Darren Reviews: BenQ HT2050 1080p Projector

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Robert says:

I just got this projector but its a lot louder then my 3 year old benq w1070? The specs says its supposed to be quieter? it starts up quite then after 2 mins the fans speed up to what sounds like max speed? Is my old 1070 quite because its old and the bulb is dimmer?

neaumusic says:

man I’m definitely subscribing, nice room setup and great explanation

trevormcmanis says:

Great information! My current projector sits 15 feet from the screen. Can I use the 2050 at that distance? Thanks in advance for your help.

Ibrahim ibrahim says:

which beter between benq w1070 vs benq ht2050 ??

marrbrtrs says:

thank you!!

b376010 says:

thumbs down for the annoying popups

Juice says:

Darren any thoughts on this vs optoma gt1080

komukokojedelo says:

great review, really even the best one! and I did saw many!
You showed performance in different light conditions, what is most important in real ambient light, cos you did showed what kind of ambient light you have! Also we could see the close look to evaluate the screen door effect, in this case the absence of it:) pointed experience from loudness of projector… and so on so on:)
well done!
wish others reviewers could make it this way!

marrbrtrs says:

Thank you! Which projector do you recommend for me? I want one to use for everyday Tv use.

jackie king says:

can u get a image of 120 inch from 15 feet away?

Ricardo Rodrigues 777 says:

What is the best GAMING PROJECTOR ?????

tru3wayz says:

SOUND = Cinema
let me know if like the settings. I think it looks really good.

Fabrizio Seri says:

The model you tested is the W1110
you have information W2000?
the effect can be more visible with rainbow w2000 !?
I think I read this …
Can you help me understand !?
from what I read I have a color wheel RGBRGB different in many complaining about the effect rainbow

DNubsPro says:

I’ve been debating between this model and the TH670 and this is easily the most insight I’ve come across thus far. Thanks a bunch man.

jason detrick says:

Great review thank you! 🙂

Shapka says:

I’m disappointed by this video, in 10 minutes you only showed us about 10 seconds of actual video from the projector. No like today Mister, try again tomorrow.

WhyskMan says:

BenQ SU917 WUXGA 5000 ANSI Lumens With MHL Connectivity Full 3D Projector Projector

SundayMint says:

BenQ MX823ST DLP Short-Throw Projector

martin gonzales says:

you are so right darren…

Riz P says:

Can I use s gray projector screen in a dark room or should I stick to White?

Balithazzarr says:

Thanks, this looks like a nice first one to get introduced to home projection,.

John Quintana says:

I live in a loft with a very large living space and at least 12foot tall windows. I would love to have a huge resolution projected on a wall similar to what you see at cinemas, not that big of course. Whats the max size it can get to while still retaining its brightness and picture quality. Will it loose quality and brightness if it is too far away at least 25ft from the wall its projected on. Im not to concerned about ambient light as I intend to get curtains in the future and most of the time it will be used at night but can it perform will in bright areas.

Alex Xander says:

i want one!!!!
Wait is this DLP technology ? i know i’ve seen previous BENQ projectors advertised with DLP technology.

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