iRulu 20 Pro – Projector and Android TV Box – All In One – Review!

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-1. Google Android 4.4 Operation System, Built-in 8GB internal storage, and 1GB RAM. Smart enough to downloading and storing Video, Apps and Games etc. The projector is able to do anything that we do on an iPad or smartphone, support Chromecast connection, with Mirror cast feature, support Bluetooth connecting with speaker, and it enlarge the image up to 200″ big screen at most.
-2. Wireless Internet Technology. 20 Pro smart video projector equips Wi-Fi feature, supports browsing YouTube to watch a mass of video online. Makes a new definition of wireless internet life.
-3. 800*480 pixels Native Resolution. It’s able to read 1080p videos. display 37-200 inches image with projection distance 4-19 feet with 2600 lumens. Multi-levels digital zoom and ±15° manual keystone correction, use friendly to adjust screen.
-4. Upgraded R.G.B. LED Light. replaced the UHP bulb and color wheel, deliver about 20% more brightness than ordinary LED. And extend working life 1.5 times. LED light comes with wide-color feature to present much more vivid and sharp image.
-5. Fast 3 Seconds Boot-up, less than 25 db fan noise. Customer Service & Technical Support, one year warranty for satisfaction.



I have a similar model but it’s no way close to 2600 lumens more like 260 lumens,
my pico projector outputs 200 lumens and this projector is just slightly brighter then that

darek spy says:

Hi mayiandjay can you test this phone : Thanks

carlitos juju says:

i love projectors but they are too expensive

Valentin Lovin says:

I see a tv plug on the back… has a tv tuner built in or you have to connect the projector to a tv in order to watch tv?

81Garret says:

I can’t find anyone reviewing this projector that shows us a better quality source hooked up to it. Why?!!!!!

Old Man says:

I have watched a lot of reviews on projectors and I have come to the understanding that projectors are a piss poor gimmick. Televisions will not be replaced by projectors anytime soon.

brandon slaughter says:

congrats Jay on your goal of 100000 subscribers

keshav tangri says:

100650 subs …. congo

755twon scott says:

I’m about to purchase one of these Andrew at TV boxes what do you know about the Jesus TV box and can you help me out with it and tell me more information

Yasindu Sampath says:

What about IRULU BL 20 projector ??? Can you kindly tell me the difference of those projectors ?

Carl Raboy says:

nice jay. you got 100k subscribers☺❤

Russ B says:

Nice Review Jay 🙂 You getting the Umi Super in for review mate ?

DJ Dattu says:

its good one jay

keshav Tangri says:

100650 subs Congo

Jihad Sharief says:

awesome video you deserve a 500,000 subscribers

Statiic Agar says:

Congrats for 100,000 subscribers, you have reached the milestone you’ve always wanted and I’m so happy and proud of you. 🙂 Keep putting smiles on people faces sir.

Mindaugas Prakapas says:

+mayiandjay How can I contact with you? I have a few questions

ProGamingNL says:

JAY, YOU HIT THE 100K SUBSCRIBERS!!! Congratulations dude! Keep up the good work! 🙂

SpartX7 says:

Can you run Kodi from the Google Play Store on it ?

SwedishPyro says:

You are so near 100k Congrats Love your videos 🙂

V HUNTER 21 says:

love it 🙂

Emmanuel Diaz Aguado Jr. says:

plsssssss let me win the June giveaway plsssssss I have a crappy phone

kelton mccauley says:

Jay, you’ve accomplished 100,000 subscribers. I am super happy for you. I hope you enjoy your play button Google sends you.

Namjoon's bbygurl says:

this is cool. i need this for school

ashish purohit says:

Best review!

Beastly G says:

But it’s only 800 x 480 actual resolution. That’s not even 720p. Does it change based on content resolution?

Darling Zaya says:

I’ve tried everything and all the contact info via email and phone. No one can help me update from 4.4.2 or root it. can you help

Bailey Rattray says:

hi mayiandjay can you review the gitup git 2 action camera its a rival to go pro and sjcam 5000x. It is excellent for the price and one of the best action cams around. would love to see you review it thanks

lance sedino says:

i just bought the same projector. I’m having trouble setting up the bluetooth to my speakers. how do you set it up so i can my speakers instead of the projectors without using audio cable

Eagle Eye says:


K&M Studios says:

Congrats Jay you just reached 100,000 k subs, good job man you deserve it

mrsinn says:

Didn’t even show a movie to demonstrate picture quality. BS

Gabrijel Jakopović says:

Great video! 😀

sam foster says:

Does this have Freeview built in?

FV Productions says:

Bro we can see your IP address for a quick sec decided to let you know.

Joel J Welford says:

Where have all of your goophone i6 and above videos gone?

ricerust says:

this over the prw310?

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