Sony VPL-VW350ES 4K projector review: Yes Virginia, there is a difference with 4K

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Sony’s VPL-VW350ES is the cheapest true 4K projector yet, and it proves that good-quality 4K content on a 120-inch diagonal screen truly does outstrip the detail you can get from 1080p Blu-ray.


VampireKiller999 says:

This shit is amazing !!!!

basspig says:

The problem that still plagues all projectors is low brightness, lack of dynamic range and limited color gamut, particularly in the reds (due to the lack of red output from UHP lamps).
Cinema is a synthetic world of images that don’t mimic reality all that closely. For instance, a sunlit scene in the movies is not as bright as a sunlit scene in reality. And black is never truly black.
The other big problem is there are no 2.35:1 native projectors. Who wants to hang a $4,000 anamorphic lens in front of their projector to get these images? Particularly with films (such as Interstellar), where scenes switch from IMAX to widescreen and back several times. For this, you need a native projector with the additional pixels to do this.
Cameras can capture in excess of 14 stops of dynamic range nowadays, but displays are still limited to 7-10 stops. The projection end has a long way to go.

Jackson Traynor says:

on Google you can go to youtube

Begin Bushcraft says:

360p ftw

innerpurpose says:

I’ve been wondering your thoughts on the 4k projectors! Now I just need $10K!

Timothy K says:


Mr.Atmos says:

this 4k projector will go good with my dolby atmos 7.1.4 system 😉

Diego 2015 says:

Quantas polegadas ela gera?

jason kidmen says: this is the projector i want it 4k and 21;9 also plase i need help

Five Knuckle Shuffle says:

Why cant you guys ever say what the price is i mean ITS A REVIEW THATS KINDA IMPORTANT instead of making me do a google search after i watch your review get your crap together cnet

Youtube Channel says:

How could you not test out games.

tony huwa says:

I wonder how Video Games will look on this Projector

TheArinTV says:

Looks like you had a though time reviewing that projector…

Calum Warwick says:

Huh? I’m from Virginia.

Make 1 says:

A penny under 10 grand? That’s cheap!

Anthony Xavier says:

Its still cheaper than a gold apple watch


Let’s me borrow 10K I’ll pay you back tomorrow

joshWUa915 says:

Hey CNET crew, could you guys make a review of the PERI Duo case whenever that comes out? To see if it’s worth getting anyway.

Mark Shihadeh says:

you can get an 84inch 4k LG tv for half that now

Camrox63 says:

4K Projector review in 720p, come on CNET at least render your own content in 4K

Ceziᴴᴰ says:

How much does it costs ?
My house, my wife and my whole family and everything that I own is already on eBay – hopefully I get enough for my daughter Sabrina.

Skylin Megas says:

If I ran a movie theater I would consider this … For my home ? At 10k ? ….. Better use it on a car or bike then this …sorry but … Sense needs to factor in … Its like buying a 5k blanket cover my 60$ sofa ….

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