REVIEW: AomeTech Mini HD LED Projector (100″)

Despite a small form factor, the AomeTech Mini LED projector offers surprisingly good image and video quality. We’re also fans of the simple user interface and futuristic hardware design.

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Updated Wi-Fi model:


AirGunWarriors says:

Sooo many to choose from for under $100.00! Please tell me which one would be best for me to order from for under $100.00, that will allow me to use SD card, is actually portable/does not have to be plugged in, can be placed at least 12′ from screen and will work with LG G STYLO Android cell phone. Would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for great video review!

Auto Will says:

i just got this in the mail.. how do i hook up surround sound to this?

AR 23 says:

5v out is that for usb power banks?

TheCosmic Manu says:

Do you think that its a good option to play videogames? im not a person who asks for the best qualitys, but im good if it can works good on videogames, or i yoyu think this is not the best for videogames, wich one you will recommend?

newbe vapes says:

hi nice review what inchs where you projecting at on the video

Baker Mehyar says:

is this project useful for displaying auto-cad drawings like architectural plans and details, for training courses

AirGunWarriors says:

Do they make cables that will allow you to plug into 12v car outlet? Thanks!

Walter Hernandez says:

I’m thinking of buying this projector. on amazon for $97. great deal for the money.

motivecap says:

Excellent Review!

Vincent Vin says:

and noise in dbs is?

Mitchell T Scott says:

nice review

Dean Howell says:

Can you flip the image upside down?

onin carrillo says:

can it be possible to mount it on the ceiling?

Carlos Enrique Contreras Vara says:

Excelent review i see a resume of characteristics and says something about input from smart phone and ipad, its this real? co i can share my ipad or mobile phone screen with this?

Trogir Film says:

1080p? for ps4?

jomz macato says:

i think it’s more convenient that the IR receiver is at the back rather than it is in front of the projector. Imagine navigating the device using the remote control and you have to go in front of it while the device is on play.

Recca Flame says:

Is this projector can use on phone while watching on youtube or streaming movies?

jaeger996X says:

how far away was the projector from the screen in your video

CasualMitch says:

why is there so many different brands with this projector, the one i have is adbtech?

haarp2012 says:

I bought one of these a few days ago on Amazon UK. I’m returning it to the seller in the next few days. Why? Hmm, because it was TOTAL SHIT.Where do I start? It was blurred even on the optimal focus setting. Even in a fully dark room, the picture was dim to the point where the image was unviewable, and that was with brightness turned up to FULL on the unit. Motion handling was HORRIBLE. Even static images seemed to suffer from motion blue. Colour? What colour? Even with colour turned up FULL it was basically sepia! My advice? If you’re offered one of these things for FREE still run a mile. It is no more than a toy.

Oh, just one more thing; any seller who offers this product should be ABSOLUTELY ASHAMED of themselves. I wasn’t expecting much at all when I bough this, but even with such low expectations I was shocked beyond belief at how utterly shit this thing is.

hubz caps says:

71 db fan its not to loud at all

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