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Today in our Gaming Projector Review, we discuss our pics for the top 5 gaming projectors, the best projectors of 2017.
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4. *Discount* Optoma GT1080 1080p 3D DLP Gaming Projector:

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Here is a quick overview and features of each projector:

1. BenQ HT2150ST – This projector was designed for gaming. With Native 1080p, your games will come alive thanks to the Full HD image quality with a high brightness of 2200 ANSI lumens. This amazing machine puts out 15000:1 contrast ratio, has a 6x RGBRGB color wheel which delivers vivid colors which are geared for gaming. It is the current top projector on our list.

2. Optoma GT750ST – Short Throw means you can place this bad boy right up against your wall and it will still produce an awesome, clear image. It has a Built in Media Player for easy playback of your videos, images or music. Integrated HDCast Pro lets you wirelessly enjoy your games. Great for a budget gaming projector setup that delivers great quality. The Optoma GT750ST is definitely worth taking a look at.

3. Optoma HD142X – This is one of the best on the market currently for gaming. With an impressive Contrast Ratio of 23,000:1, gaming image quality will amaze you. Having Keystone Correction as a standard option means you do not have to do much adjusting, just let the projector find the best possible settings and you are ready to go. The only downside is that there is no Lens Shift, however this is more of a home theater feature that gamers do not really use.

4. Optoma GT1080 – Why was the GT1080 vote the best overall gaming projector at the lowest price? Might have something to do with its 2800 ANSI Lumens output – giving every pixel of your gaming experience the sharpness it deserves for an optimal gaming experience. This is Optoma’s best selling gaming projector for a reason. Gaming projector 1080p.

5. ViewSonic PJD5155 – The cheapest projector on the list, however do not count this baby out. You definitely get more than you paid for, with its SuperColor technologym ViewSonic really delivers amazing graphics at an unheard of price. 20,000:1 contrast ratio means you can watch in perfect quality no matter how dark or lit up the room is. This really is the best overall projector for gaming, home theater or presentations out there.

If you’ve been looking to 1UP your gaming experience from the boring old small TV screen.. these are the best projectors currently in our list of the top gaming projectors of 2017. Each one is a little different, so take a second to review them. To be honest you can’t go wrong with either one of these.. but don’t take our word for it. Try a gaming projector for yourself. Transform your room into a theater, watch movies on the big screen and game on it too! It makes an amazing gift for anyone interested in video gaming. Who wants to pay all that money for a gaming projector 4K when you can have one of these amazing 1080p projectors. Small price to pay for hours upon hours of amazing gaming experiences. The best gaming projector setup you can get.

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tiho kujo says:

Great overview with features and pricing…thank you!

Secret Number 10 says:

I was recommended by one of my friends on facebook to watch out your video. Great job bro… looking for more from yours. However good luck with your channel…

TopReviews says:

Which gaming projector do you guys like the most?

SW4G L0RD says:

Can someone please recommend an extremely cheap Projector that would be decent for gaming that you could get in-stores?

Madalen Nolan says:

Great explanation and very clear

Hope Good says:

I think BenQ is the best. It is reputable company, with very good high end products.
Little to expensive for me,but I’m looking for solutions, maybe used one.

Ben Brown says:

do i hang my xbox from the ceiling

VOLTIS5 says:

I bought the Benq with a 135″ screen. no lag whatsoever while playing on my Xbox 1 and the image quality is just like watching an led tv. sharp, clear and clean.

Angelica Velez says:

wow..I really need this one.


i thinking about up grading myself I have a basic 700 to 800 L CRENOVA XPE460  which is cool  but  now I want that 1080 TV look thank for u guys insight on  me narrowing down my decision

Layla Dundalli says:

Guys, what can you say about this? what namely model can you recommend me?

Melissa Wright says:

Does anyone game on a projector like that? Can you give us some feedback? I think it’s worth getting but I’m not sure

Paula Shortridge says:

This is monster projectors, really the best!

Michael Bannister says:

was waiting for this very long time. thanks dude!

Patrick Rodgers says:

Very interesting, keep it up!

Nick Alex says:

Xgimi h1??????

Jody Xazier says:

How is possible to order?

Joan Romanowski says:

I bought a projector after watching this video, thanks, I’m very satisfied with quality and options

elmo274 says:


Jenna 2000 says:

3:34 I want that!

Thomas Heyes says:

That last projector is the best one especially for the price

Stephen Wright says:

Just shared this video with my bro, he is just looking for a new gaming projector

Susan Bollow says:

Thanks for details…you convinced me to try one of these

Wolfy Nayel says:

if I want to play on a 130in screen without any lag/delay for gaming on my xb1 outside what would be the best projector that’s under 300 dollars if possible

Helen Martinez says:

wow those gaming projectors are way better than my HDTV

Uddinaz says:

Can anyone with decent knowledge recommend a good gaming dedicated projector (movies as well)

Don Gotti says:

My question is, should I wait for a 4k HDR projector? I recently got a PS4 PRo and using a Samsung KS8000 TV. I wouldn’t want to step down to 1080p coming from a 4K experience.

Cassandra Rueda says:

Great quality content, you deserve much more subscribers

Daniel Z says:

Eber is that you ??

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