SeeYing Y2 HD Video Projector review

This time we take a look at a $400 portable projector to find out if it’s worth the money.

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xDays says:

He ain’t gonna do Scratch Aide cuz laser bond is lowkey the same thing and he reviewed laser bond and hated it

Josh Gerhard says:

Where the fuck have you been? Lol

TheBigb1973 says:

by gaming, i think they mean hooking up a ps4 or Xbox.

Ray Barrett says:

Does this have a good viewing in a full lit room from about 15 feet away from the screen?

Henry Lopez says:

Great review, does this projector have a keystone to adjust viewing angle?

Na Hosyo says:

great video. well done, bro

IndyDuane says:

cancel milk cartons with JD on them lol good to see you back

Gregory Pappas says:

I saw a infomercial for a indestructible lighter, that looks like a zippo, you should review it, it’s from the same company that had the flashlight thst they deep fry, and you tested…

Jkou Files says:

no need to rant about christmas bruh our retail team does it too

Renee Leighton says:

Very good video, very informative.

shaquan G says:

Where you been??

Saad Faleh says:

Great! please review the fake diamond jewelry

MegaMatt82 says:

Hey JD. Can you review the scratch aide ? And also, have you ever thought about doing Nitro News again ?

Adam Gabbard says:

JDNitroTV is it worth it to have a
Big Vision Magnifying Glasses As Seen On TV and could you review it on your channel? Is the item a definite buy?

MoonZow says:

Sweet! A new JD video!
Nice review Nitro!

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