Philips Screeneo Projector – Review

The Philips Screeneo Smart LED projector immediately sounds like all of the fun a projector has to offer with none of the hassle that comes with it. That’s why I was so excited to use it. Any projector that touts the ability to eliminate complicated mounting issues or the need for plentiful space to get a massive picture is a winner in my book. But like most good things in life, getting what you want often requires compromise, and the Screeneo is no exception to this claim.






williamfinney says:

I had my finger on the check out button until the part about tweaking it even if you didn’t move it…….what the hell?

Shin Ken says:

How dare they sell a 1280X800 projector at this price?
Philips either thinks consumers are retarded or that other projector manufacturers don’t exist.

bennynorman says:

Built-in short trow projector in glass bench with 3600 full ansi lumen full HD resolution manufactured in Sweden. Built on order in black, gray or white colr. Even double benches with extremely seamless image reproduction with 4K on the width to sensible money. The image surface is painted surface with our own Evo screepaint that is extremely cheap and reproduces good blackness in bright indoor environments, even good for lightweight projectors.

Kurt Zxcvb says:

Because you need to buy a black screen so you can watch in the daytime

Chris Lyons says:

The editing in the beginning was very annoying, I hate to sound like a troll but everyone is cutting to music way to much. It is especially bad when the clip is played in reverse. I only had to comment because I noticed it in the last 3 videos I watched lol

Josh R says:


Kyle Andersen says:

“I binge watched two seasons of Hulu”

I didn’t know Hulu was a show, bru.

Mujeeb Rahiman says:

How much qatari riyal ?

MrWonszBoa says:

what is that tune in the beginning of the video?

John Davis says:

Good luck at this price lol

Steve Vestel says:

I LOVED this video. I do have a small question though. Are you using just your wall or are you using a screen? And what color is the wall you’re using?

aaron brooks says:

trump ’16

bobwinslow says:

WALL COLOR CORRECTION. _WHY_ is that not an option on all projectors? Even a true home-cinema grade model might end up in a less than ideal spot every once in a while, especially once it’s ten years old and handed down to someone’s kid. I know it’d be handy for me.

Negative Edge says:

does this thing have the option to scale or size the projected images to be bigger or smaller without havinng to move the unit around?

R MCK says:

Great Review Brother. I’m thinking of getting something like this.

Ja Kobi says:

What idiot designed a remote control to the projector without illuminated keys ????? Does the company operate Philips amateurs and idiots ???? Not to mention the projector 1590tv the pilot does NOT have mouse functionality …. !!!!!! Of course, information is not anywhere !!! The client learns about how the “pie” will get along with the projector. at the end of a little thing like not running android, no operating function Bluetooth or DLNA that of the other “attractions” not to mention

audiostarproductions says:

I viewed this projector on display at Best Buy and the projection farthest away, such as to corner fields are not in focused and neither go into focus because image bleeds. The true focus remains from center to bottom. Before you buy a short throw look at the edges meaning top region to see if contrast matches center throw. This one doesn’t.

Juan Icaza says:

excellent review!

Wenseslao says:

Yea.. but whats the price?

dylan technoGeek says:

good review bro,

PointBlank says:

Jo, where the fuck are you on the road a lot stop lying

jeremy james says:

more projector reviews please

Badal Parwani says:

what price

EagerSnake says:

Oh look, Philips is trying to copy what Sony does way better…
Now, honestly, this is plain ridiculous…

Apollo Yao says:

Neat video!sub

maniek says:

mam ten projektor philips screeneo 1690 zaledwie 2 tygodnie, moje pierwsze wrazenia co do obrazu byly nie zadawalajace przed tym jak wczesniej ogladalem benq 770st o polowe tanszego z benq bylem zadawolony, i moge jego polecac, mimo mniej zywotnej lampy. W screeneo placimy za nowosc, zut z krutkiego dystansu przez co nie idzie dobrze ostrosci w rogach ustawic, wifi gdzie serfowanie po necie zostawie bez komentarza, kolory tez odbiegaja od standardow jak na taka cene, nie wiem jak tv w nim dziala i pewnie sie nie dowiem, bo projektor wroci do sklepu, a co do plusow fajny wyglad, cicha praca, na poziomie czarny kolor,mobilny, ale mimo to za ta cene lepsza alternatywa bylo by kupienie komputera oraz projektora bez wszystkich tych bajerow ktore komputer by zastapil, podkreslam projector mam 2 tyg wiec nie sugerujcie sie recenzja w 100% to sa moje pierwsze wrazenia..

Steve Vestel says:

Actually the best 4K Movie Projector out on the market is the


The Best-In-Class Home Theater Projection Experience with 1700 Lumens brightness and 4K e-shift4
The DLA-X550R delivers stunning picture detail and an unprecedented value thanks to JVC’s exclusive 4K e-shift4 technology. It accepts native 4K 60P (4:4:4) content through Full Speed 18Gbps HDMI/HDCP 2.2 compatible inputs and up-converts existing 1080P sources to 4K precision. Three discrete D-ILA devices produce a stable image with no flicker and class leading 40,000:1 Native Contrast Ratio for peak whites and deep blacks.
For 2016, JVC projectors include HDR content compatibility and an improved Clear Motion Drive for unmatched picture quality, as well as a newly developed high power lamp that provides 1700 lumens: the highest in-class brightness.

Igor Calasans says:

algum brasileiro ?

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