Top 3 Projectors for UNDER $100

I found three projectors for under $100 and wanted to know what the differences were. Even though they look very similar with pretty much the exact setup, there are some differences in quality and capability.

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Deeplee –
Vankyo –
Alfawise –


Gem Webb says:

Good video. The RCA one for $89.99 one I just reviewed isn’t as good.

Megara Foster says:

So you can’t play dvds??

cesar olvera says:

beat head phone i found your projector vid ver informational

Ronnie Campa says:

This video helped me to decided which projector to buy….

The Road Ahead says:

Wait doesn’t work at all with Netflix on the second one?

GreGgaeRasta Fari says:

Your first explosion was lame, but your second was too perfect. Nice review

Araki Hisahsi says:

Video quality is pretty terrible.
By any chance did it look better irl?

Chakravarthy Garlapati says:

Vankyo v600 vs Sony or Epson

MAAR Death says:

fix ur damn volume bro

Christo78001543 says:

The Vankyo was garbage. My brother set it up and the fan caused the projector to vibrate off the table and onto the floor. The remote only works if you are right next to it. The entire product feels cheap. Returning it and I’m not sure what I’m getting but I wont be spending under $100.

Aldo Ch says:

what was the point of the fucking fireworks? fucking ears are bleeding

Luke Vuidreketi says:

please just cut out the fireworks… the explosions were 100x louder than your narration volume so gave me a fright… you need to adjust your levels.
other than that, thanks for review… im going with the 2nd one.

CURTISS MIMS says: ————> GO!

T 710 says:

Your video quality could be better, aka content quality . You use some fake ass brick background that looks like it’s straight outta China .

JVB cat says:

Thanks for the review. I was wondering about these and your video was enough to convince me to get one. I ordered the Vankyo and am very pleased. It is very cool gadget. Cost me 109 Canadian with no tax and fast shipping from Typa thing I don’t mind bringing over to friends for movie/sports and game nights because its so cheap and portable. It is not phenomenal quality but it is actually better then I expected. 🙂

Anyway Kudos and happy exploding ! :p

Mox_au says:

Johnny Bravo called from 1995, he wants his hairstyle back.

Ryan Castillo says:

I like the video, but I don’t know why I hate the sudden noise everytime you light up those fireworks ir whatever. I watched your video loud on my big audio system and friggin flipped when the whole house heard your fireworks

Friso says:

The vankyo is 300 usd

Sherry says:

Do you think Vankeo is good for 17 ft outdoor screen

Game Librarian SW-7992-6179-4395 says:

I’d like to see the best budget projector and budget screen combo for under $200

LBNLDee says:

I recently tried my first projector by Dr. J. I just needed something simple for my bedroom so I wasn’t expecting a whole lot for the price, but I didn’t expect it to stop working in less than 24 hours. Kind of sent me in a tailspin now because I see reviews of some $500 projectors that only lasted a month so how much do I have to spend to get a quality projector I don’t have to worry about breaking down so quickly or is this just a con to buying a projector vs a tv?

Aisha F. says:

Deeplee doesn’t support HULU or Netflix

Cal M says:

The audio problem is not the projectors issue, its because you own an Apple device. An Android would have worked first time.

Dogs says:

Under 100$ but all are above 100$

Boxing Is My Love says:

Great video. I was looking at the vankyo before and thanks to you, I’m gonna get it

Edgar Allan Poe says:

I have two similar projectors of other brands in use and i´m pretty satisfied with what i got for less than 100 €. But where is light there also is shadow. I have serious doubts the LEDs will last 20.000 hours, at least one of my projectors stayed dark after less than 4000 hours and had to be replaced. The keystone correction on these cheap projectors of course has its limitations because it is not electronically but mechanical. These projectors produce their best picture quality when keystone correction isn´t used. Nice video and worth a thumbs up!

RiskFactor says:

Contrast has nothing to do with focus. Contrast is essentially the differentiation between colors and the richness of the blacks. If you can’t get uniform focus, its because the lens sucks.

m b says:

Good informative video, but what’s up with the fireworks? That’s the kind of stuff I did when I was 12 years old.

tamilan action says:

how much to indian price

IV VI says:

This guy loves vintage mario

Craig Sheppard says:

I bought the lesiure and my corners are very blurry not matter how. Much I adjust

Aaron Greenfield says:

I’d like the part where the fireworks went snap crackle pop!

Lute Philips says:

You don’t have a screen?

Britney Munoz says:

I am thinking of buying this video projector the high ratings and reviews are convinncing

ladyt5000 5000 says:

Thank you for taking the time to show us how each one looks

VilttiVeijo says:

How far you needed to pull that projektor it to Look good

Neil Kaufman says:

Hi there,Thanks for demonstrating the 3 projectors which I found interesting. I’m interested particularly on Vankyo projector, Leisure 410.  Could you please tell me whether it’s a short throw or long throw onto the screen ?  The short throw is up to about 3.5 metres( about 10 yards ) .  Long throw is up to about 15metres. ( about 16 yards ).

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