Should You Buy a Projector? – TV vs Projector

I receive a lot of questions regarding projectors and TVs so I decided to make a guide to clear up some questions in regards to projectors. There are pros and cons to both options but projectors provide a unique experience that a 4k TV can’t provide. It’s not possible to find a 100″ LED TV for less than $8000 so in order to get a big screen, a projector is the way to go. Not only are modern home theater projectors bright and sharp, but budget 1080p projectors are often cheaper than most 70″ mid-level LED TVs. This video gives an overview of the pros and cons of both technologies.

New Optoma UHD60 4K Projector Review:

Recommended Projectors:

Optoma’s UHD60 4K:
BenQ HT2050 –
Optoma GT1080 Short Throw –
Epson Powerlite 3700 –

4k Enhanced (Not Native 4k but shaper than 1080p)
Epson Home Cinema 5040UB –
Epson Home Cinema 5040UBe /w HDR:

Screen Materials:
Carl’s Flexiwhite 1.1 Gain 144″ Roll:
Carl’s Black Felt Tape (for border):

Recommended Ceiling Mounts:
Vivo Universal Adjustable Mount:
STR-MOUNTSB Low Profile Mount:

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Sam Caruso says:

Great job. I also own a BENQ, only a few months old. Had an Optima for ten years prior to that. Love the atmosphere of a dedicated home theater room, with a large screen and a quality projector. You were right on with your info. Audio is critical to getting it all right. Check out Orb Audio for incredibly accurate, high quality speakers without all the marketing hype and mark up. They are made in the U.S., and are fantastic. I use a Yamaha receiver and a Sony BlueRay player which provides most of the SMART TV features. I also run an Apple TV with it, and cut the cord years ago. Love our set up, and it is the place everybody wants to be for football season.

something2424 says:

great vid! I’m looking at budget projectors (which to me is $400 max) but what I’m seeing everywhere is native 480p up-scaled to 720 or 1080. Why is that? is native 1080p not a thing in the price range i’m looking at?

Johnny pierce says:

Really well put together vid you got another subscriber

Yujiro Hanma says:

Had to subscribe loved your presentation keep up the good work man!

Alex dwyte says:

awesome video….well explained. tnx a lot

Augustus Sutton says:

Good video learned a lot, can these projectors be used for gaming?

Kelli O says:

I bought a Epson – Home Cinema 2045 LCD Projector from Best Buy for $850 2 years ago. It looked so good on my light colored wall that I didn’t need a screen. The colors are nice. It’s in 1080p and I can make it as big as 300″. I bought a Klipsch – ProMedia 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker System from Best Buy for $150 and the sound is great. Can hear the rumble when watching movies. I won’t go back to buying tv’s. It’s not necessary.

Voices says:

Great review man! Sharp and to the point 🙂

Sol myre says:

Fantastic commentary Majestechs.

So I’ve been looking at bringing that big screen magic into the living room with high ambient light and gaming that sometimes involves people dancing near the screen. In this case ultra short throw is the only option to prevent someone from turning around and immediately suffering from scarred retinas from a normal projector blasting them square in the face.

You’re right that ultra short throws tend to suffer in image but that’s usually due to imperfections in the surface they are used on being drawn out by the high angle the light is hitting that surface with.

Enter Screen Innovations Short Throw Zero Edge solution. A custom designed ambient light rejecting screen that takes the “weakness” of ultra short throw and turns it into a serious strength. They tune the screen to only reflect light from the extreme angle expected from the short throw projector eliminating 90% of ambient light interference. I’ve seen quite a few videos and I’m now enchanted with the idea of this being my staple living room solution.

My questions is, have you seen this in person or seen reviews of it that you particularly trust. Everything I have found so far is sponsored by Screen Innovations themselves. It doesn’t mean it isn’t accurate but no one is going to review their own product and tell you about the flaws it has. 😉

It’s expensive to be sure, $4k for 100″ and $5k for 120″…but damn… a 120″ in the living room for your standard everyday display sounds pretty attractive; I’ve got a 14′ deep living room so not worried about an over-sized image inducing neck cramping in this case.


QGV Channel says:

10k, i’m out

J.R. Zippie says:

Very well done video…many interesting tips and facts….Only thing I missed was a comparison of bulb options (mine is LCD?..$20), Lumens (mine is 2600), and resolution options…..My projector is a RIULU via Amazon ($169.00)….has everything including OTA video input (makes great big screen TV)…I have added a good stereo/amp sound system….and I am pleased as punch with overall results…
ps……you got another new subscriber (I checked out your main page……awesome)……….Thanks again…JRZ

John Morris says:

Great video! You seem to know what you’re talking about.

