BUDGET PROJECTORS || Are They Worth It??

OK, let’s see if these things are any good…
WHAT’S ON MY PHONE || Pixel XL 2017: https://goo.gl/G93b74

DBPOWER Mini Projector: http://geni.us/prjctr

Music Credits: Demicat – Life streamin

TWITTER: @theJaredBusch
INSTAGRAM: @theJaredBusch


Youngster says:

should’ve watched this before i get it..

Andreas R says:

I love the DBPOWER T20. It performs so well. Bought it for just 49€ on easter-sale on A*****. Great big picture, good quality device for small money.

David Shelton says:

Had to give a like for BFM in the background. Chive on! Thanks, nice video too

dayday Jones says:

Life saver almost bought one lol glad I did my research from google to YouTube lol

Evil Hussy says:

subbed, thank god i found a tech reviewer who aint scared of cursing!
keep it like that my man !

Scientiae Magicae says:

To all the little precious snowflakes that can’t handle a little bit of swearing in a youtube video on the fucking internet. No one gives a shit that you’re offended. Get the fuck over it and move on with your sensitives little lives. Grow some thicker skin or gtfo the internet.

merlinpi says:

Dat man was funny! 😀

D-MAXX says:

I think maybe you could make a nice video without using the GD word….this really brings your character down…especially if a lot of Christians are watching this…anyways, it’s your soul being condemned.

Nathaniel Germann says:

just about as annoying as a person can get. Chill out on the cussing man be a grown up.

That Dan 1up says:

It’s good for a fist time set up on a budget and it’s great for Pixar movies for kids they’re not as technical as adults they’re like oh look movie theater at home wow but dude love your video funny stuff

SLAM BOY says:


Peter Cho says:

But I didn’t smoke anything…yet ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ac Smith says:

I hate to criticizes, but keep it more professional.

Julylama says:

U made me crack a laugh at 5am thank you

Stefanos Zachariou says:

Clickbait. Expected an actual video got a crappy review 😛

Duncan F. says:

What a fucking retarded review.

Mylove glow says:

Thank you

Russ Hicks says:

Funny dude

Alb Vas says:

I’ve never seen you before. Cool delivery. — I subscribed. You rock.

Paul Brimhall says:

Why do you talk like ignorant white trash!

William Petzer says:

Looks like he’s from the slums you can tell

lion Galaxy says:

I literally only subscribe to him because he said the lens is loose as his ex-girlfriend

pinch pot says:

why blame your ex for your pinky dick’s short cumings? don’t front like ur pp stub ever gave her pleasure.

Phillip Car says:

A ton of these cheap projectors on Ebay now. The cheap look of these projectors is a big clue. The lens look plastic.

ahmedsadee says:

It’ll be blurry if you don’t use keystone correction ………… moron.

Mo Jenkins says:

Funny AF…subscribed

Ten Second BuickGN says:

took one of these apart due to blurriness at the bottom of the display and found finger prints on the mirror inside during assembly. Apparently the Chinese don’t know enough to wear gloves during assembly

Dreamcee says:

Surely after using the screen behind you a $1000 projector will look shite let alone a $100 amazon special

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