Best Short Distance Projector 2017 ! – LG ProBeam HF85JS UST Review

Short distance Projectors like the LG Probeam HF85JS are really cool, but can they replace conventional projectors ?
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deez nutz says:

1.500 for this? You can get a 75inc smart tv for 1000. and you won’t have to worry about it breaking on you or the life of the lamp.

Thomas M says:

First First First. Legends say He will reply

Eduardo Garcia says:

Excellent comments for evaluating purchase

EXO 2xii says:

You should try and mod it with custom cooling 😀 such a cool gadget do!

Did you move with your parents or you and ur GF have a house now?

TechLineHD says:

Cool projector bro

Farouk Haidar says:

I have a friend who just moved into an apartment on his own! For the first time here in germany. He’s been wanting this projector for a while, It’d be a nice surprise to give it to him.

Geoff Fruin says:

That is a great Projector

Andrea Mitchell says:

wow Steven it’s like you just read my mind , i just discovered atmosfear FX like 2 weeks ago ,saw it as the store, went home and got the files from the bay of pirates and a cheap shower curtain liner and went to my cellar to dust off my ancient sony cineza ,480 tripanel LCD projector , and it looks amazing on my front 4×6 window but i only have like 6 feet throw distance ,so i have to shine it through a french door from another room so i was looking for an ultra short throw projector for my halloween atmosfear fx projection so i no longer need to have the projector in the awkward spot it is in now at the top of my staircase , this thing is so sweet i would use it for more than my window projections obviously but it is perfect for that because of the long life and ultrashort throw , here is a link for you if you want to try it out at your house
you could do a halloween home tour video with this it would be awesome ,love old houses and i know what you mean
about furniture placement , good luck with your renovations

TechLineHD says:

I want this projector. Give it to me

Kaibil Balam says:

That image looks distorted at bottom center. Seems LG hasn’t been able to fix that problem yet.

Yong Li says:

xiaomi laser projecter is better

Goliathon's Cave says:

A common complaint about laser pico projectors was that they have a noticeable moving horizontal scan line. There is a noticeable scan line on this demo. Is that from your video camera or actually visible in person?

Brotha84 Brotha says:

It’s a small upgrade from the last version from a 1000 lumens to 1500 they should of made it at least 3000 lumens and 4k it would of been a major go

Bill Peirce says:

Worse projector I hv seen.
Picture sucks.

Corrado Fraschetti says:

Hello, congrats on the video, I really enjoyed it. I think the UST projectors are the way to go. Would you recommend also getting an ambient light rejection screen?

MrDante10no says:

Why is there no 3D? 🙁 Include 3D and I will buy it.

Darren Wilson says:

Any chance we can get a comparison with the current short throw king benq 2150st. ?

Cesar Miranda says:

#LgProBeam great review on this projector keep up the good work..

jessumano al says:

Second, Second serving, Seconds, don’t care about legends!

Sheridan Crowther says:

Great image. Love how large it projects. Super user friendly with the LG OS and
smart remote

Jayson Magtoto says:

Great review! Thanks for the info and keep it rolling

Athula Wijayasundara says:

Thank you very much. From where can I buy this Projector. Not available on line shops.

Dominik Zabicki says:

My Den need one.

Lars loves Tech says:

haha…i like this thing it’s pretty cool

Jimmy Call says:

Project it on the roof over a bed…

Gorilla Jones says:

Are you using a screen or the wall because that looks pretty horrid.

NellyREYMAN says:

Can it be used during the day? I mean i want to use it instead of a tv…

Please compare it also to the new xiaomi laser UST beamer…

RUS says:

I’ve never heard of this technology before! This is damn impressive 😮 I really want this now.

besi art says:

who won the giveaway ?

Kaibil Balam says:

The image looks crooked on the right and bent in, on the bottom. Was it because of your wall?

Widny Polynice says:

Please pick me for the winner because I don’t really have money to buy one,I love this projector.

Akos Brandecker says:

Does anyone know where this projector is can be purchased in Europe? I’ve been searching everywhere online but can’t seem to find anything. Thanks!

kocbakos says:

Try the one from Xiaomi and compare it please.

Marwan Kuncoro says:

Saw some flicker

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