Best Portable Projector 2018 | Motou DLP Wifi + Bluetooth 3D LED Projector

Best Portable Projector 2018 | Motou DLP Projector Review
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Wifi + Bluetooth 3D Portable DLP LED Projector. Ton’s of great features packed into a great on the go projector. Check it out in today’s video and see what this Motou DLP Projector is all about!

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Khan Mano Khan says:

Brother plz told me witch model is best in peco projector.   I see some models and confuse which one is best. I want to buy it. I will send u some model pics.  H96 projector… AUN d5s and…. Byintek ufo P8l.  I see all model spes but confuse. H96 sport 4k. But lumens and batrry low.  And byintek ufo P8l battery best lumen best but 4k not sport. Plz suggest me witch one is best and we’re to I buy it online. Thx plz reply me . I like P8l byintek

Zulqurnain Jutt says:

fix the links in description bro

George Freshlivinlife says:

How was the bluetooth connectivity to audio and the noise of the projector. I’m looking to make this a permanent bed room projector!

Lucinda Rasmussen says:

I know you can link up to speakers via Bluetooth, but can you link up to speakers using audio-type cable? If so, how? Thanks!

romantashev says:

on Amazon says Resolution: 854*480

Rollin Nerdy says:

its 854 by 480 not native 720p 🙁

Simon khanal says:


eltripps says:

If you have 400 bucks to spend, which mini projector are you buying today? I want something portable so I can watch sports, likely through the espn go app, outdoors and over friend’s houses. I like this Motou, but see you are high on the Optoma Intelligo S1 as well. Is there something better out there than these two at this price? I don’t need a screen projection greater than 120 inches.

Adam Joseph says:

How is the fan noise? Is it loud and distracting. Or can you not hear it as much.

sagerette says:

I hope you have learnt to look at the lense and not the viewing screen on the camera by now… good vid non the less…

Luis Tejada says:

I expected to see the T22 here too … we buyed some for the company and went really smooth and very economic: but what really surprised me was the customer service… we got one who has a minor problem sith the resolution and the firmware was sended to us in less than a day… really cool for a overseas product. Great vid , bro 🙂

eltripps says:

You mentioned on the Toumei c800 that when you plug in an hdmi cable, the bluetooth function gets muted. Does the same thing this happen on this projector? I want to be able to watch my Fire TV and play audio through my bose sound link. I returned the C800 and am hoping to find a better option.

sunil popat says:

i really need this projector because I love to watch movie on big screen, But I have no budget for good Projector

Frederick Cadiente says:

Nice video review. Terrible projector. Colors are way off. My portable LG projector from 2014 would be my 2018 projector of the year. I purchased it and returned it the next day. Videos played from my laptop look horrible. USB port wont play videos, not sure if it was meant for this purpose but my 2014 LG projector plays videos from the USB port.

rodney zafra says:

Correct me if I’m hearing correctly. You said it was native 720p but I’ve read a few saying it’s 480p. So what’s the real native resolution for this projector?

Paul Brambilla says:

I heard you say it was 720p native resolution. However, can you provide a source for that? From what I’ve seen, I think it’s actually 480p.

MD6LET says:

is this filmed on a potatoe

Gyl Bonus says:

How is this compared to the h8? And how’s the fan noise? I’ve been addicted to your show the last 3 days…the wifey told me that I have a $400 limit for father’s day. Keep grinding keep shining your videos are more influential than the rest of the reviews.

Miles Johnson says:

Gr8 device but it needs one more feature. I’m disappointed that I can not use my laptop’s bluetooth to project thru the X6 device.

Eric Muraczewski says:

Had problem with the focus and Bluetooth speaker voice lag plus battery life wasn’t all that.

Ahmed Caraballo says:

Hi…enjoy your channel. Am in the market for a slim projector (with a drop-down ceiling platform unit) to replace my Samsung smart HDTV. What do you suggest? I have less than 8″ of space to work with. Thank you for your input.

MrDballmoney says:

I am new to projectors and screens, total noob here. Are you using a projector screen? If so what kind? Thank you

maja lukovic says:

Just came Across your video…. I’m now a new subscriber! Very thorough and interesting! Great job, keep it going! Will check back often!Thanks!!

Biker Boy says:

Okay. I’m new to your channel. I have seen a couple of your vids, and I think you were very good (sorry but I’m an old fart at my age and my English)! But this is something new. A beard! Now I’m here in Sweden…. And we are Vikings. And you have one good looking viking beard (without being gay). Nice and tidy.

Kurt Freund says:

Great Videos, which would you recommend for business presentations i need great resolution and clarity


Great videos, subscribed! Can you confirm this projector is native 720p? Amazon description indicated 854×480… looking for something with all these features but is 720p native res.

Dan col says:

do you know how I can find for power cord Mini Projector(2018 Upgraded), 8400mAh Rechargeable batteryMOTOU DLP Portable LED Projector to portable battery

ww tt says:

Very very clear tech is progressing so fast. Each one better than next

Marija Vidinejeva says:

How many watts are speakers? Is it sufficient to watch a movie or listen to the music from iphone?

riyaz sheikh says:

I subscribed to get the projector

Kahshan Lau says:

Does it have Chromecast support? That would be very very nice if it had ^_^; (streaming from pc for instance).

Mxwell Paderanga says:

giveaway please

James H says:

480p resolution is too low.

Dan col says:

do you know how I can find for power cord for Mini Projector(2018 Upgraded)
MOTOU DLP Portable Projector to connect portable battery

* says:

can in u connect to your home wifi cable tv like comcast xfinity app

sunil popat says:

i need this projector because i allready live to watch movie on big screen, But i have no budget for good projector

Ever A.Parra says:

Sign me up for that xgimi, great channel btw

skillo iso says:

Difference beetwen this and benq gs1?the winner is?

Mind Seed TV says:

Livestream will be Friday Night! Time coming soon! Cheers 😀

Miguel Arevalo says:

Would you reccomend this for gaming? I’m looking for a projector with good picture for gaming I have between $300 to $350 to spend and android would be great but not a deal breaker

Ken Vill says:

Very good I wish to have one….

Isaac Kahan-Frankl says:

Funny guy:)

Mark Hinson says:

Does it have a built in tv tuner to watch sports games on the go?

becca danielle says:

This would be perfect for my daughters hospital trips! Getting 3D glasses for them and watching them on the hospital ceiling would provide so much entertainment for her! Love how portable it is!

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