How well does a $100+ video projector compare to a $1000+ projector?

Check out the current price for this Xinda projector on Amazon: NOTE: I found out that you CAN mount this projector. There are 4 screw holes under the rubber table top pads on the bottom of the projector.

Overall, I have been very happy with this projector! It is a fantastic projector for the price. While it is not as good as a $1000 projector, it actually is quite comparable.

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Steve Robinson says:

Thanks for the review! Just bought this a day ago, cant wait to try it. I’ve been using the 90$ Vankyo projector, and was amazed how good it was for the price. Hoping this one is at least 2x better.

Megalo Blastic says:

It appears that when you tested the higher end projector, the ambient light was much lower as the sunset outside had progressed. The difference in quality between the two is likely magnified considering the difference in ambient lighting conditions.

Noor says:

Buy it at $200. Do a $100 mod(If u know what to mod, but u can just search it here on how to). It’ll totally can beat a brand projector many times it’s cost.

Survivor 1812 says:

Thank you man best review video I’ve seen in awhile. 100%

M. Iman says:

Thank you for the great review !

Social Sketch says:

The Xinda is an absolute garbage projector. You won’t see a crisp image at 1080p until you get to around the $600 dollar range for something like an Optoma.

Chris S says:

Thanks very much for a real world review it was extremely helpful.

Stan Spiropoulos says:

I’ve bought it the same projector which I’m going to connect with HDMI to the sound bar, and the XBOX ONE X to play games and watch movies, I also picked up a cheap screen from Aliexpress.

abhishek sharma says:

U need to take the 4 rubber foot rest out and u will see wall mount option

2r3notgoodas1 says:

Thank you for your Honest Review!

Shadow Sayer says:

How is the response time? Will it work okay with video games?

popeye2mil says:

I’ve heard that these kind of projectors die fairly quick, is yours still working?

Jun Jay says:

I have had this projector since October 2018 and I LOVED it..until…it died. I have taken GREAT care of the projector. It has never been dropped or damaged in ANY way. One day after work, it suddenly just stopped displaying my input. The lightbulb still worked, but it had a glitched grayscale screen with horizontal lines running all through it. Do NOT take this risk if you’re looking for an entry projector. Go with one that has a more reliable history. I’m still in the process of contacting customer support to get it replaced…so that may be another beat to tackle depending on how it goes.

Joe Young says:

Buy a projector with at least 3100 lumens or you will regret it. That’s just my advice. Good luck.

Grant Fox says:

dude WELL done. Couldnt find any good reviews on this projector. Thanks a bunch

Vinayak Mukherjee says:

Have you checked for a ‘crop’ option in the projector menu to fix that problem you mentioned ?

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