Best Portable Projector of 2017 (Pocket Projector Unboxing & Review!)

Today we check out an awesome (and cheap!) pocket projector made by iClever.

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In this video The Deal Guy has found an amazing portable projector, sometimes people call these a pocket projector. This mini projector is one of the best portable projector of 2017!

This best pocket projector is an led projector that allows you to basically create a portable projector for iphone and for your tv. This daily deal is an iClever projector that you need in your life.

If you’re looking for a portable projector for android or just one of the best portable projector 2017 then this is for you! I hope you enjoy my portable projector review 🙂



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Scott V says:

Nice! All of a sudden I think I need this

Cynthia Rousan says:

I could use this with the schools I visit when I am teaching students about the conservation of our natural resources!!! great Deal thank you Matt, this is a must purchase item. Hi Cody, you are a great demonstrator!

VEL SKI says:

codys cat !!!

Michele McQueen says:

Short, sweet, and to the point. Nice!

Colin Davidson says:

Thanks Matt for the amazing projector deal. Great for work and home.

Aaron King says:

Just got mine today and it won’t hook up to any of my Android devices. Is this projector limited to just IPhone/IPad? Totally got buyers remorse and about to return it. No mention of this problem in the video. Disappointed so far.

Joshua Zoellner says:

Lol, love the clap at the end.

GamGame says:


Ken Mcmaster says:


蔡佳龙 says:

I like the projector, great review

Hugo Lopez says:

wow I think I just found a new favorite channel on youtube

bizzy511 says:

I’ve always wondered how good these projectors are. thanks for the video.

muchtoodutch says:

this would be so nice to have!

Adam Schweitz says:

how does this compare to the lumipro mini projector?

353tok3r says:

gave it away yet? I want one lol

Jayro A Garcia says:

Im get this

Khalid Fahad says:

i was looking for a mini projector that has a very good picture quality for movie’s, any recommendation?

Kai Boy says:

why is he screaming like a retard?

Athavan Kulam says:

i love the switch

Kristin Colbert says:

Looking good gentleman. Great products!!

Max Le'Clair says:

Hi Matt, I purchased this projector and was happy with how it looked on the was and playing Xbox was cool. The only issue it crapped out under 4 hrs of play. The audio went out and screen started to have lines and dots show up and it also wouldn’t shut off without unplugging it. Price was good but not a great deal since it doesn’t work.

Summer Calendine says:

Radio shack!!!


From one YouTuber to another, you guys have great energy and make reviews fun to watch. You’re very funny, but also informative. Great channel and I hope you keep growing, because you deserve the recognition! 😉

Pabu says:

tell me i won!

Super Patriot says:

the fan seems rather loud and noticeable as well.

morenofamilia says:

well that sucks, got my hopes up to see it unavailable Damn

Mostafa Mohamed says:

can you give away any projector because i really need one cant affor for one and i dont have to please

SP3CT0R says:

Where’s the link for the projector though?

Chris says:

Mine was dead on arrival! 🙁

Alfredo Flores says:

Cool beans man…how can I stream from my Android phone?

Seán Cahill says:

how long does the charge last on these?

john tompkins says:

I like that projector john Thomas

filomeno Tendilla says:

Good vid

Kathy Hall says:


Linda Novak says:

Love the projector !

Georgetta Oliver says:

Matt still waiting for the home security camera from the tech convention. The one that is the color blue. Thank you

suzy manis says:

cool need to get one

Johnny Gonzalez says:

I like it.

Jeremiah Hudson says:


Wasted On says:

the fan seems too loud tho

Eugenio Matos says:

movie night

Anon YMouse says:

Wouldn’t a TV be better?

Andrea Toh says:

awesome! could use one for work

Ken Mcmaster says:


kenny southwell says:

1:09 “Mumbling” whaaat? lol

Jennifer king-fairley says:

Hey! What’s the way to play cable TV to the projector

incertrus compact says:


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