My First Projector (on a 120″ screen)

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See how I built and setup a budget friendly a home theater, with a proper projector and 120″ screen, you won’t believe the quality you can get for the price.

In this video I review the whole process from choosing the components to setup as well as review the Benq HT2050.

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De Santa says:

Pure garbage quality

Juan Rosario Jr says:

DAM !!!! DOPE as F*** !!!!! I want that Shit !!!!

bigpol666 says:

Great video ! Thanx

Sherla Colston says:

thank you

Md Sumon says:

For more information on Best Home Theater Projectors, visit

Bunny Rock says:

Nice one thankyou sir

blphnx says:

Hmm…Good review, however, most of these suggestions were obvious without needing much explanation (even though it took 20 minutes to get through). And yet somehow you completely glossed over the only thing anybody needs the most help with in duplicating this setup; what to do about the power source and cables, etc.

I literally only saw 1/10th of a second of information about this. You showed the power source at 8:59 (in the first split second, if you are quick enough to catch it and pause, it is apparent you installed an outlet above the projector, you might at least have mentioned this, and recommend an electrician or something)… but still unclear how you cable anything else to or from the projector? You have to constantly move that ceiling tile yes? But then why use a small square cutout like that? Better would be cutting along one side of that square so a small section of the panel could be move out of the way as needed in order to access the outlet and installed components, etc? An I wrong?

And btw, if that is the case, maybe using white duct tape around the edge of that smaller section, the cutout, and along cut side of longer tile would reinforce these edges which will be moved constantly, and help diminish ‘dusting’. That might be a good tip for your particular setup (anyone watching this doing something similar.)

Perhaps mentioning using hdmi Chromecast or some other hdmi remote signal transmitter might be a hood wireless solution for this set up?

Just some thoughts, but point is, layout, projector, mount, and screen choices and projector walkthrough/demo, were all only part of the overall setup. ‘How’ to hook anything up to the projector and how to hook up the projector, should have been covered for more than literally just a split second for this this length of a video.

I personally watched this entire video because I already have a projector and screen and just wanted a better idea with hanging a projector, and some idea dealing with power/cabling, etc. with a hanging projector.

Just some thoughts. At least mentioning any of this as afterthoughts, in your description, would still be a good idea, in the event others like me watch your entire vid hoping to get some of the same info I was looking for.

Other than that, nice job. I’m jealous!

Sagar Patel says:

How far is your projector from the screen?

YodaIAm 69 says:

How far is your projector away from the screen

charlie isaacs says:

what was the first film did you watch?

Canadian Motörhead says:

Your dad is a great guy. My dad is an asshole

ash day says:

An advice, the grey wall should be the screen wall, this will improve naturally the contraste.


Got a 100 inch projecter set up on its way. Can’t wait to hook up my nintendo switch to it

Nick T. says:

I think your room gets dark enough that you can use eco mode and have the lamp last longer and still have a great picture. Great setup and video. Heard that Sony came out with some great 4k projectors at around $5k, hope somehting trickles down to around $2k next year.

MyNephew34 says:

Hi, just subscribed to your channel…I see where this question has already been asked (didn’t see an answer), BUT where did you get your oversized deep sectional? Really like it!!! Thanks



Alb Vas says:

Nice video. Great job on everything. I’ve subscribed!

Daniel Peters says:

Thats the life

brianr101010 says:

when does 3D capable mean actually shows 3D BD movies like my sony bravia tv with glasses?

cos cos bobo says:

really nice but i personally dont recomend DLP projectors ,high power consumption and the DLP chip tends to go bad pixels remain black in screen ,i had one the lamp had only 500 hours of usage of 5000 and more than half the screen filled with stuck black pixels.i preffer TFT led projectors

renewer says:


toprope98 says:

Nice video man! I just got a house and am looking to do this exact type of setup in my basement. I am wondering your thoughts on going with the BenQ 4K projector (since eventually 4K content will become more common) ? Also, did you say you had a video where you discuss the way you setup the lighting in your basement? Great video again!

Ruud Scholten says:

thanks for this great review. All I was wondering about is to what kind of device you connected the projecter. A home cinema system? laptop? And to what extend is a good system impacts the projector screen quality

anon ymous says:

How did u connect to ur gaming console or watch tv on it and can u connect ur phone to it

justin hooten says:

Damn how’s the porn on it? Fuggin 120” rock hard vain ridden cock!!!! Lmao! Joking

hi says:

wonderful. Love how you describe stuff. I’m horrible at technology. I subscribed

Dlive2005 says:

This is a review

Francie Conde says:

How do you play DVDs

The Riddler says:

I have the Moto Z with the projector. It’s pretty cool for being so small and portable. I’m hoping they make a true HD one. That would be awesome.

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