Gaming On A Projector! | Nebula Mars Review

The Best portable Projector might be this! Reviewing the Nebula Mars Cinema Projector!

►Nebula Projector:
♦Full Gear List:
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loli-chan says:

“vevy cool pjotecktor“

Thermal_Sniper X says:

Well at least you are running on IOS 11 beta 🙂

Neviih says:

Hey TechSource Fans, Today i made a list of my first gaming pc. I have a budget around 1500 Euro. This was a total of 1435 euro. If i made some rookie mistake’s correct me please. This is my part list:

Phanteks Eclipse P400S
Intel I5-7600k
MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon
GTX Geforce 1070 Founders Edition < Choose this one because its on sale for 419 Euro. thats like 500 dollars. corsair H80i V2 Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3000Mhz Samsung SSD 256GB Seagate Barracude 2TB Corsair CX650 Thanks guys 🙂

Me is Pip says:

Did I see Kodi? Ed you naughty boy

Red Scorpion says:

1280×800 that sucks but the Good thing it is that you can sideload apps like Kodi

Spencer Norris says:

hey for next setup wars can you make the entry age 4 years old? 10 year olds are old enough to get a job and dont need better setups as much as us 4 year olds do.

Klous Rain says:

“Vewy Cool”

Abraham Hernandez says:

Hmmm Im interested. I would use this for gaming on my ps4 and watching movies. I doubt that I’ll use it for portable reasons. Anyways I have a 40% off coupon on this product. What would be the better deal. Buying this or buy a 55″ 4k tv for $400

DNS: BigE says:

I remember having an Xbox on and playing bf4 on a 120” screen, too bad it’s not my computer because the Xbox can only play bf4 at 720p 😛 compaired to my 1080p on ultra

fridel maconee says:

but its 600$ ………………………..

Minato Namikaze says:

Nice corner cut ed

Killer_ Bee_10 says:

Can you please make a video about all your favorite and most convenient cases you have come across Thanks!

AngelBeatz Prod says:

This has the same specs as my PC

Sourlemon says:

Do a setupwars potato edition I want to enter

SetFly Gaming says:

0:03 I swear he says vewie special projector

HitZoxx says:

I need a new Pc to 350$ but with monitor.I need a gaming pc that can run new games gta 5 csgo and some better games.Please help me and reply a good computer.Please reply.

Pyjamas 987 says:

when it hasn’t finished panning and you think this thing has a 5ghz quad core in it lol

Kobbo '5 says:

hi ive been watching this channel for a long time and i see sometimes you do a giveaway i have never won something in a giveaway ever in my life so i wish so much to win a computer from you and i hope you see this and i hope everyone will like so you can see just when you are doing giveawayid like so much to win please take a screenshot of this comment so you will not forget if you see this i hope you can do it and i hope i at least get a reply from you.

Kasting Khid says:

12k email. holy sheet!

Rick Jorna says:

Im in need of acoustic foam I prefer Red with Black and I dunno where to buy those things other then this website aliexpress also I live in the Netherlands need help!!

RiksuMan says:

where is your knifes from?

eddo says:

0:02 vewy

Bro Squatch says:

I bet a billion views that techsource won’t reply cause he hated fans!!!::'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(

Cam Steve says:

F1 2015 not 2016?

Vanilla Ghost says:

4:06 Leafly, you blaze man?

Lunar 21 says:

Hey Ed :3 do a review on the 2017 Hp omen 15 🙂

Borgington says:

Who the fuck needs a portable projector?

medo korety says:

Send me a graphic card please or a CPU

xxRaider468xx says:

i play cod on a projector all the time
i cant tell the difference between it and having a tv

Jake Warrington - GFX, Cinematics and More! says:

No, Nebula is the sister to Gamora

PandaLikesTofu says:

“Vewy cool projector”

Faisy says:

“Vewy cool” lmao

TidyFormula0 says:

I had a pretty cool projector set up in my closet that I wanted to send in for Crappy set up wars but I’m not 18 so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Batmandakh Batchuluun says:

plex support?

Abdullah Ali says:


Konsticraft says:

can you do a Video about gaming on a normal beamer instead of a monitor?

and if the price of them is worth it

Kane Jeffries says:

I game on a Optoma projector and it is absolutely fucking amazing. 130″ and gaming on my pc and still have full keyboard and mouse support as well. Its like heaven, I’m soon going to upgrade to a 4k projector and build a completely new 4k HTPC.

Vorgee Gaming says:

I don’t think Ed was very accurate that thing wouldn’t be that immersive the quality wasn’t that good either.

Robin Tangelder says:

I love seeing Game of Thrones everywhere on YT

Aaron Stokes says:

whos hyped for next setup wars?

Jameson Brooks says:

idk if i would like that

Shawn Benedict Rabara says:

is it me or is origin pc is rising up?

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