Best Portable Projectors of 2016!

If you are on the lookout for a good portable projector, here are some great options to consider as we roundup the Best Portable Projectors of 2016! More information and buy links:

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Can you give me one of your projector.

97warlock ismyname says:

How far back & how big can the projection be & still be visibly watchable? Looks like your about 8 feet away. wonder if the scnreen could go up to 8 feet wide or so & still look ok?

Md Jewel says:

How much price? Is it possible to delivery in Makkah, KSA.

xrusoula ppdppd says:

check this before buy something ( wait 5 seconds and skip ad)

Tac Bueno says:

hello beautiful

Aayush Production says:

dat sound tho….

Abdullah U says:

Am I the only one who thought the first projector had the PS4 UI for a good 30 seconds?

Hugh Mann says:

keep up the good work

Jason Leo says:

i was set on buying the celluron laser but just like the sony they are just not bright enough i then looked at the asus s1 which had a good battery life but no onboard media player so i would need a mhl lead and power source to connect my phone. finally i decided on a picopix 3414 140 lumens with 2 hour battery and on board card slot and usb for watching movies. if it doesnt have a usb in or card slot with on board player dont bother

ghw1985 says:

Helpful and great production quaility- subscribed!

ahmat yuaidin says:

how many lumen is this projector.

jairanch39 says:

You need to provide more spec details during your reviews …

Raymond Santiago says:

I can see the flicker …

Jc Bauitsta says:

Hi,  I saw your review and this is why I decided to buy the JmGO projector, now that I got it I can’t download Apps like Netflix, or others, how did you do that in yours?… Also, there’s no way to project wireless from a LapTop straight to the projector it needs a HMDI cable. Please if you know how to link a Microsoft Laptop to this projector without the HDMI cable neither with a TV, please let me know cuz I got this projector and now I am so disappointed. Thanks in advance.

Thomas Michelson says:

I had 4 different Chinese projectors which i bought from dx, in my opinion, that one is definitely the best one for its price..

Alex Charalampidis says:

JMGO p2 there is no magnet for the base, thats a lie, i own this projector and the manufacturer told me they remove the magnet because interferes with the fan. The base now is useless and good luck using a tripod. Also the battery is 15600mah and you can’t fly with the projector by plane..

Mostafa Mohamed says:

can you give away any projector because i really need one cant affor for one and i dont have to please

Crushonius says:

really best portable projectors video without the lg ph300 or the ph450u TRY AGAIN

Ltimes says:

like the mini kind which is smaller as the cellphone with perfect out look



Thomas Tuinstra says:

do you need android 4.4.4 to use the jmgo or does the device have android 4.4.4

David Beckham says:

Could you please do a Best portable projectors of 2017 video ?

Justin Bozeman says:

damn! it’s the ghost of aaliyah

Baked Potato says:


Khogn TM says:

What about when the bulb dies out, like in usual projectors? Easy to find a new one? Easy to change?

Jake Guerra says:

I currently only Epson Wireless HD projector that puts out for to 5000 lumens I would recommend getting something like that instead at least your pictures going to be a heck of a lot better.

bryant gibbs says:

what about the battery life am i the only one who needs to know about battery life

Marijan Kevic says:

I hope you are planing to make this years edition of best projectors. I’m hitting college next year..

John Knox says:

indian dot

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