The $100 Pocket Cinema


AAXA LED Pico Projector –

In this video I had the chance to check out my first pico projector. This tiny little pocket projector from Axxa is capable of displaying a 60-inch image.

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Blader says:

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Alison Carmack says:

What is the price of it!?

WalnutTime says:

I can tell you right now it’s more than 25 lumens.

bahhaziz says:

This projector has been around on amazon since 2013… showing it 3 years later, seriously???

Robert de Boer says:

80 minute battery life, and most movies are 90 minutes lol Bummer….

Abdullah U says:

fairly reasonable deal, but the FPS could have made it better, it looked around 10-15 FPS 30 is fine with me for watching movies.

Mahmoud Ragab says:

U didnt even show us while it work !!!!

NathanBrutal says:


Nolan Huck says:

Try the brook stone key chain mini progeter it cost 30$ and it is 2 inches

Jorge Vera says:

Have you seen the Moto Mods Projector? it rocks!

Jacøb says:


EagleEye0777 says:

petit dejeuner means breakfast or small meal lol

Lyse says:

Can u hook it up to a laptom

IOS Gaming says:

He shows how it works at 2:22 thank me later

Aduro Products says:

neat video! very detailed and easy to understand. we’d love to invite you to come to our channel and watch our first ever unboxing video! see you there!

Jonathan J says:

Unboxtherapy is just a shill for companies, honestly the most biased reviews on YouTube he doesn’t even review a company sends him a device to open and he gets paid for it everything he shows he recommends you to buy. I garauntee those kanoe headphones would have been “great” if unboxtherapy was the first one to review. b.s channel who runs fake contests (google it)

Blehmaster says:

25 lumens
*What the actual fuck*

Cristi Cristi says:

be careful people,don’t order from GEARBEST…..YOU JUST LOST YOUR MONEY never received your order,i lost 779.75 usd for one XGIMI H1….NO REFUND NO REPLAY

John Flatley says:

Apetit!!! LMAO!

Zain Heyman says:

Actually I think this is kinda useful sometimes

Lil' Broomstick says:

Today I am bringing you something small… breakfast….
Your French is 10/10

McKillin'It Entertainment says:

Fast Forward to 2 mins….

SpinYourMind says:

Blah, blah, blah! Show it working with various media in various lighting.

Norwegianwoodworker says:

Hmmm would be nice, but look around and try and find a good wall to project a video on to… Most walls have wallpaper, tiles, mouldings, pictures, bad shading, no shading, electrical stuff and so on… I am sticking with my laptop, or iPad..

But I must say I like your vids and your channel.

Sudarshan Pujari says:

Who is jack btw…the side cam?

Zero says:

Mini ray

Family grafxbynando says:

can you review the UO smart beam mini projector please its the small cube projector on amazon

zenol leytan says:

frame rate doesn’t look very impressive.

SquaTch says:

I came here to learn about this product but instead i had to listen to you randomly deliver dialogue and move your hands around like you are in a kung fu movie.

Bruno Hassan says:

you are cool dood

jhm s-tagg says:


Palatable Platypus says:

I watch unbox theorpy using a high-end projector on a wall, giving a 100inchish screen. I paint the gawd damn wall with your beautiful face.

Dan Burk says:

it works very well, but you need a power source that will charge it enough so it does not die on itself own.

All Videos For YOU says:

Where can we buy?

Cities of the Future says:

Hello man! we have been thinking of buying something like this! would you review the one from Sony? The Sony MP-CL1

Blader says:

Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the life there is no way to the Father except through him Jesus Christ

Stefan Batrinache says:

i wonder what lifespan this has.

Mervin Dcosta says:

i have a mini projector. it’s smaller than thr one in the vedio. its kinda cool and the vedio quality is fine.

BALBOA Reviews says:

Wow, all that talk and no demo…hmph.

Ray R says:

While you invest the time to make a good video, you forget the entire point to begin with… This is a review. Why rush thru and guess at what all the ports on the device are for? Have you any idea how amateurish that appears? I suggest reading the manual, ya know, doing your homework…
Or maybe this is not really about a projector at all, but rather all about you? I suspect as much. It seems to be the fashion these days with so-called reviewers on YouTube.

Zizi Mugen says:

Those framerates are terrible.

Tony Bananas says:

Mount it on the hood of your car or dash, park facing your garage door and have your own drive-in movie..Who cares what the neighbors think? 🙂

Del. La says:

Can it do rear projection?

hi gugs its LOLMAN246 says:

Great video

Mubaris K says:

$100 for this shit *WOW*

M M says:

The best tech for displaying porn in public so you don’t have to watch it alone like a looser.

Alex s2k says:

Can i stream videos from my iphone through the Projector?

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