Best Ultra Short Throw Projector 2017 | LG Probeam HF85JA Review

Best Ultra Short Throw Projector LG Probeam HF85JA Review
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In Todays video we will check out the LG Probeam UST HF85JA Model. This is the first UST on the channel and many people have requested that I get my hands on one of these! Well today, we got it! I’m just as excited as you are to find out how awesome this thing actually is so lets find out together! Lets Rock!

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Ryuuken24 says:

For 1800$ dollars without tax, too expensive. I’ve yet to see EU store selling it below 2500$. Huge missed opportunity, the price can get you a cheap 70inch 4k tv.

Ata Pavl says:

nice review … but cover the stupid tattoos – sorry dude

Robbin Bose says:

Thank you for the video…..awesome review!!

Ranin Zadviylet says:

We need moar lazers!

LateNightComic says:

Hi Mind Seed, great reviews! Question for you: I bought the Vivibright GP100 and love it but the fan makes a lot of noise! Do you have a silent alternative in this pricerange? Thanks in advance. Also love that you are reviewing other products besides projectors!

Torrey Griffin says:

My dude you making this hard for me lol. So many to choose from . Thank you for doing the light test.

James Dozier says:

I need one of those

Drew Bord says:

YES! I asked for it and Casey delivered!!! Mad Respect! Does it run android? Kodi? #Rotate

parkerfamily94 says:

WE ASK WE SHALL RECEIVE!!!! You are the man once again. Thanks for the review

John D'Antonio says:

great vid as always

Rizki Permana says:

I always waiting for this short throw projector, finally i khow what’s different

SpyroGyro says:

Casey, there’s always some lag when gaming on any type of projector. Some better, some worse. There’s never “no lag”. The thing is if the lag is perceptible in your setup to you the individual game player. If not, then cool beans. 🙂

sw1ft2U says:

can you mount it on the ceiling ? screen flip?

shanquial16 says:

Finally!!!! This is what I was looking for. You’re the man, keep up the great reviews!!! More short throw projectors! Or at least a little cheaper lol

Anti_Gov says:

Red is actually Pink, even worst then previews generation which had definitely better color, 3d and contrast ratio (Black is Black and not gray). I don’t understand LG

Bob Rubio says:

Thanks for the review! I’ll just keep on dreaming owning one! 😛

Samuele Colombo says:

you can’t try projectors whit games
on pc?

baq100 says:

when you see the price T.T

Victor S says:

For the price, I’d rather get a 4K set but this is still cool since it’s portable

Tron Effect says:

Damn… Looks like I have to sell my pf1000 for this baby

Marcus Ireland says:

ur glasses tho

taj UK says:

Mind seed love your review, the way you introduce awesome but can’t effort to buy.

Jon Clark says:

hey man, your first link is bad. FYI.

ayomaggotz says:

link is broken

Cristi Cristi says:

the Xgimi h1 master and the big + for tv tuner

Mel Gibson says:

hey 4 eyes….can you include if its dlp does 3d the refresh rate and res?….i want 4000k running in 3d at 240 hrtz on dlp chips rated at less than .10 millisec lag using leds that are rated at 6000 lumens and last 30 years.

Big G Gadgets says:

A god damn it…I loved this review, loved the projector but my ball and chain would not love me if I went out and got one….DAMN IT!!

0utca5t Edits says:

I want this

Gavin F says:

hmm this or the HF80JA…………………….

Douglas Call says:

I really like the idea of new short throw projectors with laser (long lasting bulb life) for sure. However I keep hearing that USTP really work best with a different type of movie screen than the standard one most people buy. Especially any screen with light rejecting properties. Because they’re rejecting lights come from more extreme angles instead of straight from in front of the screen. So the real nice front project screen your always using on the show is probably not even showing off the LG USTP at it’s very best. I wondered if you ever going to be able to get a screen that is optimized for short throw projectors. I know Epson makes them and it would be very cool to see how that time screen performs relative to the standard front projection screens.

Claud Ennin says:

Nice review as always Casey…you’re really working hard on this channel…Keep it up bro

Peggy Hill says:

You’re right! LG good brand.

Eric Gosal says:

2017 is not over and this definitely not the winner. Xiaomi Ultra Short Throw Laser projector kick it ass allover the place for the same price.

charles shyne says:

I’m so Jealous lol this projector is the business!!!@ thank you for the review Casey!!!

Haroon Khan says:

too many projectors but mind seed love ur review, will you have the best projector and worst at the end of the year?

Erik Generik says:

Cheers! A bit pricey, but it is quality!

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