Best Portable Projector Under $500 – Wowoto T8e Full Review | 3D 7800mAh

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The Wowoto T8e is by far the best under $500 portable android dlp projector that I have currently tested, its built in 7800mAh rechargeable battery puts it well ahead of the previous wowoto h8, xgimi z4 and even the Y2 projector. This is my full review
and unboxing of the Wowoto T8e one of the most purchased Amazon Portable Projectors.

Wowoto T8e – – $399 use code – WWTT8E

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Sony VPLVZ1000ES Ultra-Short Throw 4K
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WOWOTO T8E DLP 3D Video Projector
Create your home cinema, enjoy HD image projection up to 300 inches. The technology of DLP driver can bring you more colorful and brighter image as well as smooth video entertainment at any time any place.

Main Features:
● Max image size up to 300 inches
● Brightness of 2000 lumens
● Perfect for entertainment, stream video content via Miracast, YouTube, Airplay, Netflix
● Built-in 7800mAh rechargeable battery
● 40-degree keystone correction to align the screen and the image projected to obtain a squared image even at an angle
● 20000 hours lamp life insures more than 5 years of regular use, no need for bulb maintenance or replacement

Basic Information:
Display: DLP
Source: LED
Bulb lifespan: 20000 hours
Color temperature: 7500 – 9300
Best project distance: 200 – 300cm
Focus: electromotion focus
Storage: 8GB
WiFi: 2.4G / 5G
Bluetooth: V4.0
Speaker: 2W
Audio: 3.5mm
Battery working time: 2-4 hours (Depending Of Usage)

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Pete Guns says:

Amazing love it I was a little late to see it I had another surgery today in a lot of pain but I can not miss out on want you got I know it’s all ways the late’s and the greatest yes my REDMI NOTE 4 CAME THE OTHER DAY CAN NOTE WANT TO GET OUT AND CHECK IT OUT ONE MORE SURGERY HOPEFULLY THAT’S IT. thanks for being a great friend he,s all ways watching so am I

Connie Playa says:

H96 vs T8e- I only need about 30” for playing my xbox. I like the better processor specs on the H96 for running Kodi and android 6.+. Thoughts?

paul jobin says:

T8e is better than jmgo p2?

Seppi Preston says:

I know this is a tricky question but…. which projector would you buy if you had a maximum of £300? I was thinking the Toumei V3 3D, what do you think and why? Thanks in advance.

Warren Bailey says:

How are people getting 3-4 hour run time on the batteries? Do they have BT and Wifi turned off? I can only get 80mins when content via iphone connected to a wifi hotspot.

Arijit Banik says:

is this T8E better than H8 at picture quality department ? For the sake picture quality is it worth over H8 ? please let me know.

J. I. G. R. says:

Hello, as I have seen in your videos you have been able to test the projectors WOWOTO H8, WOWOTO T8e and the OPTOMA INTELLIGO S1, so according to you which of the three offers better quality video on a screen of 120 inches and if there is much difference appreciable. I hope your answer. Thank you

Karlejner's booking says:

Great video as always. I just got the vivibright gp 100, but i think its way to noisy. So i have looked at the wowoto h8. But can u mount it on ceiling and still get a big clear screen (120″ or more) all the way? Thanks

Tyler Ireland says:

Could you angle it up towards a white ceiling and project onto the 8 foot ceiling ?

Studpum says:

Have you looked at the Miroir M300A projector that you can get at Best Buy? I really wonder how well it stacks up against the T8E

Idris Patel says:

Great reviews! Would you recommend this or the xgimi h1? I don’t necessarily need a portable projector. Thanks in advance

Aisha Yoozooph says:

Can you connect a playstation or surround to this projector

V Franke says:

Can you also run it on the power cable or does it only run on battery?

TheBigb1973 says:

Does the h8e maintain its brightness while unplugged? Or does it get brighter when plugged in?

Zeta says:

Im tryna start a tech channel im a small youtuber and only have 1,000 subscribers how did you start gettng into tech reviewing

Leo Ryan says:

I signed up for the giveaway. Wish us luck! Loved the review. I have nothing of anywhere near this quality. This projector is really awesome. Good luck to everyone who entered the giveaway.

Carlos Corredor says:

Can you include Netflix app on an Android 4.4? I purchased another projector however and could not get the Netflix app. I did return though and so far as I do research I am liking more and more the Wowoto T8E. Thank you

rockydel90 says:

Congratulations for the fantastic reviews!
I bought this projector on Gearbest a few days ago … unfortunately I realized late that in the package is not included the remote control and it doesn’t seem available anywhere .. do you have any idea how I can have it? thanks!

gazog1 says:

Does it play 3d films

Matt UTA says:

How does it compare to the Wowoto H8 in term of brightness and picture quality?

Ronald Hassan says:

Thank you Tech 404 for the outstanding review. I was about to purchase the Xgimi Z4 Aurora because my friend recently purchased it. My question for you is, overall, is the T8e better than the H9? Thank you very much from NJ, USA

Connie Playa says:

Can I make the screen size small like around 19-24″??

Vikas Jugran says:

Confused between wowoto t8e and toumei v3, any advice which is better and why…

pavan teja says:

Hi I loved your reviews
I would like wowoto in bulk 12 units in GearBest is there any way I can get better price by contacting some from the GearBest team. Can please guide me regarding the same

acquiles 9 says:

Could you do a video of the CHEERLUX CL760 PROJECTOR with android /wiffi. It’s just launched by cheerlux.

Brent Wismer says:

‘M really interested to see a video of how this projector performs in a semi lit room. Is 2000lm enough? I want a projector I can use in an outdoor but undercover area.

Dustin Boren says:

Is the t8e better than the y2 for console gaming in your opinion?

JackieChan FanGianni says:

Hello Tech 404,

What is the Maximum GigaByte of
SDHC-Card Space that i can Put on the T8E ?

Thanks in Advance 🙂

Aisha Yoozooph says:

What is the sound quality like compare to the other two

Christian Duncan says:

Hi Tech404! Love the content, keep up the great work. Really interested to find out what you know about the Wowoto S6 portable short throw. A quick google leads to a site with marketing material and pictures only in Chinese, and is available to order in China, with a few customer reviews so it’s clearly out in the wild. Have you come across this one yet, and do you have any contacts at Wowoto or Gearbest that might be able to advise on a European release?

Jorge Rodrigues says:

I bought this projector, but in the Image (Picture Quality) tab, I change the values, but the image does not change. You can change these values and check if the values change and the image changes too.

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