DBPOWER T21 Upgraded LED Projector Review! Can Screen Mirror Smartphones via USB Port too!!!

Hook up to your iPhone, Android phone (direct USB connection), TV, cable box, gaming console, Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Firestick, (media streaming devices) etc. This T21 LED Projector supports 1080P HD, HDMI, USB, SD Card, VGA, AV, etc. In this video I give you a review, tutorial and how to how to hook it up to an iPhone, Android smartphone, Macbook and a Chromecast and i also play a game from my smartphone too.

DBPOWER T21 Upgraded LED Projector, 1800 Lumens Multimedia Home Theater Video Projector Supporting 1080P, HDMI, USB, SD Card, VGA, AV for Home Cinema, TV, Laptops, Games, Smartphones & iPad

US: http://amzn.to/2kggAPJ
UK: http://amzn.to/2wrRvTx

BRIGHTER THAN ORDINARY LED PROJECTORS: 1800 Lumens LCD mini projector is ideal for home entertainment in the dark, brighter than other LED projectors. NOT RECOMMEND for PPT or business presentation.
EASY CONNECTING TO PHONE/PAD: Using USB cable to connect your smartphone/ ipad to the projector, No need HDMI adapter or wireless. More convenient and stable.
UPDATED FAN SOUND AND SYSTEM: DBPOWER video projector is equipped with an innovative cooling system with heat dispersion, as well as the fan sound cut in half with noise suppression.
AMAZING WATCHING EXPERIENCE: With projector distance 1.5m-5m, image size ranges from 32” to 176”. For the best watching experience, 2-2.5m projector distance with the image size of 130” is suggested.
OUTSTANDING SUPPORT: 3-YEAR warranty service and professional customer service & Technical Support. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.

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Disclaimer: This projector was sent to me from DBPower for an honest review.


sbkpilot11 says:

15000 lumens? dude, check the specs correctly before making a video! This has 1800 lumens

Rajesh Narayanaswamy says:

Excellent video. Awesome explanation…Please advise if this is a good projector and value for money if anyone used for more than 3 months? Thanks in advance

Anupam Mallick says:



i would love to have one

Sugam Kandel says:

Wow that is great

Brian Halverson says:

I follow the steps you outline in the video for hooking up an iPhone. But it doesn’t seem to work. Tried both ports, tried the USB source option as well in both ports, but nothing worked on iPhoneX. Maybe it’s the model, not sure. It looks like there is a cut in the video between when you plug in the iPhone and when you’re showing the screen. What happened in between that might make the difference?

T J says:

This is a cool projector!
I didn’t think that we could connect a phone with something like a projector using the charging cable itself.

Michael Burks says:

Thank you for the ‘how to’ portion of this review. Other reviewers have twaddled on and on about brightness ratios and focus linearity but without a word on how to actually use the thing. You told me I had to put my iPhone signal going IN into the USP port labeled OUT. Who knew?

Leo Ryan says:

1500 lumens not 15,000.

Kayln Chavis says:

OMG I really want that for my phone but keep up the good work man you so awsome

amber breck says:

I got this projector but when I connect my phone the sound doesn’t work. The sound is on through the projector and same with my phone but it just doesn’t work.

Hoang Le says:

Hi, I just bought one and I tried playing Netflix through my phone.  My projector under source connecting it to mobile device is now stuck on the Netflix screen.  I tried factory reset but it wouldn’t go away.  Was wondering if you run into similar problems and what did you do to getting back to recognizing mobile devices.  Thanks!

Jannie Charlotte Jakobsen says:

Hey. Is it possible to stream your netflix in any other way? and what is the voltage? (live in Denmark, so I need 240V)

smittyboy007 says:

Did not work with my iPhone or Android directly.  The unit I received is different from the one you’re reviewing.  To be sure, I ordered a second unit.  And still, noting.

Donna Haines says:

Hey,I could watch my favorite utuber on something bigger than my iPad. That’s kinda scary

Yoli Simons says:

Please help me here Are you saying it doesn’t work with NEFLIX?

dual club x says:

nice video

Patrick Mayhew says:

You are awesome for giving help and info and very informative and helpful and good at demonstrations for knowing how to as well thanks dude!

Bikky Sah says:

nice projector…

Sawlon says:

Just ordered this and was wondering if the phone jack with the in USB will power speakers. I have some speakers that I use on my laptop that works like that.

Al Huerto says:

Sweet and sick video man USA

The Ultimate Fidget Spinners says:

I will check out the website

ian hubbard says:

How do I convert back to factory settings including language.

Melissa W. says:

On Amazon it says 1800 Lumens for this upgrade?  I also wanted to know if you can use this with Atmos FX Digital Holiday displays on your Window (Rear projection)?  Thank you!

Clarence J Rogers says:

I want fidget spinner please Chicago lover video’s

Deepak Nagpure says:

I luv ur trading

Wonderful Counselor says:

Does Netflix show picture and video from a laptop?

Steph Slagle says:

what ceiling mount can I use

Mathieu Dugré says:

Can you plug sound system on it?

Pharacelcus says:

within the first minute there’s already false info. 15000 lumens? the T20 has 1500 lumens, the T21 has 1800 lumens..

Sanjay Amin says:

what’s the voltage input? does this projector support 220 volts, alternating at 50 cycles (Hertz) per second?

Anupam Mallick says:

I want one. India

Donna Haines says:

Definitely not the kind of projector this old lady grew up with. How amazing

vijay kumaran says:

no info about the audio out .. can we make the audio output connected to the blue tooth speakers ??

Pradeep Pudasaini says:

Wow!! Watched it just now!!!..

TerminalVelocityable says:

Is the fan loud?

Treatosaurus Treks says:

I never knew such a thing existed!? I could of used something like this like a thousand times in my life! lol

Jesus Duran says:

So no Netflix

The Ultimate Fidget Spinners says:

This thing is cool!

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