Best NEW Amazon Mini LED Projector – A BOX T22

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This New Led Mini Projector could well be the best available Amazon small projector under a $100 thats currently on the market. But can it be better that the Crenova XPE460 the current king of affordable projectors and also ranked as the Amazon Best Seller.

A BOX T22 Projector Amazon –

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Product description

* Power Supply: 100-240V, AC 50/60 Hz
* Power: 50W
* Lumen: 2000
* Lamp: LED
* Lamp Life: 50000 hours
* Work Noise: = 15dB
* Native Resolution: 800*480, compatible for 1920*1080p
* Contrast Ratio: 2000:1
* Aspect Ratio: 4:3/16:9
* Image: Support JPG, PNG,BMP. Support image zoom, 360 degrees flip and full screen.

1. Enhanced LED Light Technology * Double Brighter than ordinary LED
*For LCD projectors, the most important part is the LED light inside.
*This T22 mini projector adopted the lasted upgraded LED technology, provides more brightness than ordinary LED projector with 2000 Lumens. In dark room you will enjoy sharp image.

2. Large Screen Experience-Relax your eyes from TV
*Support projection size from 32 to 176 inches, the best projection distance is 2m with projection size about 80 inches.
*You may enjoy large screen while protecting your eyes.

3. Dial type keystone adjustable mechanism & patent dial wheel lens focus mechanism
*You can adjust the image manually with this function, picture proportion is not distortion after adjustment.
*In case the mini projector is placed in a tilt level, the picture quality will not be affected.

Warm tips:

1.This projector mainly be used for Home cinema and gaming.Not recommended for PPT, word, excel or business presentation.
2.Please note that it only provides clear image in dark room.

Package list:

1x GooBang Doo T22 Projector
1x HDMI cable
1x Remote controller
1x Use manual
1x 3 in 1 AV cable
1x Power adapter

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Michele Porto says:

salve, ma di questo proiettore ne esistono di due tipi,uno con 1500 lumen e un altro di 2000 lumen?

Ziaul Haque says:

If we put the projector in semi-lit condition would the projection be visible enough?

Anand Sagar P says:

which is best,crenova$ or dis

Dennis Fuentes says:

Wish I saw your video before I bought mine. 🙁 🙁 🙁

Jim Barnes says:

Purchased ABOX , having trouble with ism flash drive being recognized. What should I DO ?

Ayoob Khan says:

It’s not a mini. Misleading title.

The Queen of Scream says:

I can’t get teh sound to work consistently. I didn’t think it had sound and had it plugged into cordless headphones, then when I took them off, the sound was on, but has gone off again and I can’t get it back. I have it on full volume.

tomas giles says:

can this connect to my macbook pro through hdmi? really need to know, thanks.

anandsagar p says:

which is best,crenova460 or abox t22

ultramarine23 says:

hi mate iam interested in this projector, worth 200$. your honest opinion, is it worth buying in terms of color sharpness. for watching movies and youtube, in comparison to my second option is crenova projector xpe460, which is for $100.. ur advise??

Bakul Saravaiya says:

this product are India available

Clay Connell says:

I have to go find out what this cost in USD. I like the use of the eyechart very innovative idea

Pramod Pramu says:

how many bhd in this.

Freddy Lema says:

hi… i just bought this projector recently but sometimes am finding some challenges on how to switch it on. there are sometimes its responding positively but sometimes its resisting. please help

Pramod Pramu says:

free delivery available.

Fabio Avara says:

this is a prank ?

ultramarine23 says:

hi mate thanks for the information, by the way we dont have amazon in australia so its hard to get good quality budget stuff here. i have the option to buy CL760 Projector which is around AUD $200.but its over my budget. I want something compact with wifi, bluetooth so was thinking of either gp70up or getting a cernova or t22 and getting android box which might cost me under 200. unless the above mentioned are not worth the hassle to invest then i have no option but to go for a cl760… also what do u think of toumei c800i. it got the features but projection colors i was not impressed unless its good projector but youtube video is not doing justice. your advise……..?

Texas Game Plug says:

are you using a screen or is this just on your wall?

Dan Weir says:

Good review, which has the better viewing experience ( clarity, colour), this or the Crenova?

timothy790110 says:

I bought this based off the nice reviews, and I was underwhelmed when o got it. Id say its image quality is akin to comparing a dvd to a camrip. All darks are basically black, you cant distinguish a thing, unfortunatly. Id say spend the extra 60 quid and get the vivibright gp90. Ill be sending mine back.

