Budget Gaming Projector Only $200 | GP100 Review

Best Budget HD Gaming Projector Only $200 | GP100 Review
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In Todays video we will take a look at the GP100 Gaming Projector. An inexpensive 720p budget projector for only $200. Is this the one for you? Lets find out!

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RoninNZ says:

I’m here for the titties!

Nikhil Rao says:

Is there a vertical offset? By this i mean if you place the projector on the ground will screen(projection) be on the same level or slightly up or down? Google vertical offset for projectors if you wanna know what it means.. 😀

Rifat Aamad says:

I just subscribed to your channel and I’m really loving it and going through all of your previous videos.

UD_D says:

Hello mindseed TV your videos on projector is really good guide to buy projector that too cheap ones. There is a request to you would you do review of “”ULTRA SHORT THROW PROJECTOR”” and also there comparison to normal projectors.


James Jackson says:

Great review bruh. Keep doing ya thang. And lol.

SpyroGyro says:

Audio video composite cables, not component.
Cool review, as always.

Zam1Fear says:

What is the difference between the gp90 and gp100? Thanks in advance

Kevin Donaldson says:

any chance you could review the philips screeneo 2.0

Michael Skembo says:

I’m looking for a projector for my room to play videogames and watch movies would you suggest this one for a starter?

Bboy Tyby says:

put a pc and check the lag imput

Marshall Kilgore says:

Mindseed! Great projector, great review! Liked and shared

anandsagar p says:

Hey plz suggest 1 android projector under 100$

Michelle L says:

What is the screen size?

sw1ft2U says:

I don’t understand the thumbs down.. if you don’t like the product just voice your opinion on it and let us know what bad experience you had with it. I think the unboxing/ review was right on point i just don’t understand why the thumbs down ? please explain why just curious.

parkerfamily94 says:

Dude you are awesome… keep up the great work

Andrew Pavia says:

yes we do need tittes a plethora of them please. awesome job bro nice projector too its hard to make a decision on one, when you do good reviews on so many

Adolfo Martinez says:

can you hang from the ceiling and does it do rear projecting ?

Jamez says:

Casey, you. ….. Are……. Killing……. My……. Wallet lol keep up the good work. Man I love this projector. I just might have to get this for the basement

Rezaul Karim Arif says:

I just got GP90 after watching ur review… Is this better then GP90?? Please answer

gheorghe daniel says:

Looks relly nice
Love the contrast and colors
Thank you

Michael Brown says:

wow thanks for this review

Mostafa Mohamed says:

can you give away me please

Yoalin Belauste says:

hi Casey!, how about sound volume????

Stennis Hampton says:

Cool video.

Dean Walls says:

Check this for budget projectors https://goo.gl/a8Ynvq

Feel Good says:

Background music at 3:20

MrBoriqua2000 says:

What’s a good projector with a dvd player built into it?

Yoalin Belauste says:

ok thanks!. How about the fan noise?

Edgar Lugo says:


Desmond Chartrand says:

Good job testing stuff out. It does help.

Dan L says:

Any DLP under 100

Multirotor Go says:

Does it have a removable dust filter? I bought a Chinese projector and after just a week of use it start to collect dust on the LSD panel and internal lenses and you can see it on the projection 🙁

John D'Antonio says:

HEY KC new subscriber but I’m Luv-in your channel… KEEP UP the good work Brother

Tom says:

MAN, back again another great video, and a great projector you really do search well for these keep up the video’s one of my favourite reviewers! (4:13 xDD) 5%er.

George Bumbray says:

Awesome stuff bro. Just wanted to say that your intro music is always dope, love the reviews homie! Keep doing your thing.

SoggyBiscuits1000 says:

#titties (@)(@)

Kavin Serrano says:

I was waiting for this.

Mark schoch says:

Have you played the playstation VR yet? If you haven’t you should give it a try. It’s pretty badass. You can also use the goggles on non VR games and movies and its like watching on a big screen or projector.

Even though your allergic to your cat if you bring it back there’s 6 titties right there for the crybabies who are whining that you are doing reviews to get followers. BTW, don’t these dumbasses know how youtube works? The whole point is to get new subscribers…. These are the same people who used to eat the Elmer’s glue is school.

parkerfamily94 says:

Hey Casey… I just ordered that XGIMI H1 projector… dude please be right about this… that’s 800 bones

Eric Cardona says:

Best speaker to hook up to it if you want more volume?

Omar Bassala says:

Thanks Mind seed I asked you yesterday day for a good PS4 projector and you really cared about helping your viewers, really really appreciate it man much love bro

Drew Bord says:

Nice gaming Projector…#Rotate

Eric x says:

Thanks for the vid. I’m going to get rid of all my tvs and buy four


How to send this projector to europe (portugal) I tried to send by amazon es but this product is not for sell what you suggest ?

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