Crenova XPE460 HD Home Theater Projector Review – please see pinned comment

Today I setup and tested out my new Crenova XPE460 HD Home Theater Projector.


Patrick Smith damississippilegend says:

i have a question i have this projector and the size of the picture on the wall is prolly around 130 inches but when i do the focus like try to make the picture small its gets blurry or even if i try to get it bigger its blurry i also purchased a projector screen and was gonna mount it but i think since the screen is a little bit smaller then the actual picture that it might not look right since it blurs when i make it smaller or larger do you or anyone have any advice

bamlin52 says:

I have a confession to tell you I suffer from home movie illness. I love home cinema. TV ‘s are ok but you cannot beat a Projector .
You have a good one and I have used a white sheet before .Yes you want to get rid of the wrinkles and also watch the light absorption passing through the sheet. I bought a proper projection screen .I am not rich by any means but you will see the benifits . Thanks for the demo.

SteelerY360Nation says:

I’m buying the updated XPE470, along with the Excelvan Indoor/Outdoor Portable Movie Screen 120 Inch 16:9 Home Cinema Projector Screen, PVC Fabric ($40) from Amazon, which I’m hanging it on my wall

George Orozco says:

Nate are you OK? No Videos today the Clown didn’t get you…lol…jkLater

That Nate Guy On YouTube says:

*Clarification – This projector is 720p, I read the box wrong, and the screen itself is 12’x9′. The livingroom is 12×16. The projector is sitting approximately 12′ back from the screen. *This is a temporary screen and setup, just to test it out and show you that this projector looks great on even just a simple wrinkled sheet.

Cody Harris says:

We have the same projector but with a 50 dollar screen that is 120 inch I recommend it

Blog Man says:

For only $70 I may have to upgrade my tube TV finally.

Michael Mackenzie says:

Very Cool!

Garrett Fitzgerald says:

He is stone mad.

tamara walker says:

somebody loves you.

Doris Rosa says:

I love it, but why not just buy the shade like that you could roll it up when not using. but again I like the way the blankets are from side to side wish makes it more of a bigger screen that the shades.. I hope u know what I mean by the shades..

OhighO Skater says:

That’s awesome man! Shout out to your son! He knows how to buy good gifts lol!

Shy Times says:


Life Unboxed says:

Great review!!

Michael Kelly says:

can you connect sound bar to this unit?

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