Jay says:

I’m poor lol so i need to find something cheap and so far i have come up with this. If someone can take time out to help me thank you.$ja=tsid:59158|cid:200217410|agid:12488203010|tid:aud-144400486596:pla-147998268770|crid:66128550050|nw:g|rnd:4724726913036124466|dvc:c|adp:1o5&gclid=CjwKEAjws-LKBRDCk9v6_cnBgjISJAADkzXeCD8mXh0iDh3NS-vGEfVypFJ0pAH4mBVmsJZbtQhFOhoCx0rw_wcB

I have to be a grown up so i have to save up for it haha but i think them 3 things are good, The screen can do 3D 🙂 and the projector says 3D as well so i get the best of both HD AND 3D and all for under £300. Again if anyone help’s thank you. I’m slow when it come’s to stuff like this. Or if this help’s someone else with cheap plans then i’m glad i helped 🙂

Chris Young says:

Hi i have just purchased one of these projectors today but when I connected it up and switched it on i think the fan is very noisy on this!! was your fan silent??

Daniel Harding says:

Great review cheers

Meks1738 says:

your darkest room would be your bog.

Tanmoy Roy says:

Thanks for the review. Does it allow playing of 3D movies/ videos? If so, what kind of 3D glasses are needed? Please provide buying link for the 3D glasses.

Pramod Pramu says:

how many bhd in this.

Tami Tetoua says:

I plan on buying this but I need to know how the image looks from a distance of 2.8 to 3 meters. Any information about that?

ultramarine23 says:

hi mate, thanks for the feedback much appreciated. so basically what you are saying is that picture experience color brightness and sharpness is the same between t22, cernova an gp70up.

l33mcl says:

Question. If I’m watching for example bt sports app on my Android phone. If I plug it in the usb port would it play on the projector?

Pramod Pramu says:

free delivery available.

ultramarine23 says:

hi mike thanks for your help much appreciated. by the way your videos are a great help.

Philip Beckwith says:

Hi Mike, would this be ideal to use for running AtmosFX Halloween video projection through it ? they say the more Lumen the better, also contrast ratio. is it worth trying? tnx

Sindberg Ranner says:

Hey,TECH 404! I love your video! I know this comment is marked as spam,that’s because it contains a link. But please check out this video and approve the comment!

tushar bhalerao says:

why the corners are dark

Digger says:

Reviewed by a bloke with tattoos? No thanks

Phill Hudson says:

does this have WiFi too? and if I used it to throw a 120 or 150 inch movie out , would it be watchable ?

TECH 404 says:

Best Budget Projectors 2017
1. VIVIBRIGHT GP100 (Standard) Code (GP100B) $149.99 –
2. VIVIBRIGHT GP100 (Android) – Code (GP100A) $179.99 –
3. H96 – P DLP – Code (GBH96P16) $189.99 –
4. WOWOTO H8 – Code (WWTH8N) $325.99 –
5. P6 DLP – Code (GBP6P) $189.99 –
6. Cheerlux CL760 – Code (GBCL760) $149.99 –
Full 1080p Native Projectors
7. XGIMI H1 DLP – Code (GXGMH1) $777.77 –
8. Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short – Code (XMLPP) $1999 –

Mark Campbell says:

for the money what would you buy a box or crenova

NozL Recordings UK says:

Good reviews, Mike. Thorough.

Which would you say out of Vivibright 1800 (£75.99), Crenova XPE460 (£59.69) or A BOX T22 (£90.99)?

Quieter, smaller and the better screen production. It’s for a campervan which will have a 40″ Screen. I’d prefer an sd slot to load movies (I saw you note that the Vivi didn’t have one), but I could use the usb to load movies. What are your thoughts when comparing all three, please? (I’ve watched the vids of each). Price difference is a fair bit so could sway it.

…or another suggestion around £100 which may be better for what I need? It also can’t be a dlp projector as I get the rainbow effect on my eyes. (Hence these three aren’t dlp).


Mario Monti says:

I bought the DBPower T20 and T21 on sale within a week of each other.
The T20 was okay, the T21 was DOA.
Since they would not honor the sale price for the defective unit, I plan on buying a different brand out of spite! lol
I was actually looking at the ABOX 2400 Lumens 2017 model a couple days ago.
Most likely the same with a slightly stronger, or more over-driven LED module.
I may give it a go, but it’s a bit more that than $78 I paid for the T20/T21 @ 1500 Lumens.

MisterBassBoost says:

Nice content! Keep it up!

Alice Purton says:

Can I hook up my own speaker to this projector?

Jake Wiseman says:

Great video, been helpful in assisting my decision in which to choose! My T22 is arriving in a few days, was just wondering if the focus/angle dials allow zooming as well as focus and angle adjustment or whether screen size is purely based on distance between lens and screen?Thanks again!

Mostafa Mohamed says:

hey can you give away any old one you don’t need

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