. Can I shrink or enlarge the image at all to make sure it fits the screen perfectly?

Anthony Brock says:

what kind of “dongle” did you get to connect it to your iPhone?

Erica Esparza says:

im trying to figure how to connect this to my soundbar, would the best option be av?

Darren Bethell says:

I love this projector! Thanks! Can you recommend a decent soundbar to go with it?

Zoltan Fabry says:

Great review. What is the screen you are using, it looks great.

James Creaney says:

It only has focus in the center of the picture. Around the edges it’s blur. How come this wasn’t mentioned in the review? I feel cheated, bought it yesterday. There’s no way to focus the whole picture. Buyer beware. Gaming is impossible as you won’t get details on the whole picture. Was thinking of returning it but it will make do for music videos and movies. Nice and crisp Is not what this projector is about.

Ronaldy Sanchez says:

can you please share the link to buy the 120 inch projector screen?

david valens says:

Great review. Would love to see you do a comparison review with other models in the below 300.00 price range

Heythumb88 says:

Was this a paid review because your review is also posted on the vankyo website

V WorldWide says:

Nice vid man ,how does this perform outside?

Paulo Zabalotnicu says:

1280*768……..just the name is FULL HD

VideosWithNexus says:

If I’m not wrong, you can unscrew the feet at the bottom which reveals screw holes so it can be mounted

repsol kb says:

Screws under the rubber feet. To mount.

Ashley Jones says:

It looks faded to me. How are your colors set up. I can’t get it right.

Oleg Laizan says:

This is HDready, not Full HD!!!

UlimiTV Home projector says:

Wow, it’s cool! I like this video! could you please make a video about a mini hd projector for me? thank you very much.

Rottweiller Horne says:

I just got 1 and I can’t get it to get passed the Language Setting screen. Any advice?

Thái An Nguyễn says:

I need to buy a projector. And I’m considering the middle
1. GOODEE 3600L video projector
2. VANKYO 510 Full HD.
They have the same specifications and the same price.
For me, image quality and brightness are more important than other features. Since I’ve never seen both of these projectors, I’m really confused about them. Can you compare them for me?
Thanks very much.

Pablogonzae says:

I just bought this on Amazon after seeing this review, I hope is all you say it is!!!

Brecht Wilms says:

Awesome review, looks a lot better compared to the 410 with the higher resolution. I would be using this in my man cave but the projector would be around 14ft away from the screen. Would that still match a 120inch screen or exceed those dimensions? Also how does a football game look on this thing. No issues of screen tearing or lag?

rico munoz says:

If you remove the rubber feet under it. The unscrew I believe.. There’s away to mount it.

Justin Watson says:

Suggested ceiling mount with this?

Kevin Jacoby says:

This is not a Full HD projector.
The native resolution of the project is: 1280*768

It supports” Full HD (1920*1080) But if you want to watch a Full HD movie, it will only display your full HD movie in 1280*768.
Just wanted to make this is clear because your video title is misleading and some people may think that this is a Full HD Projector.

Stephan L says:

Do you know how this looks with sports events? I’ve seen some look great with movie and gaming but then when it comes to live sports they don’t look good at all.

dizzyinzo says:

i don’t mean to hate but how can you do a tech review and call a VGA port a display port? Still liked/subbed the video though, the quality is excellent and very professional

coolgeorgiaboy says:

Thanks for the review. This will be my very first projector.

Vakman CA says:

Thanks for the review. What’s the native resolution?

Heythumb88 says:

Would also be nice to actually see this thing in action since you literally didn’t post any footage of it in action.

Yo Wisely says:

What settings do you use on your projector just got mines in and trying to still set everything up

skeelo69 says:

Alert !! , the feet of the projector unscrew to reveal the mounting points for ceiling fixture !

mikey tran says:

I’m new to projectors , maybe 2 weeks in , but is it only 1 in every 100 buyers figured out that is not a 1080p projector ? Or is it most buyers don’t care ?

Raychristofer says:

Good job on this review my man. I will be reviewing it also in the upcoming weeks. Very impressed compared to the last Model I reviewed by that company

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