One of my best purchases ever love it. I have a projector ! 170″ Screen!

“So you are back doing KODI, please explain!” –~–
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Large Screen Experience-Relax your eyes from TV by enjoying Globmall Mini Video Projector

1. Enhanced LED Light Technology, Double Brighter than ordinary LED
For LCD projectors, the most important part is the LED light inside.
This T22 mini projector adopted the latest upgraded LED technology, provides more brightness than ordinary
LED projector with 2000 Lumens. In dark room you will enjoy sharp image.

2. Large Screen Experience-Relax your eyes from TV
Support projection size from 32 to 176 inches, the best projection distance is 2m with projection size about 80 inches.
You may enjoy large screen while protecting your eyes.

3. Dial type keystone adjustable mechanism & patent dial wheel lens focus mechanism
You can adjust the image manually with this function, picture proportion is not distortion after adjustment.
In case the mini projector is placed in a tilt level, the picture quality will not be affected.

Warm tips:
1.This projector mainly be used for Home cinema and gaming.Not recommended for PPT, word, excel or business presentation.
2.Please note that it only provides clear image in dark room.

Power Supply: 100-240V, AC 50/60 Hz
Power: 50W
Lumen: 2000
Lamp: LED
Lamp Life: 50000 hours
Work Noise: less than 15dB
Native Resolution: 800*480, compatible for 1920*1080p
Contrast Ratio: 2000:1
Aspect Ratio: 4:3/16:9
Image: Support JPG, PNG, BMP. Support image zoom, 360 degrees flip and full screen.

Package list:
1x T22 Projector
1x HDMI cable
1x Remote controller
1x 3 in 1 AV cable
1x Power adapter
1x Use manual


therobbieunited says:

Playing a movie on it would of been a good idea, fan is very noisy which I don’t think you mentioned, look like a good product though

Heman Mankoo says:

The daily bonus is not working…

bizzy511 says:

One of your best purchases is a 480p projector?

Guided Hand says:

I would recomend the mini Pico android projector, it has Bluetooth and android os. It’s portable and literally has zero fan noise, doesn’t heat up your room either. And the picture is outstanding. About the size of your smart phone too.

Cspierdowis Reviews and Life with Anaphylaxis says:

Ok, answering your question. I should win because my husband is a projector Geek!

Simon C says:

Fan noise far to loud

John Halley says:

could you use this to project a Power Point presentation?

Dazzle 27k says:

Can you plug in an external hard-drive direct, or does it have to go through a media player e.g. android box? Also, that fan noise sounded quite loud!! Thoughts??

Beser desoh says:

This item does not ship to those that are from the United States just wanna warn people that are from the state’s !!!!!

SamWich says:

£95 quid on amazon seems a really good price for the quality of it. I paid £50 for one last year and the quality is not the best tbh. WIth projectors it pays to pay more

SamWich says:

Currently on the market for a decent projector for my new man cave but not sure which to go for. You will have to let me know what the movie quality is like

Chris says:

Garbage, louder than a helicopter…

Ali Hasan says:

Hey thanks for the good review, just one question : where can u buy a new bulb for this projector ?

timothy790110 says:

This is crap, darks are pitch black, it’s akin to watching a cam rip when you out in a dvd. Me thinks you got this for free in exchange for this enthusiastic review.

TheOutbackman says:

Always interested in one of these. Have been curious about resolution. But the football watching would be awesome. Thanks for all you do.

Elena707 says:

Wow that thing is noisy!

Deaner Hockings - Reptilian Hunter says:

Don’t you just love a shameless conman!

qwelton says:

Can anyone point me toward a cheap portable projector with high lumens, quiet fan, Bluetooth or wifi connectivity, and AUTO-KEYSTONING?

Scott Trindl says:

Just a few things to add here. I currently own 6 led DLP projectors for differing purposes, so I have years of experience with them. The Abox T22 is a cheap Chinese clone, there are a flood of these on the market now that can be had for about a hundred US dollars. They all share the same deficiencies. None are high definition, they are at best 480p. They are not designed to be used with powerpoint or other computer presentations, because the image you will see is not going to work very well with them. The sellers of this projector state as much in their description, where it says, in poorly stated English, “ABOX Projector mainly be used for Home cinema and gaming, NOT recommended for PPT, word, excel or business presentation.” They are marginally ok for watching video if you’re not too concerned with picture quality or brightness. The specs say this is a 2000 lumen projector, but that number is way way overstated. It is NOT a legitimate 2000 lumen projector…none of these 100 dollar Chinese clones are. To get an led projector that is actually 2000 lumen you have to spend considerably more money. The author of this review mentioned several times how, as a photographer, he loves “glass” while showing the lens of this projector. There is no glass in that lens, it’s plastic, as is the lens in all 100 dollar projectors.

Otaku Senpai says:

Hi I have a DBPOWER T20. In your demonstration you did not show how this looks on a 170″ screen. So quality is not clear to me. how does Globmall 2200 Lumens ABOX Portable LCD Mini Video Projector compare to DBPOWER T20? I thought your projector made more noise than DBPOWER.

Andrew Wilkes says:

Noisy fan ruins the experience.

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