Sony Pocket HD Laser Projector – REVIEW

A review of the Sony MP-CL1 and the pros and cons of a 120″ display that fits in a pocket.
A Blunt Edge Tech Review (This has been on sale for well over a year…but is still not officially available in the UK).

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Special thanks to Jerobeam Fenderson for the intro animation.


Zct Gamer says:

That moment when your dyslexia kicks in and you read Sony Pocket HD Laser Projector as Sony Laser HD Pocket Protector…..

Richard Driskill says:

Good video. 1920 x 720 (we say “720”) is NOT full HD, it is a ancient display resolution. With more than 2 decades (yes, it has been that long) of 1080P, and of course it’s powerful quad-cousin of 4k, and the newer 8k TV’s just around the corner, 720 resolution sucks. Where a device like this might work out is at a drunken pool party at night. Your guests won’t notice the fuzziness, and the projector can be far out of reach of drunken hands, plus it won’t cost an arm and a leg ($2,000+) for a big fat 70 inch, 4k screen for occasional outdoor use. Still, at 720, the $400 price tag may still be too much for what it is. I think a price point of $350 is more reasonable.

Jordan Hurd says:

That projector looks very similar to the module that RED Digital Cinema may be announcing with their new phone, according to a pending patent.

Evan McGregor Channel says:

What’s with the Titanic news page at 0:39? (By the way RIP Titanic)

The Tone Poets says:

Greetings from Chicago. I enjoy your Channel.

remingtonh says:

I need this in my life. I have no idea what I’d use it for.

Reese Me says:

720p at 32 lumens for $399, i guess this is still a better bargain compare to my galaxy beam smartphone 480p at 15 lumens around the same price

Rohan Mishra says:

If you present at client spaces regularly, this is nice. and much better than VGA 480p projector some of them still use. plus the ability to use it wirelessly is amazing. I tried one at an event recently and it was great. the MPCL1 is about 300$. Only if it had around ~80 lumens equivalent.

Klassicmedia .net says:

and a 25 year life span

clockwork org says:

That would be great for porn!

CRFlixxx says:

The low power needs and built in battery means it would be a good option for off grid setups. Only 5v 1.5A to charge is awesome. All you’d need is enough solar panels to charge up a couple of 2000mah battery packs and you’d run all day and night.

Sigedno Kastaneer says:

Sony good quality but not bright! the 200$ up pico projectors way brighter and more options!

Lord Beermonster says:

“A projector can’t send black to the screen” 🙂 I was trying to figure out how that could work. It may not be as impossible as you might imagine. It would require an active type of LCD black and white screen communicating with the projector.

Jeremy deWolfe says:

Don’t forget most of us watch on the royal white throne. And while I’m sure many fish and chip houses have darker old country colors on their walls in the loo, us Yanks prefer to be surrounded by clean white blank walls in the particular room. Projector on the Potty Project!!!

RayMusicman9 says:

or even blend it 0:21 lol


Best MP-CL1A review. could not resist to subscribe

Mengfie Yap says:

I have this pico MP-CL1 so I try to connect via screen mirroring or bluetooth using my iPad pro but doesn’t work. please is this applicable to iPad tablet or just for sony brand tablet only?

I was getting so much tired by using cord, so according to its specification that it can connect either to 3 devices, I have Mac, iPad and iPhone. These 3 devices that never connect to my pico MP-CL1 via screen mirroring.

J. Weeks says:

Easily the best review of this projector I’ve seen; from showing what’s actually in the box to pointing out the differences between the CL1 and CL1A.

Everything Cool says:

Vr needs to get better

ungratefulmetalpansy says:

“I don’t know why I buy these things!” I hear that every day when I’m on eBay…


How does this perform with consoles?.

Frank van Hoof says:

Output resolution: 1920×720
Aspect ratio: 16:9

hartoz says:

I have used mine 3 times since I bought it LOL

harry tiwari says:

Price plzzzz if ny one knows

Darth Shartstar666 says:

I love your channel! Such intelligent, informed and completely in depth reviews. Also don’t forget you sound and speak like a right Gentleman! Cheers from the U.S. sir! Subscribed for life!

ludde sundström says:

that find also projektors in tablets

MineMasterK YT says:

in the u.s you find nice white walls everywhere

Raj Kumar says:

It’s very dim image, it’s wast of money

PickeringSamuel says:

“I don’t know why I buy these things” lol love it

Finkelroy says:

Watching a 10″ tablet from a foot away or watching a 19″ laptop from 2 feet away is roughly equivalent to watching a 50″ screen from 8 feet away! 6 of one, half dozen another. It just isn’t practical to use this projector for portable entertainment unless you are going to carry around a screen, at which point you have defeated the purpose.
I could see it as a practical device for business or educational use, however, as you are usually in a whiteboard environment.

Nick Barratt says:

I’ve been to a few courses over the years and have seen the instructors carrying around LCD projectors. The last guy had one of these and it was ideal for what he used it for, just displaying slides in a bright classroom.

needforsuv says:

its 749 aud which is 575 usd if you buy from the sony au site

Junpeng Chen says:

I found it very useful when walking in the dark, last winter I use it as a torch.
Nothing can be more exciting then watching a scary movies while walking in the woods during the night time.

Travis Wilson says:

I think you spell analog incorrectly. this is english you know 🙂

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