Best Gaming Projector Under $200 of 2018 | Vankyo Leisure 510 Review

Best Gaming Projector Under 200 Vankyo Leisure 510
On Sale:

You guys asked for it so here it is! The best projector for gaming under $200 of 2018. This is great for a budget home theater or cinema and wont break the bank! If you are a video gamer or a movie buff this may be the best holiday gift you can get yourself right now! Check it out!

For Low Latency Gaming Try BenQs HT2050A (Built for Games)
On Sale:

Everything I am using is below:
Silver Ticket Screen: (amazon)
Projector Mount: (amazon)
Wire Runner: (amazon)
HDMI extension: (amazon)
PS4 Pro:
God of War:
Floating Shelf:

Other Good Screen Options Here:

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saber xavi says:


Uncle Peeb says:

Hey Mind seed. I was recently doing some searching around on instagram when I cam around a very weird account. Conclusion: I can prove the video you found on the USB in a previous “dark web mystery box” is faked. If anyone would like to know, dm @peebed on instagram.

Mark Fisch says:

What’s the best projector for 250 jk I got the vewsonic u recommend and it’s awesome

ベネジトサムエルキヨシ says:


ZilleOutdoor says:

Wow! Best projector with 60 fps. 1080p60 from 4:45 . My ugly projector until 720p30.

desai vinod says:

Please brother’s replay

David Boggs says:

That 1000:1 contrast ratio looks quite bad. So washed out.

Ken Tv says:

i have the goodee projector i think its the same one just rebranded its super great


Very nice.

arnold kokonya says:

I hope there won’t be no more questions. I think I can sorta relate when the questions persist.

SkullBone HD says:

Was the best Picture quality?

Robb W says:

I order a goodee 3200 for my boy for Christmas I sneaked and set it up in our bathroom ended up playing punch out for a half hr and now I want one for the living room my wife is sceptical 8(

ka da says:

Zero you cant jut get a good projektor four 200….. at least 1000$ for a deste projektor

Exthefun says:

has anyone tried pairing this projector with Amazon’s Fire TV or Xiaomi mi box s?

Marc Cormier says:

I have one best cheap projector love this thing

VideosWithNexus says:

People won’t stop asking, because the best projector always changes, watching your videos I’ve been torn with a few projectors, I’ve never seen this one reviewed before

I’ve got a projector now, but of course we always want the best.

Greg Juillerat says:

Gotta ask–do you plan to review either the Wowoto S6A ultra short throw 720p OR the Xinga native 1080p model that has started showing up for $199???

I have a Vivibright GP100 and am actually pretty damn happy with it overall, but I’ve considered upgrading to 1080p or maybe a 720p UST that might have slightly more vibrant colors. Wondered if you had thoughts on either of these 2.

skeelo69 says:

I am actually watching this review with the very same projector !…and what a Projector it is.. my image is approx 10ft by 6ft and the image is crisp and the colors amazing … here’s what i said on Amazon…nuff said… search for manofuxb ….. best projector for the price out there by far !

Vadr H8R says:

ONN makes a projector that is native 1080p that is at Walmart for $249 but can easily be found online for under $200

Roland Rohde says:

It’s really a pity, that we don’t get any more precise input lag info than “not too bad”. I would love to know whether this is closer to 20ms or 100ms…

Kai Treiber says:

Awesome. Thank you. Could you Please share colour settings and so in with us?

Noor says:

Good projector to mod to a higher led chip or the lower power cree xp that’ll go 4000lumens per chip…just saying…

Techdragonz says:

You made 3 videos like this, is this the best one of the three? (better than the HTLL and ARTLII)

Nikitas Kourkoulis says:

It doesn’t matter if you hit it from the front or the back… 😀

rico munoz says:

Dude.. what’s the best projector under $200. Let us know..

David M says:

Would you prefer this or the Artlii projector (around 200)?

Sheldon May says:

It is a great projector

Salty Cola says:

This projector is phenomenal for the price.

TheBearGamer says:

*gets ad for 7000 dollar 8k laser hdr projector*

David Boggs says:

Every comment on here seems like a bot is promoting other projectors by the same branch of company’s linked to the base. HAHAHA .
This is hilarious.

Noah Fogarty says:

1:15 thats a composite cable not a component cable

Eddie Gonzales says:

Is it difficult to connect a surround sound system to this projector?

Aamir X says:

U help me buy mines today thanks brother

kasper austin says:

Thanks for the video, can this projector replace the home led tv..pls reply , tv using everyday every hour

Ny-kel Cameron says:

Hey man I was able to get the Artlii HD projector. Don’t know if you did a review on it.
Arrives in a couple of days. I’m super pumped.
But great video as always man!

beatlecost says:

I got it. Bye bye TVs, only projectors from now on.

Jesus M. Ortiz says:

Is this better than the ViviBright GP100??? I have had the Vivibright for like a year now and its pretty sharp but now it has a yellow spot and is getting bigger with the time. (still sharp lol)

nino mendoza says:

Hey bud, I only have 10 ft of room(wall to wall) will u still recommend me to get this? I’m planning to set up a 100 in projector screen, u think it would work with my tiny bed room size?


I love this projector it remaind me the likes of alfawise, vivibright 100, cl720 projector, very nice men.

David Chinchilla says:

Casey, Viewsonic PX706HD or Optoma GT1800 Darbee?

chiNEz85 says:

What’s ur recommendation on projectors for use with ambient light? Of cos I’m looking for the low in price… Ahhahaha

Thijs says:

720p.. there is where I pressed stop

Selina Desouza says:

Can u hook a phone to it ??

Grooty Tam says:

I have a 4,000.00 Panasonic. It’s amazing! I tried these cheap projectors but the image was complete shit compared to a REAL projector. When your projector weighs 25 pounds and is made by a real company you get movie theater quality movie nights. When it weighs 3 pounds and 720 p resolution,it’s a piece of shit.

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