Unic UC40 Projector – $100 – [Unboxing & Review] – 800 Lumens – 130″ – HDMI – LED – DHgate.com

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-Picture switch form 16:9 and 4:3
-Multi-function in/out: IP/IR/USB/SD/HDMI
-Keystone correction supported
-Power bank charge charge function by USB port to connect
-55W low power cost, eco-oriented
-Electronics zoom function, easy picture size change
-LED lamp, works for over 20000 hours, with vivid colors and abundant details
-The technology of projection is 0.24” LCD, LED tricolor(RGB) projection
-Supports 1080P Full HD input the scale of screen is 4:3, the distance of projection is from 0.3m to 3m
-Multi-language support.


akhil pandya says:

is contact with android mobile??

JAKE QueCompro411 says:


zastopedijaBlog Zastopedija says:

how turn on subtitle ?

Derek Lovell says:

Can it be set to automatically play a file once turned on?

Dilan Dinesh says:

does this support mkv formate

PaneledJungle99 says:

Is it the same as the Excelvan UC40?

Thanks for the review!!

peter pikaza says:

is there lag on videogames like wii u ps4 or ps3?

Mary Browne says:

can you connect iphone 5??

KWC: Kid's Wrestling Championships says:

Hey dude can we play games by connecting phone or tablet

aamir ahmed shaikh says:

can i ceiling or wall mount it?

Peter Altman says:

Thanks for this but perhaps you can answer a question for me that isn’t covered in your video. How do I choose a transition and then get back to a slide show? Thank you. Peter

Daniel Bonggol says:

alright! i’m gonna say thanks to the uploader of this very informative video about this projector, because i’m planning to buy one, soon, and i don’t want to regret in the end.

rocco rostagno says:

play some video…wtf

robert hanby says:

i have one of those i love ie great video ez to use

TheKnicksCantWinASingleGame says:

Can my phone connect to it

Mladen Lončarić says:

Dude your review sucks, U missed the most important point, how well it performs in daylight indoors.

Jahric Lago says:

Can you view PowerPoint with this? Thanks! 🙂

brian monk says:

if this projector have a fan is it loud or quite.

Jason West says:

I have this projector it kick ass it better then any projector back in the 80s

Hellas Freedivers says:

Does this projector play powerpoint and excel files ?
Also, will it be good for such presentations on a small classroom ?

Πέτρος Τζίκας says:

What about the noise? Is it quiet enough?

Goran Trapic says:

Can this output at 60fps?

William Neilly says:

can i connect my ps3 using my hdmi cable and use it to play games?

Lafad 099 says:

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yogesh jajra says:

Can we connect Ps4 it via hdmi

Bryce Walstrom says:

Can the hdmi on the projector be used for Xbox instead

Jagjeet Singh says:

i just borrowed this rubbish thing from naaptol. no brightness that was shown in advertisement. usb not supporting nor naaptol team.

akhil pandya says:

plz ans me

Danny L says:


Luke Tucker says:

I have this projector, but the USB and SD inputs don’t work, do you have any videos that show you working in these inputs at all?? thanks

Aduro Products says:

great video! we just did our first unboxing video.. come check it out! 🙂

page says:

Update in Wi-Fi menu, showing ” restart the dongle”, what it means

Artur kuznecov says:

Best buy! http://ali.pub/e1gxw

Pawan Saharan says:

good screen chek my experience https://youtu.be/z9ka68Q5oDc

Loven preet singh says:

how much is inch of the screen like an tv like LCD 32 inches

Enrico Manfredini says:

+mayiandjay Nice video. I have just one question that I wasn’t able to find the answer: does it have image adjusting settings for like when the projector is inclined? Because in my case it would be in the sealing and the image would have those diagonal lines on the sides.

Luke Tucker says:

I have this projector, but the USB and SD inputs don’t work, do you have any videos that show you working in these inputs at all?? thanks

the ubers list says:

so how far is the the screen size per meter/foot

Zsavage1 says:

LOL you can get one the UC46 for about 30 bucks on Ebay and it has WIFI..>!!!!

Parminder Singh Sandhu says:

Hi, my projector is having a weird problem. Every time I power it up, it just starts for few seconds and then just turns off automatically. After that it just doesn’t turns on, no matter what I do or press. If I keep it away for few hours and then try plugging in, it does the same thing. The light flashes on the projector and then it turns on for few seconds and then again turns off automatically. Any Idea what might be the problem, it is brand new from Aliexpress.

Binumon Sasindran says:

need the service center the menu is flickering and not readable no service center atall its bulshit

Wex says:

Looks quite impressive for the money! Thanks for the review.

miXy _aF says:

my english teacher say don’t say nice to often because it overused

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