New Budget Projector Under $100 | GP80 Visual Great Projector Review

Budget Projector Under $100 GP80 Portable Beamer Review
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In Todays video we will take a look at the GP80 Projector. An inexpensive 480p budget projector udner $100. Is this the one for you? Lets find out!

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Peggy Hill says:

Nice review. How long does it take you to get products from gearbest? Also, can we enter the contest more than once?

J2THEON says:

Hope i Win that would be nice with my new apartment and baby on the way.

rai11801 says:

Hey Mr Nolan can you if it Ain’t too much too ask can you compare all the latest this year’s projector and Bluetooth speaker systems under $200 and see which one ranks the best in each category like battery life , software, useability , which has the best features, let me know if you think that an great idea and look after yourself look tired

Owen Morgan says:

Could you do a side by side video for every projector you put on the big screen with the projector you are reviewing and the best, brightest one you have done so its easier to judge how good it is? If you edit it in? Just an idea ❤

Marshall Kilgore says:

Mindseed! Haha you probably don’t think I actually watch these but I always watch them on my TV and sometimes forget to come back and comment on my phone lol. Liked snd shared bud

Jamez Poor says:

Casey Casey, my bro. I didn’t hear you say if this can be mounted upside down and get the image flipped… it looks amazingly clear and huge in size for the price. I dig that, Keep it up good work Fam. Peace…

Christian's haunt Videos says:

I love watching these budget projectors because there perfect for the digital decorations like flying ghosts singing pumpkins haunted singing heads etc. This one appears that it would work great!!

Mysn Sunny says:

When you’ll review the doogee p1 ? Thanks

TheBigb1973 says:

they’re great for backyard movies

marvinc88 says:

Please review the Big Shot Ultra Short Throw Smart Projector made by Brookstone. Thanks.

Dean Fisher says:

Man I gotta get a projector beast video as always

sb b says:

this up converting cable will turn any cheap projector hdmi connection to 1080p full resolution or if your tv is 43k it upconverts any device to 4k>

Mark schoch says:

“I’m from the skreets!” That needs to be a t-shirt. There is an fully auto screen, with remote, on amazon for under $100. So with this projector, that screen, and an inexpensive bluetooth speaker, someone can have a full movie/media experience for $250(ish). If you are interested I’ll send you the link for the screen.

Great videos lately, but you’re still ugly. lol. Have a great weekend.

andrew kligerman says:

Thanks for all you do. Love the reviews. Has helped me with getting the GT1080 after watching your review of it.

prince caspen says:

just brought an NEC projector, best purchase ive ever made! nice video man

Danny Nesbitt says:

Like that Word doc “text” pixel test. You should use that more. And a BIG thanks for trowing in the distance from the screen.
Decent projector for less than a bill.
#FromTheSkreets #GottaRotate

mohamed hdeib says:

Will it be good for presentations ?

Darius O'Connor says:

1st I’m getting good at this

Rabih Ghobril says:

Hi Casey! I love your reviews and I have a question about the budget projectors. Could you help me out with your personal opinion? Between the Artlii you reviewed a couple of days ago and this one, which one do you prefer? I saw they were pretty similar but this one had an extra usb port I believe. I like the design of the artlii beter and, personally, my greatest requirement is a projector that can use the AV adapter coloured cables which both of them have! So yeah, what’s your take on them? 🙂 thanks a lot for doing what you do! I never considered projectors until recently and your reviews are straight to the point and well done! Keep it up!

Andrew Pavia says:

Looks like an awesome projector. I need to get me one soon thanks for the video

Hamissi Ali says:

Thanks Guy you are the great,I am very interested in that one.

Chris Da'vinci says:


Sadip Rock says:

Great bro..

Nene Hernandez says:

I’ve been watching your videos because I want to buy a projector but if you give me the chance to win this , it would be awesome men you’re the best at projectors reviews @mindseedtv

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