RIF6 Cube Projector Review! A 120″ Screen that Fits in Your Pocket!

The Cube Projector by RIF6 is so small that it fits in the palm of your hand, but capable of projecting a picture of up to 120-inches. Small enough to fit in a tiny bag and great for business presentations, playing video games and watching TV. Get 20% off the Cube here: http://bit.ly/CubeMatthew Code: Moniz

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Alex Ipina says:

it doesn’t work when I connect to my LG phone , plz help

Ziad E. Fayad says:

sucks waist of money. when its coming for sound it is the worth ……..

Apple Bag says:

pretty cool device



nuocmat says:

so are there any pocket projector with 1080p/720 in the market?

abid behroz says:

hey mathew i enjoyed your video

Smiler says:

its a balloon!! look at its movement!! you are sharing a balloon to the rest of the world! lol

Smiler says:

you crazy drunk farang!! hahaha so funny Rein!! thank god you have wonderful Alina to babysit you and keep you safe! lol

Arne Bornheim says:

Nice video! Once this gets HD quality it will be an amazing product

Ashlin Arumugam says:

please give me the s7

Sean Petersen says:

I liked when you spawned the different items on the table when you mentioned them 0:55

raulm1961 says:

Can stream Netflix, Google play or any other stream service on this device?

Alejandro Mejia says:

That link doesnt work i think: “Uh oh, Bitly couldn’t find a link for the bitly URL you clicked.”

Ashlin Arumugam says:

hi matthew……where would i need to go to buy the projector

TSP says:

great video Matt! I have a question: my dad is looking for a short throw projector for my basement. any recommendations? budget: $3000

Edin Dilanton says:

Ok best intro theme than your previous one

alphaphotoandvideo says:

could you use one of those power banks to use it with the cube?


randy rizo says:

Hey Matt! I just bought this! But everytime I plug my iPhone in and play Netflix or a movie from the iTunes Store it says that it isn’t authorized to display? Any suggestions ?

NonsensicalVids says:

854 x 480 (WVGA)

eh thats pretty low res

JanYves DeShazier says:

Great video review Matt!!! Question can it stream Youtube videos from your smartphone?

Brian Ash says:

I can read the specs. I watch reviews to see the product working live. You hardly showed the product and how the projection looks. Probably because the display is crap.

Rodrigo EspecialesyAgradecimientos says:

Great video, that thing is really awesome, it’s a little over my budget but its a good product for the price. Keep it up!

CyrusCrow says:

How close can the projector be on the wall while still producing clear images

valveman12 says:

Good review Matthew. These small LED projectors are getting better and better. My pico only had 20 Lumens when I bought it 4 years ago so they have come a long way since then.

DooM Gaming says:

I would get it if I wasn’t poor 🙁

Josue Pineda says:

So how can I get the no signal screen to a video display. Because I can’t watch YouTube

Canoopsy says:

Great video Matt! These guys reached out to me as well, and I thought this was a pretty interesting product overall.

Curtis Reynolds says:

I was looking at this as an option but the sub HD quality is a show stopper for me.

Ash Tailor says:

Awesome video man. This is a pretty nicely design mini projector. Not bad at all.

Ben Cary says:

How close can the projector be on the wall while still producing clear images???

The Mind of Nate says:

Wow that’s a small projector! After using one, I want one again. Great video Matt!

Souliman Diawara says:

I like It too much, and I liked the accessoires that came with the cube… and by the way, your kids are awsomes 🙂 . good interview Matt!

Yunfeng Li says:

can it connect to wifi?

Nabi Rasch says:

aaxa 102 –same size cube, twice the res (12by7) at less than half the cost. A bit brighter too.

Amber Kelley says:

The link in the description is broken

MrTechTrek [Kaushik] says:

Oh! that’s really portable but I guess there are a few better alternatives !? but this one has got potential. Nice video BTW!

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