Optoma UHD60/UHD65 Review – The World’s First Budget 4k Projector

This is a full review of the new Optoma UHD60 and UHD65 4K DLP Home Theater projectors. These are the first true 4K projectors priced under $8000. They both have superb image quality and are certainly worth the $2000/$2500 price tags. These projectors are game-changers when it comes to projectors vs TVs since until now you had to spend $8000 or more in order to get a true 4K projector. Although the contrast ratio is not as good as the Epson 5040ub, the image is certainly sharper and provides more detail.
Both the UHD60 and UHD65 are HDR compatible, which means they can accept an HDR Rec. 2020 signal. However, they are Rec. 709 projectors.

Optoma UHD60 on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2ua33fG
135″ Grey Edge-Free Screen on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2u4Dmh8
RUIPRO HDMI Fiber Cable on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2sM0BJ0

Projector vs TVs: https://youtu.be/l8BlmocCemw

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Bill Killernic says:

being able to set the projection only downwards and not up isnt such a big deal you can allways turn the projector upside down and the the signal downside up. Now you can set the projection only upwards 😛

Tuukka Terämaa says:

I really hope you are going to do a review on the Epson Home Cinema 4000. Holding off from buying this until Epson hits Eu market.

Qasim Nawaz says:

I’ve bought the uhd60 but i am finding very little differences between 4k and hd. Am i doing something wrong?

ScubaMike says:

How many times u going to say uhd60 vs 65 couldn’t continue to watch this video, btw it’s not the first 4k the sonyw365 first and best one that came out also the epson 5040ub been also out since last year, thumbs down

sxyzosamurai says:

So on the fence between this and a Hdr 65″ tv. Currently have a BenQ w1070. It was good but have 4500 hours on it. I have a 125″ screen in a bat cave. How does this compare to a $2000 4k HDR tv in terms of PQ and performance?

hispanito4lyf says:

Is that the Affirmative Action beat?

notsalad says:

great video! All the information presented was relevant and intentional, no rambling or fluff which shows you clearly know what you are talking about. My only question mark comes from why the UDH65 exists at all, anyone who loves movies hates “motion smoothing” as introduces artifacts and makes everything feel “to real” (ex see backlash from HFR hobbit screenings). why they would charge more for that feature and lower brightness is very confusing. In a theater room setting with smooth motion off, is there any image quality difference? does the uhd60 get too washed out with the higher lumens?

Brett Smith says:

I would be interested to hear how the two model’s pictures differ due to the differently segmented color wheels. Does the UHD60 have more washed out colors and rainbow artifacts due to the added CMY color segments, even though it is brighter?

Brett Howarth says:

a projector with no keystone is no projector to me…just one’s own opinion

vjdave says:

I had the UHD60 for a while and then traded it for a UHD65. UHD60 is more for gaming. UHD65 has slightly better contrast and better color with the RGBRGB wheel but HIGH latency which makes it great for movies and horrible for gaming.

Phil Egan says:

does this projector have issues accepting signals from Roku Premiere +? I seem to be picking up a thread of issues there

andy goodall says:

Great review! Can you confirm that this projector doesn’t have 3D? If not, looks like a deal breaker for me

Guided Hand says:

2500 dollars isn’t a budget projector

Shai Pal says:

Thanks! did you try to game on it?

Jerseys Connect says:

great review.. I’m only here because I got white van scammed smh.

TwiTch says:

Awesome, I’ve been waiting over a year for someone to release a cheaper 4k projector, not all that matters to me is which one has a Game mode or a lower input lag.

AND Just found out this is not a true 4k projector, stupid pixel shifting…

iKaGe01 says:

Not 3D capable? 🙁 People may think it doesn’t matter but on a projector, it is a really nice feature and beats cinemas Real D passive systems.
So much bigger than the BenQ

Dustin Harper says:

The input lag of the UHD65 is the one thing holding me back. I could really use the PureMotion and the other features (rainbowing is an issue after I had LASIK, but at least I can watch TV without glasses!), but I do game on my home theater system, too. I may just wait for next years models and see how they pan out. I’m not really needing a new projector right now, but I sure would like to upgrade! Thanks for the awesome review!

joe poutine says:

I bought the red mere cables 30 feet from monoprice a few years ago. There a one way cables with a chip in the connector never had a problem excellent cable at a good price also bought speaker cables from them I highly recommend them if I ever need cables again.

joe poutine says:

Should have gone to monoprice for your cable

Marzen says:

Ugh!! I’m a gamer, I have a black ceiling, I need more vertical lens shift & I hate built in speakers. But I love the price. Here’s hoping 2018 brings something that meets my needs.

