Extremely Cheap LED Projector – Full Review | 4K

This is my full review of the Portable LED Video TV Beamer Projector: http://www.tomtop.com/Portable-LED-Video-TV-Beamer-Projector-for-Home-Theater-Cinema-Multimedia-Player-with-HDMI-AVVGASDUSB-V764EU.html?aid=112
TomTop Site: http://www.tomtop.com/?aid=112

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My Filming Gear:
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devesh vyas says:

nicely explained…thank you.

iamsatnam gill says:

its available in India
and where go to buy?

Michael Millar says:

The I fact is that it is not a great idea to use a mother mother to use this great time and mother to use it to use a mother and a great idea for the mother and mother to be the great app for great and a better

Jo Ram says:

what is the website to buy this projector?

Kyle Cameron says:

Why put 4k in the title if its not 4k? Misleading and therefore disliked.

Thomas Michelson says:

I had 4 different projectors which i bought from dx, in my opinion, that one is definitely the best one for its price..

Ovidiu Georgescu says:

I also think the title is misleading. Phalus Encephalus!

Rishabh Bhadauria says:

your voice …. wow

Sam Murray says:

Could a good application for this be for retro console gaming, such as Retropie SNES, etc, where lower resolution might not be such a bad thing, even a good thing in some opinions?

Joe says:

spend a little more and get a $200 pico projector

Biswajit Roy says:

Nice review

mstfa says:

such a clickbait dang

shyam raj says:

what is the name of this product

Luxio1998 says:

Nice use of a Shield
-Written from my Shield K1

Aleksandar Grozdanoski says:

You could use it for an old game console or an old Commodore, Atari, ZX Spectrum…

Aamir Khan says:

no clarity

madearisp says:

320×240 projector review in 4k… good joke!

jenny li says:

Hi, that’s cool projector. How about this one compared with irulu 60 projector? does this one support 1080p too? check this one out

Karthik Karthik says:

inaudible voice over. loud music though.

caden Tolle says:

Would this work with a gaming console

xXx_420_360_HaX0rDaN0uSkoupah#sWaG#l3g1t_darud3w33dstorm_360_420_xXx says:

If you add in like 50 bucks more you can actually get a brighter projector with OK quality (800×480).

MrJ0mmy says:

ripoff i got my projector back in 2015 for 48nzd off everbuying has 200lumns 480×320 much better then one you got

Peter Rabbit says:

It says …Full Review | 4K
Which means to me the advertisement is in 4K.

Grooty Tam says:

Cheap shit Chinese projectors with horrible resolution.

Cowboy ninja 8400 says:

not even 1080

Miles Dennis says:

very good for family guy not as much blur with cartoons

Cowboy ninja 8400 says:

asshole native resolution 320 by 240

yeah 4k

do ur homework

He Ka says:

maybe buy like 9 of these and but them side to side

Harry Ha says:

if you want to play some retro games, I think that the projector would work well. Like nes, snes or genesis

Gregory Kitchens says:

I just ordered one of these cheap projectors and I think one thing many people miss is, try hooking it to a computer and lowering the desktop resolution down lower to match or come close to the output resolution of he projector. Text and over all image sharpness will improve a lot. I’m planning to review mine and attempt that to see how well it works. I’m also going to try doing a black desktop with hidden icons and then simply watching a movie in windowed mode, scaling it down a little until it looks good. Might not be 80 inches but hey, I paid $30.63 for it.

Srinath Koushikgr says:

4k is ultimate in Projection for D cinema

woparse says:

4K……! Reported.! Dickhead.!

Lil Ice says:


Kolbe Correia says:

I thought it was a 4k projector…

Jake says:

What is the name of this projector anyone?

Z1 says:

UC40/46 beats this easily. 800×480, more lumens, better contrast. I would still suggest some cheap used projector from known brand with 1280×900 res atleast.

miXy _aF says:

everyone who dislike don’t know how to read

Tymski says:

So this is not 4k projector 😀

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