Excelvan LED3018 Projector Review – A Lot of Features for $111.99!

Excelvan Projector Review – A Lot of Features for $111.99!
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Excelvan LED3018 Portable LED Projector Review

It’s not every day that we take a look at projectors but we came across the one made by Excelvan. It costs $150, it runs on Android and it has a brightness output of 1500 lumens.

Excelvan LED3018 Portable LED Projector Review: UNBOXING

In the box, you can find a power cable and power brick, a video and audio cable, some paperwork and a remote control.

Excelvan LED3018 Portable LED Projector Review: DESIGN and FEATURES

The projector is made entirely of plastic as most of the projectors.

On the top, we have the control buttons and the focusing knob as the projector does not support auto-focus feature.

The lens come with a protective cover. The projector has a maximum brightness output of 1500 lumens and the resolution of 640×480. The LED lamp itself has 60W of power output and the lifespan of 20.000 hours, which should be enough for a long time.

Also, the device can project the image up to 96”.

The keystone correction is a great addition to have.

The projector has the built-in speakers but they are quite terrible and you will probably end up connecting an external audio device.

Speaking of connectivity, the device has plenty of options. You can insert a USB flash drive, microSD card, connect the device to the ethernet port or to the TV using HDMI port and so on.

On the bottom, there are silicone pads to prevent the projector from sliding on the table and the mounting screw, in case you want to mount the device on the ceiling.

Excelvan LED3018 Portable LED Projector Review: FUNCTIONALITY

Once you power the projector on, you have to go through a very simple setup process. Once you’ve done that, everything is pretty simple and straightforward since the device runs on the Android 4.2. Sure, the OS may sound outdated but it is more than enough for a device as a projector.

There are some settings to play with just like on any Android-based device. Also, the projector comes with a few pre-installed apps but you can either delete them or download some new ones from the Play Store.
Excelvan LED3018 Portable LED Projector Review: IMAGE QUALITY

For a $150 projector, the image quality is pretty good, it is just hard to show that on camera. However, the resolution of the projected image is just 640×480, which is not HD, so bear that in mind. On the other hand, the projector is pretty bright as it has 1500 lumens of brightness output.

My biggest complaint is that the image lacks edge to edge sharpness as the corners seem to be a bit blurry.

Excelvan LED3018 Portable LED Projector Review: TEST NOTES

I didn’t have major issues with the projector but there are a few complaints. Besides a very bad external speaker, the projector is pretty loud as the ventilators work all the time. Also, both the projector and the power brick get quite warm.

Excelvan LED3018 Portable LED Projector Review: CONCLUSIONS

Excelvan LED3018 Portable LED Projector has quite a lot of features, many connectivity options and pretty good performance for the price of $150.

However, you should not expect a perfect device at this price point and the Excelvan projector is no exception. The lack of edge to edge sharpness of the projected image, poor loudspeaker quality and loudness when the projector is working may be common to most of projectors in this price range but they have to be considered before making a purchase.

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tsukuyomi 808 says:

can i connect ps4 to this projector

deflorator says:

if HDMI port is only HDMI OUT is there any solution to connect PlayStation4 and play games from PS4 on projector screen?

Mar Guzman says:

I can’t get it to connect to my loptop and tablet! And also is asking me to register so I can connect it to my smartphone! Is that necessary? Please help what I’m doing wrong? or it’s the projector that is not working? Can someone help please!

Danny Kaminski says:

how 640×480 is HD?!

Zone708 says:

HDMI port doesn’t work USB ports doesn’t work RCA port doesn’t work either.

Mehdiuniversal says:

what ? the excelvan 5018 is 3000 lumens and higher resolution and it is the same price look it up !!

TheBigb1973 says:

AAXA st200 is the shit. only cost $250. It can display 100″ at 5′ away!

Jean-Yves Pagès says:

Is miracast connection working with Windows 10 ? If yes, how ? Thx.

marco santinon says:

HDMI PORT IS ONLY OUT no possibility to connect my PS4

Danny Kaminski says:

See on the box.

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