P6 DLP Portable Mini Projector | The Ultimate Mini Projector?! | Unboxing & Initial Review

Unboxing and taking a quick look at this awesome little tiny but POWERFUL projector!
Where To Order: http://bit.ly/2txUMBw | $199.99 On Sale Right Now
Gearbest Intel September Sale: http://bit.ly/2xJn7VG
Autumn Sale: http://bit.ly/2eKcxcf
Coupon Sale: http://bit.ly/2xNWH5j
Model: P6
Material: Aluminum
Display type: DLP
Native Resolution: 640 x 480
Brightness: 80 Ansi Lumens
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
Throw Ration: 1.5
Projection Distance: 0.3 – 3.5M
Image Size: 50 – 120 inch
Image Scale: 4:3
Aspect ratio: 1.2:1
Battery: 2000mAh
SD Cart Slot
AC WIFI / Mira Cast

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mrgadgetfreak25 says:

hey could you please tell me what OTG cable I would need for iPhone

Ciro M. says:

Hey Nice review, what about battery life and power?

Mason Schmidt says:

like it just wish it had hdmi

Jesus4Life says:

Is it dependent on the usage of a smartphone? Or could I use mp4 files from my itunes on the computer and download them on to the sd card?

roslee sulong says:

Just a question, can i connect my android box tv ? or iphone ? probably using it for movies and live soccer match

Faisal Khan says:

Is the fan noisy

Alessandro Cussino says:

I like it !!!

stephen jackson says:

ghost in the shell!

CeuxDruman says:

So where do you plug in an external speaker?

Barloz says:

Can you connect consoles

Superman says:

where can i buy ? and how much?

tsfcancerman says:

looks like the cubox i4 pro mini pc almost that is 2x2x2 inches(5x5x5cm) just to bad solidrun didnt make it with a projector

Idubz Hard R says:

Do you think you could use it to put a background? I need it for a project for a thing called destination imagination.

Print it 3d says:

Damn look at that intro !

David Kirk says:

Hey man I think part of your video got ripped off by another youtuber. He was doing a review on 2017 top projectors and I think he used your clip. Just thought you would want to know. Thanks for the review this projector looks awesome. If your looking to rehome it remember me.

Jerlan Puebla says:

would I be able use a headset for this?

Mostafa Mohamed says:

can you giveaway this projector please

Ain Ash Burn says:

Can it be projected onto a coloured wall? I noticed that u have a beige wall and mine however is similar to yours but slightly darker. more like cookie dough colour. how will this affect the colour calibration of the projection?

maverick perez says:

how much is that?

saurabh rao says:

can we attach speakers to projector.

pogijuice9061 says:

this is going to put a lot of flat tv screen out of business.

shahadat hossain says:

How much p6????

Plamen Bonev says:

what is the name of the manga/anime?

stuffdoggg says:

Sufferin’ succotash! Liked!

Novocrine says:

Can I cast a movie from pc to the projector?

Gyula Batta says:

Sziasztok! 🙂 Ezt a Lejátszót házimozira is lehet csatlakozni?

mrgadgetfreak25 says:

I know this is a stupid question but will this work in the UK

Muhamad Rizqi says:

You anime suki desu ka??

Julius Höcherl says:

Is it possible to use AirPlay
And put headphones
In the phone?

Avantime says:

640×480 is a bit low resolution for $190. The AAXA HD Pico projector is $140 on Amazon and it does native 720p, but it has 30 less lumens and doesn’t have Wifi or Miracast.

TKD warrior says:

that’s the stupidest projector ever

K to the L says:

sure its cute and i want it… BUT i suggest to all of you DO NOT BUY it now. they are price gouging us. the value of this item is roughly $60. much like the NES mini its now up to $200+ and they claim that is on sale to lmao. complete rubbish. i dont have one and cant get one because of this BUT i have watched many reviews for this item and can tell without a doubt it is barely worth the $60 let alone more. the battery life sucks meaning you will need to supply power to the unit in order to watch any movie fully. and its low in the ansi lumens (how bright/clear it is) dept as well. i do believe the poster of this video will agree with me ?

Zulaa Hongorzul says:

i wanna watch p6 vs uo beam smart projector .witch one shoild i buy?

HavenGaming30 Team Gaming says:

can you use it for apple phone?

Sk Wahid says:

this is how muney price?

Christopher Colom says:

Cuánto cuesta el mini proyector?

Steven Polvo says:

I wish it had HDMI port 🙁

Life Kommando says:

Battery Life Test Results:
Video Playback From SD 1080p: 1 Hour Max
Video Playback From Phone Playing Youtube 1440p: 30-45 Mins
Where To Order: http://bit.ly/2txUMBw

bhavya raj says:

can I connect it to my PC speakers

Armando Stano says:

Hi, I have a question. It is simple to use and connect with iPhone to see photo and replicate the phone screen? Thanks

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