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Best wireless portable projector with WIFI and Bluetooth Toumei
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Sold Internationally : (Amazon)


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*******PLEASE NOTE***************
Currently the only available model of this is native 480p, not native 720p but it does support 720p and 1080p playback.

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scarlett says:

sd compatibke

Adam Loughran says:

can u remember if there was imput lag playing the ps4

bung holeo says:

How big can the screen get without fading

waynegracias says:

I’ve been looking around for a decent portable projector that’s not too expensive. I’m in the UK and looking to spend not more than £250 for this can you or anyone recommend a decent projector?
-It has to be micro USB powered so I can hook it up to a battery pack and should work off that.
-Has to have WiFi/dlna capabilities so it can connect to the internet and home network most importantly to stream media off my Nas. Miracast would be nice so I can connect a phone to it and stream Netflix etc through that.
-Nit concerned about the sound if it has a headphone jack would be nice but not necessary as I will pair a set of Bluetooth speakers to the phone for audio and just need the video thru the projector.
Bluetooth would be advantageous but not necessary as most of the things will be running off the phone.
Any models come to mind??
Thanks for the help.

raw is an war says:

I guess the light bulb would be hard to find I just stick with names that I am firmilya with

Good Man says:

hello mate
i bought this prodect from ebay
and just ope d it and trying to start it but its not on

Md Rashed Uzzaman says:

No keystones picture now longevity turns bulb on and off frequently

blacksunaccounts says:

Best projector but you can’t use Bluetooth while using hdmi? Sounds like a loss to me

Andy Jim says:

New Projector Sale
Original Price:$268
Use Code:5I8MC74D
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Now Price:$214.4
End:2018-4-30 23:59 PDT
Product link:

Asif Jan says:


Khalik Khalifa says:

How did you connect it to the PS4 ?


Will this work with Apple TV?

Haroon Khan says:

whats the best way of connecting a sound bar or a speaker what have you done to hook up other devices to this projector any help welcome cause i have one. Thank you.

Vishal Mane says:


Melvin Law says:

does this support hdmi input ? can i share screen with my laptop to this projector by HDMI cable ?

Prosen Mondal says:

praice now

blacksunaccounts says:

What does it mean that the native resolution is 480 but supports 720? Does that mean when I stream from my other devices I can get higher resolution than just using the device itself to play media

mike d says:

I don’t have wi-Fi internet At all. I do have an iPhone with Bluetooth will this wok? Can I still hook it up? Do I need to have wifi for the projector to work! Or do I need both Bluetooth and wifi? Want to be able to use it without wifi if possible? Can someone help me as I get confused.

Sandra Murudumbay says:

Hey Mind Seed TV
Just for clarification purposes.
Did you have to connect any cable from your phone/tablet/iPhone/iPad/Mac to the projector to project image or video?

I am asking this bc I got a cube projector and I am not able to project image, once I connect to its own wifi I am only able to port the sound .
Definitely returning it back, and looking for another one.

I will really appreciate a response.


Jean Myrvil says:

how much was the internal storage capacity may I asked please and thank you

Mr. Ta says:

Does it truly have 720p and 1080p play back? or does it just accept those and scales it down to 480p during play back? Tell the truth

nayeemuddin k says:

where will get in India

chocopoloful says:

Does it work with iPhone Apple ?

TimothyTim PSP says:

It got weird.

Sam Allan says:

Sorry if you are trying sell, then include other amazons sites and not just USA as we all live in divergent countries also the music sucks, sorry bro that’s just my opinion

qwelton says:

BEWARE: be careful purchasing off of GearBest. I ordered this projector and it just arrived and it will not turn on. Error saying ‘fan failure, system shutdown’. Won’t stay on for longer than 10 seconds. Maybe a fluke or just refurbished Chinese garbage. Flip the coin if you’re thinking of ordering this.

Anthony Caballero says:

can you play videos on it using a 1terabyte external hard drive?

Antonis Constantinou says:

Can I stream from my iPhone to the projector using Bluetooth?

chinisongz says:

Hey man, thanks for the review. Quick question as I heard you talking about HDMI bluray player and bluetooth. Bluetooth can not be used while using a bluray player, is that correct? thanks!

King Salmon Weather says:

Too bad your wifi was down. Can’t show everyone how terrible this thing decodes audio. Serious sync issues when streaming content from sites like youtube, google play, netflix etc. Can’t download or stream any proctected content to this projector because it is not recognized as a “secure device”. Any streaming of personal content over wifi is choppy and bad audio sync. connecting anything externally via USB presents the same audio sync issues. So basically this thing cannot decode audio from any source. This make the bluetooth connectivity while using HDMI an absolute necessity. As you found out in this week review, that works about as well as the tripod. Hooking up a bluetooth enabled video player, like a laptop for example, via HDMI and connecting a bluetooth speaker to that device is the only thing that works right.

Mark Rafferty says:

If you are using the C800i model it is not a 100 lumens it’s only 80 I have the C800s model and my one is 100 lumens love the channel my friend

Emmanuel Borgos says:

so far so what is the best projector????

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