Projector under $300 2016! COZ HD Review

Best Projector under $300? The COZ HD Supports 1080p playback.
On Sale Here:
Not Native 1080p*** Native 480p
A few other GREAT DEALS on projectors
Uhappy $150 –
Amazplay Portable $199 –
Icodis G5 $265 –

This Projector is Crystal Clear! Gets up to 150 inches and has 3000 Lumens Brightness! Also has a 3D feature which you can use with red and blue glasses! Hope this video helps! Cheers

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Derpin Bird says:

You can’t polish a turd when it comes to a projector, all that high quality optical shit costs big money. Its not the same as cameras as they generate a shit tonne of heat.

malachai bly says:

Fuckin kill yourself.

Gee Beave says:

Thumbs down for fake resolution

Jim C says:

3000 lumens my ass. Measure it and I bet it’s 500 or less.

davey - bgames says:

Red and blue glasses?..really? It has a lower resolution than my hdready tv i had 12 years ago.
How can you big up these trashy products?

joseph bustos says:

so you got 65 inches at what distance some measurements would be nice ex 65in at 7ft

canadamtlfla says:

lol. mines is 12 feet from the wall and I’m getting a 100 inch screen. but then again I’m using the Optoma hd142x

Michael Pineda says:

thanks to one of your loyal viewers I bought the optima and it was AWESOME!! now I want a smaller one with the largest picture and the brightest lumens for under $150 so I can travel with it because I’ll take it camping and to friends house. in your opinion what’s the best one?

Shane Parrott says:


Steven Donald says:

HORRIBLE projector. just ridiculous. 800×480 native resolution. You can buy. 1024×768 old projector that will be WAY brighter and sharper. Also, those projectors will have a ZOOM!!! You wouldn’t need 20-25′ LOL!!! eBay for an old XGA projector for WAY under $100.

Murdoch493 says:

True resolution is 800×480. So it basically it accepts 1080P, but it actually projects out 800×480. In other words, this is another no-name, off-brand projector that just claims to do 1080p, but really it’s not. It’s just some ‘White Van’ piece of garbage.

Edi2003 says:

No good Vanilla ice prefer portable projector, with built in wifi.

Abe Coulter says:


COOL GAMING2468 says:

it’s not how all projectors are that is a long throw projector there are short throw projectors that you can mountains right in front of the screen and be an 80-inch you just picked a long throw

Max Pell says:

I’ve had about 2/3 nameless projectors, all shite. The components are cheap and the build quality shows this, when you get to the 200 – 300 price range the picture is meh, it’s watchable but nothing to write home about.For just a couple hundred more you can get a lot better deal from the reliable brand makes

zone2oo0 says:

these pieces of shit cost less than 300 for a reason, don’t buy this shit…

interstuff says:

Can you recommend a under 300 dollars projector for outdoor use.?

Arliman Talavera says:

This guy is an idiot.

Eric Gustin says:

good god man this is soooooo misleading. number 1 , you say it can show up to 150 inches diagonal, then you show us a 60 inch image . wtf? for 300 bucks people can just buy a 50 -60 inch tv. number 2, you say there was some light coming in the room and it still looked great. bullshit. you were in a pitch black room 100 percent. and on top of that, the sides were all washed out and you kept zooming in to cut off the blurry sides. what idiots are trying to fool? number 3, …..3D……red and blue glasses…..are you fucking kidding me?! that kind of 3d hasnt been used since the mid 80s, man! the only reason your mentioning 3d, is so that you can mention 3d. all in the hopes of some moron believing he’ll be able towatch some 3d movies if he buys it. number 4, EVERY video you do is like this! why are you purposefully pushing shit sub-par chinese projectors as top end like this? its just awful. thats not to say that theyre not worth the money in some cases even. 2 or 3 hundred bucks is a reasonable price for a junky chinese low quality projector. but stop braggin them up and making them seem like theyre top end. not one of the projectors youve shown on this channel is even close to being in the middle range. just be honest. people might buy emfor theyre kids room or something. sheesh!!

MrVb66 says:


Ron Robertson says:

not hd at 480 resolution…glasses mentioned are ones from early 1950’s…why would u waste your money o. a crappy projector…

Simon Kaiser says:

What software is implemented? Android? Youtube and some Browser preinstalled? Does it have WiFi? Keystone adjustment? What about the noise it generates? If you make a quality review of a projector, you should mention all of this. I just bought a cheap Chinese projector with all these features previously mentioned, but unfortunately the fan is very noisy. Finally I would recommend a more costly product with high functionality and high comfort.

hannibal lecter says:

Another clueless idiot giving worthless review.

Ramon Madera says: or dont bang.

Dukez Venom says:

or ya know, pc to projector through hdmi

Omer Snosrap says:

Subbed. Love your vibe.

Michael Pineda says:

if 650 is my limit what’s the best one in your opinion with 3D and the best light and resolution?

Grooty Tam says:

These shitty Chinese 800×480 projectors are garbage. They do NOT compare to a DLP or even 3 LCD real projectors. This is like a movie theater special.

R S says:

please help me getting a projector around 200 or less، i want small one and the only thing is most important for me is picture quality and brightness

Wayne Rhea says:

don’t they sell mirrors that you put in front of the projector the makes the image bigger without distorting in.

Samuel h says:

this guy looks like ricky martin

Giovany Irizarry says:

reminds me of my cuzin als house in 06

lucky isele says:

this guy has lost his mind. that’s is a garbage projector . I won’t even buy for $1

Sifa Hema says:


Joaradid Rodriguez says:

Does it have really 1080 native resolution?

Jacques Scholtz says:

Bull shit

NonsensicalVids says:

dude thats not even 1080p like its a lot less like 480p

Tom Smith says:

what an asssssshole it’s a peace of shit. you sponsored fuck.

JOGO says:

Your sure that it is 1920 x 1080p native resolution ? For a kid playing video games is ok , but to watch movies no good !!! It’s a cool cheap disposable projector. I would never use that for a home theater..

Ysaias Batista says:

Im going to buy 1…. What’s better? (Irulu, UHappy or CO-Z?) OR.. if you can recommend me another one… it’s ok.

jblaze114 says:

dg757 $267

robert Rodriguez says:

white van special projector fake review! That projector is worth about 50-80 bucks. low end electronics. A fire hazard for sure. Warning

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