Question….And you’ve got me really curious…The 9.1 channel system you have. I am not aware of any more than 7.1 for Blu-Ray. Does your 9.1 system feature 3 dialog speakers – Three behind the screen instead of the ambiguous wide dialog speaker. (i.e. left, center, right.). and the other six in the usual configuration: Two front, two center, two behind you and and a subwoofer for the low effect channel and bass management. Or is it some other configuration you have. I would go with 8.1. That is two dialog speakers – one to the left and the other to the right of a 65 or 85 inch T.V.

I tell people to go 7.1…..All six George Lucas Star Wars movies and The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy are mixed in 6.1. And Star Trek (original series) on Blu-ray is mixed in 7.1. Fiddler On The Roof, Saw 6 (Uncut) on Blu-ray and many others are mixed in 7.1. I tell them every surround sound processor or receiver you buy will do 7.1 and it’s not much extra to upgrade to 7.1 if you already have 5.1 or are planning to buy.

I wish you had educated people on the clear sonic advantages of going to a full blown 7.1.

Are thinking of going to the Dolby Atoms. 22 speakers is the maximum. But you would need a Dolby Atmos Amps and processor. Unless you have one already. Have you heard Dolby Atmos on a good home system? If you have, in your opinion is it worth all the trouble and expense?

Alicia Jobe says:

This video really helped me on deciding to get a projector for my Husband’s garage man cave. Thank you for the great information.

Jay Coxtable says:

Nicely done…pros and cons, informative and easy to understand

José Pedro Bonadio says:

Your videos are very good man. It’s hard to find someone who really understand projectors technology, and you are one of the best I have watched on YouTube.
I bought a BenQ W1070 three years ago and since then I never came back to TVs again. Projectors are awesome.
Now I’m just on the waiting for the 4k projectors to go down in price so I can upgrade. Optoma made a great move with the UHD60, now let’s see how BenQ will respond to that.

In Korea says:

Nice video. Keep up the good work.

samantha smith says:

Where are your located

manish chourey says:

kuch dikhayega ya teri bak bak sunayega

vidform says:

I sure hope Apple is paying attention to this growing market. Also, Is it possible to use a projector with video gaming? Can you connect a Playstation, Wii, or even AppleTV to a projector to get added functionality? I sure hope this projection technology end up replacing flatscreen televisions. This seems like the future.

TraumaER says:

(looks at subscriber count)
(further proof YouTube is backwards as hell)

A+ video

Wyann Rosales says:

This guy reminds me of luke cage

Rab Smith says:

Great clip, I have been projecting films at home for about 10 years and the novelty has never worn off

Rameshwor Dahal says:

Very helpful. Thanks.

Darth Raddix says:

Just get both!! I got my 4k TV mounted to the wall and a motorized screen mounted above it. When it’s movie time I lower the screen and turn the projector on. When I wanna watch TV with the lights on or windows open I was the TV.

Dylan Langley says:


Deezenutz 3189 says:

Good video bro, really useful

J Princeton says:

Got my projector for $80 on Groupon. From China of course but it still does the trick.

Christopher Deady says:

Thanks for the info! You give us the facts and nothing but the facts! I appreciate that you don’t talk down to us! Very refreshing to know that there are still adults in the room!

NextTimeTech says:

I like your channel man, just subscribed

charleton G says:

I have a short throw laser beam projector and 84″ pull up screen. Love it!
It is in my bedroom and works great!

Samu Mhango says:

incredibly informative video, you explained all the pros and cons so simply that I fully get it now.

Sunil Paudel says:


Diego Iacub says:

incredibly helpful.

Odouls77 says:

You can also project on a curved screen (concave) to eliminate paralax on the sides, a kind of advance feature akin to cinema screen. Curved tv’s are quite pricey.

Jacqueline LLanos says:

Great informative video. Thank you 🙂

appleiphone69 says:

Awesome video. One comment my HDR projector with 4k eshift was $4,000 with mount. I got the JVC RS400. I could not be happier. I am projecting on a 135″ silver ticket 16:9. sound is definitely the law of diminishing returns. No need to spend big money.

Chris Kerhin says:

Optoma makes a 4k enhanced for $2500..check it out

John SmithDE says:

Where do you get your high tech stuff? Target LOL!

Robert says:

Another pro for projectors is when you change your bulb after say 3 years, the projector performs as new. A OLED or LED tv just keeps getting dimmer and dimmer over the years..

C.S. Bailey says:

Not even a real question once you’ve experienced one, is more a matter of can you make the room.

Alan Manuel says:

Great info..Thanks

Chris Thompson says:

Hey I would love to see you review Optoma’s new full 4k projector. I have 2 of their 1080p projectors and have been very pleased.

Alexander Black says:

i love it

sahil shaffiq says:

@Majestechs Hey man, great video. What movie is that at 5 mins 54 secs to about 6 mins 03 seconds? Thanks

Hung yen Sung says:

Have you try the UHD 65 ?

coolbreeze1103 says:

Wow!! Great Video!! Very well put together, Highly informative.

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