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Model: YG-300
Display type: LCD
Native Resolution: 320 x 240
Resolution Support: 1920 x 1080
Brightness: 400 – 600 Lumens
Contrast Ratio: 800:1
Lamp: LED
Interface: 3.5mm Audio,HDMI,TF Card Slot,USB
Power Supply: 5V
Certificate: CE,FCC,RoHs
Color: Yellow
● 400 – 600 lumens with 800:1 contrast ratio for clear, razor-sharp images.
● With the native resolution 320 x 240 pixels for clear and bright images, provides exceptional display quality.
● Support AV / CVBS / HDMI / USB multimedia interfaces for DVD player, laptop computer, set-top boxes, gaming consoles, etc..
● Built-in high capacity 1300mAh lithium-ion battery.
● LED lamp life is over 30000 hours, never need to replace.
● Infrared remote control lets you enjoy your wonderful life which the wireless brings to you.

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VenkatanarasimhaKL says:

Interesting Item / Product. BTW; what camera you people are using to create this Video? Very Clear Video. THX. 🙂

Asad Durrani says:

Your English is seems to be Made in China Too!

Eugene Giam says:

can show more functions of the projector and the instruction manual

Aw Wa says:


Virtualik says:

when you become older you will find nothing suitable for yourself

Mike Shilovski says:

I bought your product, but now I have to deal with a picture delay

mystery world says:

Be sure to read gearbest review on my blog before you buy. Go to *alfredreviews. com/gearbest-com-review/* Thanks. Berke.

Marcus Vinicius says:

Galera segue o link deste projetor com desconto

Matjus Grek says:

can you connect a phone ?

Wiji Shykh says:

Fittay Muu. Bad review

Annabel Sullivan says:

How can i connect it to my Mac book air??

tehsplunker says:

nice review, but please lower the volume on the intro and outro next time. It’s 4x louder than the voice.

Duncan F. says:

It supports 1080 resolution, it doesn’t mean it *plays* 1080 resolution. Just that the input can be 1080. It’s a marketing gimmick in hopes to get suckers to believe it’s outputting full HD. A shady business tactic.

Phoebe Macdougall says:

anyone know how to use without plugging into a power source? even when i use a portable charger it turns off almost immediatly

Stefan Flegel says:

“Power by lithium ion battery ( Not included the battery )” How can i build a battery in the projector?

Arthur Plant says:

do you ship to mexico?

Meysam Aghaei says:

Its not expensive = ees notE eespensif

MrWomax says:

GearBest repeatedly fucked orders for me, thieving me hundreds of dollars, ignoring ticket requests and paypal issues. They resist refund requests when they do not send what you bought, or a lesser amount of items than what you have bought, and you cannot know what they tell paypal to avoid having to refund the totality of thieved amounts. I was only able to make them refund (through and thanks to paypal) about 25% of what they should have owed me, making me lose 75% of the money I paid them for nothing. Try to avoid if you can (other better Chinese / Taiwanese online stores out there).

Daniel says:

Very professionable..

Marc Yhael says:

this is good product accdng to the reviews in lazada

SOREW 502 Bad Geteway says:

que formatos reproduce ? mpg mp4 dv avi ¿?¿?¿?

Foor Dee Penang says:

Low cost I would agree but high quality ??? LOL! To me it is super low quality !

Michael Street says:

geirbas XD wow

DarklingGolem50 says:

Its “Ten eighty pee” not “one thousand eighty Pee”

Gerard Umbert says:

what a liar… it does NOT project 1080p. It just accepts input of 1080p, but deffinetly does not PROJECT at that resolution. 320×240. Lamest resolution ever. a 15 year old phones have better resolution than that.

hyqhyp says:

Liar, liar pants on fire. 1080p is 96% bigger than 320×240. No magic will make one become the other (if you take two bananas, and put them in a smoothy, you don’t get 20 bananas).

TollerRanz says:

he say: “it is low cost, high quality”, at 320×240 native resolution ? are u joking me ?

hedi selmi says:

is support subtitles ?

o0oLouisPhano0o says:

How can i connect with the iphone or ipad to watch movies online?

Matt Smith 612 says:

No 16 by 9 view ? Lame.

vishal patel says:

Thank you,
This is what you given in your product description
• Bright ‘n’ Vibrant – LumiHD’s LightEngine technology delivers a mind-blowing performance you’d expect from a high-end LED TV. With a staggering 600 lumens you will enjoy rich, accurate colors, deep blacks and bright whites, even in rooms that aren’t totally dark.


This not valid reply that you can not take it back.

Dani Bowers says:

I ust got mine and the resolution is not great. The image u can see things but doesnt have great detail. nor can it be used for presentations because you can’t read whats on the screen. Im gonna try different things but so far the product is not good.

Sphynk says:

What a shit review. Gearbest should be ashamed.
“…It is very small, you guys can see it, it is white and yellow colors, it is very fashionable and suitable for young people…”
What a waste of my time

Derren Yang says:

dont buy this better, very blur and the fonts cant see clearly

Sharon Fedida says:

hey …just received it today . the specification said there is an internal battery. how to I use it ..the unit only work when it’s plugged in…how come

Muhammad Jihad says:

i like your cantonese accent….

Guided Hand says:

I love his accent, very sexy!

uhfnutbar1 says:

fkin goof

ConaxHGG says:

Projected image looks quite bad. How can it be good quality?

AbdEl-Rahman Krrar says:

can i play my phone on it ?
and i can play videos with subtitle ?

regie quinagon says:

i meant where to buy the lithium battery. thanks.

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