Can a portable projector be any good? The VANKYO Leisure 410 LED Projector

Is this the best portable projector? VANKYO Leisure 410 LED Projector

When looking for a great portable projector, you may want to save on money. If you are bringing it with you, you don’t want to worry about it breaking. I will take a look at the VANKYO Leisure 410 LED Projector to see if it is worth your time.

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weatherlover1 says:

That IS a great idea for a kids room. Way cheaper too!

Imran Siddiqui says:

Sir plz tell me is this better than vivibright gp100 ??

Craylor Made says:

Not a bad option for $100. The no zoom is a turn off though

Frank Rizzo says:

For a hundred bucks, you can’t go wrong. Great review

KontrolEnthusiast says:

Just came across your channel yesterday, you’re Rockin it, informative, energetic, light and fun! Do you have a projector suggestion for an upgrade in quality from the VANKYO that can do 1080p affordably but well? Currently using a old Panasonic Cinema CRT that needs replacement, anything will be a step up lol. Looking to see if I can avoid getting a physical rectangle and join the 21st century, if not will go a 50″ ultra HD.

Pe iust says:

I want to buy a new PC :
-GIGABYTE Geforce GTX 1060 Windforce 3GB
-Intel I5 8400
-ASUS ROG STRIX B-360F gaming

Is ok that combination, do you have ano other suggestions at an similar price ?

Jennifer Debono says:

Well you can hook up an ipad and a chromecast…I have both. and a bucnh of other stuff including firestick and any laptop……really great.

James Battaglia says:

How loud is the fan noise? I have a similar one and the fans are about 50db which is distracting during any low-volume scenes.

Gerald Bertram says:

How dark do you need the room to be for it to look good? Does the room pretty much need to have no other light, or could you maybe have a table lamp on or does that wash it out too much?

Packed Review says:

great video dude. This would be also good for people that travel like in a motor home and camp out. There are fold-able screens that you can easily store away in a motor home and then at night have a little cook out with a movie!

Zamudio3889. says:

Travis: “what this sound looks like”
Me: Damn this projector let’s you see sound

This is Tech Today says:

Shoot! I need to get projectors sent to me, hahaha.

Jennifer Debono says:

This is definitely one of the best gadgets you’ve shown us Travis….NO fuss just plug in a USB or micro sd card and you’re good to go…BTW can you hook up a phone and stream Netflix from it. Like the Note 9 for instance


Awesome video bro! I need to try one of these portable projectors soon!

Felipe Boscardin says:

I’m thinking about buying this projector to play ps4 games… Would you recomend it for gaming?

Cara Bensimon says:

Can I play a movie from my iPhone on this thing?

Harvey Cobb says:

I have this projector, it’s nice to watch Netflix and movies from various Apps on the big screen. It’s not bright as a high end projector, but its good.

Tech Time says:

I think in the picture menu you can adjust size with the aspect ratio. I actually just got a different model from this company and you can change the size. Great review buddy

Ellis Tiu says:

99 bucks for a projector? Oh its wvga

Derek Delong says:

How many watts does it take to power this projector?

Glen Planamento says:

Not bad at all Travis I have 6 projectors myself that I use for Halloween and have two that are probably half the price of this one and they’re barely usable but 99 this one does look pretty decent

C Stanica says:

Nothing can be more exciting than this high-end equipment and generous space offerings that can provide you with a great fun.

Otaku Senpai says:

Whats the difference between Vankyo Leisure 3 (Upgraded Version) 2400 Lux LED Portable Projector and VANKYO Leisure 410 LED Projector?

mtctookie25 says:

Nice for the kids but not me Playa!

Jaea Lee says:

Hi! Thanks for the video! I just got mine and I think focus is really bad on mine. It only focuses mid-part but seeing your video looks more focused. Would this be my projector’s problem or is it actually like this?

Christopher Lee says:

For $100 it’s not too bad. Can’t really complain. Nice & portable! Great honest review man!

ModernDayTech says:

Nice little projector, good to travel with. Good review.

Traveling With Charles says:

Another awesome review Travis

Ernest Gamboa says:

i bout this for my moms services to show her slide show and for the price, couldn’t go wrong. -Good Purchase

Ukulele Tunes and tutorials says:

I don’t know why but your energy made my day

Anirudh Poruri says:

Awesome Review! I also have a home theater setup at my house, with a 150 inch screen. It is absolutely amazing! I’m gonna check this mini projector out though for movies on the go.

robert S says:

I need one you know you know its Travis.


How to set on wall

Reign Lhyt of Gratitude says:

I just received mine today. I bought an HDMI to android converter, but I can’t figure out how to play from my phone. Any suggestions?

Buhman Baracus says:

Is there keystone correction in it? If so, can you also correct it left and right, not only up and down? I want to use it for my sleeping room and put it on top of a wardrobe next to my bed.

Needs More Subs says:

WOW! I was thinking. You’re actually reviewing something I have. Until you said “What can you expect from a $99 projector?” At which point I was like ‘woah. That’s like 2 times as much as mine cost.’ But I do love mine. I hook it up to my Amp and we watch YouTube videos on it. It’s so fun!

Raptor Jesus says:

is the fan loud? i know similar priced projectors are usually louder than my damn PC XD

KuriousG says:

using this for kids rooms is genius! I work with a lot of kids that are notorious for breaking tvs so I’ll have to pass this one along!

J-Mac's Amateur Kitchen says:

100 bucks!? Yeah I’ll take that outside. Also nice theater setup!!

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