Halloween & Christmas – WindowFX Animated Window Projector Kit – Unboxing & Full Review!

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Full review, including all videos, of the 2016 ProductWorks Window FX, Animated Window Projection Kit for Halloween, Christmas and New Years. Home Depot.



Charles Aurand says:

Does it have Bluetooth? Is it made by AtmosFX?

Sue Warner says:

I got one last year was able to use it for Christmas, I’m going to use it for Halloween this year I will project it out the front window on to the screen out in the yard, Don’t want to leave the projector outside (to much rain)

Mr05chuck says:

Home Depot had then on seventy five percent clearance today…1-03-2107. Got mine for 17$. Whooo !

Jason Spacek says:

Picked up one of these today, total impulse buy while I was grabbing other Halloween supplies.  Have to say I’m impressed with what you get for the $.  I’ve got a decent home theater set-up in my basement with projector and have been into high-end two channel audio for years.  You can barely get a decent power cable for what this costs and it works great.  Kids are loving it….

Thanks for pointing out the 3.5 out.  I rushed to set it up and didn’t read the directions either, haha….so now I’ll run the line out to Sony ipod dock! 

Really enjoyed you’re lighting tips vid as well by the way.

DeniseJJ77 says:

Hi Toy. I need your help. Just saw your video and I like this projector. But I just ordered Window wonderland. I think I’d rather have this one. Especially if you can add your own videos. Is that possible? Cause I will return window wonderland if so. Thank you

Johnny Olsen says:

Can you hook up a DVD player to this to watch movies.

supernat here says:

you are playing om a flat wall so the focus will not be the greatest the only way to it perf it is to project it on a curved wall

GlitterRhi Rhi says:

Thanks for your vid! I wanted to do digital decorations this year so badly but couldn’t afford the expensive projectors…I found your video and booked it over to my Home Depot for this kit – it works great!! So excited to be able to put this on my window this year!! 😀

TotalHomeFX says:

Toy Haunter,
We loved your review of our product last year and would like to let you know we have our 2017 models out in stores now! Home Depot, Target, Big Lots and Menards will be carrying the projectors, so please let us know if you pick one up and review it, so we can feature you on our Facebook page!

MrAnderson1985 says:

is there any way to pick the selection of clips you want, put the whole thing on a timer, and always have it start running those clips when it comes back on?

basically do i have to go through the click ok click ok click vertical click halloween select clips and then press play every time this thing fires up.

UrMomsFavPlayerr says:

Can’t get mine to work. When I press ok on movie nothing happens. Same with movie and music

bobby bobbyson says:

thanks for doing a thorough review. GJ

Darth Mal says:

WOW! I had reservations at first. I just picked it up, set it up and it works GREAT!. I even downloaded other ghost videos from youtube and simply copied them to the folders. At night with the lights out in both the room, and outside, the display is nice and bright.

Richard Bosco says:

Great video thanks. I just got mine and was playing with it before I went to work. Do not like the tripod at all. I am hoping I can either take the video off the DVD from AtmosFX and place it on a SD card or if I down load from AtnosFX that it will work on this.

lori t says:

this was a hit tonight! will definitely buy the extra USB for next year or maybe for additional Christmas and new year vids!

Tatted up Elizabeth says:

Hi, I see you are in nor cal! Awesome…..so…….I see you are projecting atomsfear fx. Is this their product? I have their downloads on my iPad. Would be able to use their downloads from my iPad to that projector?

Mario Monti says:

I bought this last year I BJ’s on sale for $60. This year it’s the same projector although it looks like they have some additional better videos as well as New Years. I copied the SD card and put it in one of my other projectors and it works just fine as well.

Lee Weber says:

No manual focus ability? How’s the focus if you move it backwards a few more feet?

Brian May says:

I bought one home depot. … the SD card has nothing on it…. it says it came with 12 different ones… nothing.

kay Schaeffer says:

How does it show on a window? Does it project through the cloth?

TotalHomeFX says:

Hi Toy haunter! I noticed a few things you were having issues with.
First: The play button. We realize this has caused some issue. Most often people forget to read steps 13 and 14.
Second: The focus. You can adjust the lens on the projector to help focus it better 🙂
Third: the zoom. You can hit “ok” and it will pull up the “quick menu” and you can zoom in and zoom out to fit almost any size window! 🙂
We are so glad you enjoyed this projector! Hopefully your fans will agree!

worm0798 says:

Will it play on a loop over and over?

jenalario says:

GREAT VIDEO!! I just got one this past weekend. Looks great for the price. My neighbor even texted me asking me what was going on because she seen something in my window. Im really stuck with the sound. You said there is a way to hook a speaker up? Happen to have a video on a how to?

Kim Hauck says:

got this last year and just love it, super for the price! used it outside but on the porch so it was not in “the elements” as it were, the ONLY problem I find with this is it overheats VERY easily, I thought mine was toast! but once it coolied down it worked fina again just make a point to keep it super ventilated

Coltt Conner says:

make sure the sd card is in correct I had mine upside down film it and try again

Brian Hewitt says:

I set it up correctly but it won’t let me get past the USB page, I click the icon and it keeps bringing me back to the red arrow.

desiree crawford says:

Thank you for the walk through and showing all the things it does. Can’t wait until i get mine

Haunt Former says:

I was thinking of getting one also!

AsiaBBG says:

Soo bluee.. oh me eyes pain..

Chris Arnott says:

Were you able to play other media from one of your own SD cards ?? And was the SD card that came with the Window FX locked ??

tracy grygiel says:


Sean Kane says:

Can you play other files on this?

digiphot2 says:

The focus problem is because of Spiracle Aberration,  making the center focused and the edges a little or a lot out of focus.  I am a photographer, and know all about optics and the problems involved with them…there is Chromatic aberration, Spherical, and Barreling and Pincushion…but in this case you are only being troubled with the flatness of the focus, and your freekin’ outdoor lights…if you get my drift?

Edward Wallace says:

Thanks great review!

digiphot2 says:

The smell is because of the newness of the plastic inside the projector, and the heat baking out the oils inside.  They will dissipate with time…not to worry!

Thumper J says:

can you add your own videos from atmosFX to the sd

Roger Blair says:

Can I get tiger paws


Where can i get more content?

Dominique Hardie says:

Its all about the lumens, maybe 600-800 on that HD one, 1000 and up your going to see a huge improvement, good video thanks!

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