JMR Benefits says:

Best projector review videos in youtube! I am looking to buy a projector in the $500-$650 range.. Should I go DLP or 3LCD? Its for Very Dark 12×10 movie room which will be used for movies and Sports viewing.

Revolt says:

Optoma UHD60 4K Ultra High Definition Home Theater Projector get it here!

James Bond says:

Can u hook yo cable up to this

Lee Danny says:

Thank you for the great review, does it comes with 3D ability ?

vjdave says:

I want to mention that this projector’s 4K “shifting”” technology is much better than the 4K Enhanced technology on other projectors. It really does 8 million pixels with some back end magic. As far as sharpness/resolution goes, you really can’t tell the difference between this and a $8000 4K projector. Contrast is a different story though.

Yousuf says:

You should only set it to 10bit HDR mode if the content playing was HDR.. that’s why it looked washed out lol.

AndrewFortWayne says:



2000 bucks and you still have to plug every wire into the back of it????? Where is the wireless box

Eirik Bull says:

Nice video! I’m waiting for my Optoma UHD65 now. Just sold my old HD83 to a friend, and I’m currently without a projector, and I’m hurting. : P Watching movies on a projector really is the best way, for me personally. 🙂

Daniel Combs says:

Boom… subscribed

kent julnes says:

a big issue for me is that it doesnt have 3d, but do you or someone think that it will be available on it with a firmware update?


Very nice presentation. I will wait for other companies like Sony or JVC to put their price down on a 4k projectors. What I read here on Google that the 8k TV’s and projectors are already out so the 4k might go down on price.

Paul Seiler says:

I AM SO grateful that you not only reviewed this projector, but that you went in to such granular detail. I value these types of reviews far above anything else and commend you for the phenomenal job, sir. I’ve only recently found out that fiber HDMI cables exist and this was a great reference to them. Also loved the mounting caveats you mentioned and throw distance. 10/10 would watch again 😉

thammill78 says:

Good review. As per Brett’s question I just want to make a couple of points. UHD60 has different color wheel than UHD65, so if you are sensitive to RBE (Rainbow) UHD65 is the better projector and it has a more saturated palette anyway. UHD65 virtually eliminates RBE as far as I’ve seen with all but the most sensitive viewers. Both projectors also have vertical lens shift . If you lift the top cover you’ll find the adjustment wheel to move the image vertically up to 15%.

Scott L. says:

Was your mount from the benq able to be used on the Optoma? I have the benq w1070

madrizz01 says:

Great Review Bro

lionchamp29 says:

Does it do 3d?

vjdave says:

I have the UHD65 and you are having the EXACT same problem with your Nvidia Shield as I am having. The Nvidia Shield is unable to put the projector into HDR mode no matter what display setting/color space settting you use. Notice how the “HDR” is NOT displaying in the upper corner? I found the ROKU Ultra and Chromecast Ultra DOES successfully switch the projector into HDR mode with HDR content. I have emailed Nvidia asking them WHY it won’t do HDR mode with this projector!

J Tay says:

Great Review!!

Uptown NYC says:

That bgm tho…Affirmative Action #highscooldays

Gregg Phillips says:

Great information about HDMI cables and about the Optoma. Seems like the prices in 4k projectors will be dropping as manufactures try to stay competitive !!!!!!!!!!!

Jamie Bender says:

So I am planning on buying this Optoma UHD60 based on your review and other research I have done. I don’t know how much I can trust their distance calculator and was wondering if you could do me a favor. If the projector is not mounted, I am looking for the maximum picture width with the rear of the projector at 13’5″ from the screen That is what my space will allow for maximum projector distance from the screen. According to the distance calculator i should barely be able to make it to use a 120″ screen, but I want to know for sure before I purchase. Thanks in advance.

HaNooo says:

You also can’t walk in front of screen. UST is the future and these projecror companies suck at marketing.

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