BEST BUDGET PROJECTOR $150 2017 | Crenova XPE600 2600 Lumen Review

This is my opinion on one of the best budget projectors out there and to be honest it is quite amazing!! Be sure to check out the more in-depth analysis of the projector here:







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1787dude says:

it’s 250ish now

Izzy P says:

what is that zinging sound? thx

Peter M. says:

why paying 150$ for an Crappy projector (where you probably never can change the lamp) if you get an used brand projector with better quality for the same amount of money?

joe pesci says:

This has to be the same projector as the UHAPPY PROJECTOR…….Same projectors with different names…Very Good review though !!!

Tirumala Hebbar says:

is these projector available in india

ShowMeQuick says:

any video after you have installed the projector screen? I am about to buy projector wanted to know more about this.

Thank you

Kenh Chuan says:

love dance niceday guilbert

EmmanueL ken says:

that ebay saller link is truster seller?

The.Sarcastic.Scarecrow says:

The focus sound on your camera sounds like a bouncing spring and I had a good laugh.

StunningSteve says:

Hey, how does SD content look on this projector? Stuff like Wii and PS2 games.

Seeing as this projector’s native res is 480p it seems like it would be perfect for those systems.

Terrill Scott says:

I bought the same exact one but don’t know how to make it play 1080p

Katriel Zammit says:

ps4 ?

Héctor Huesca says:

Hi Miguel, do you have all your devices connected to your projector and your surround sound? How do you achieve this? I have a 5.1 Samsung Blu Ray / Home Theater. Thank you in advanced

ampatau says:

For those who don’t know..the Chinese lie about the lumen type and count. Most of the specs touted generally shouldn’t be trusted. And movie footage is a better indicator of video quality.

Alex Tran says:

anyway this I can hang this on a ceiling

John Tantay says:

would u still recommend this?

Джедайка Лист says:

I can’t achieve the same image quality as you have. what settings are you using on the projector and on the computer ?

Mr. Mime says:

any lag when playing games?

Eco Sala says:

thanks for this review bro!

Alan Arber says:

How big can you get the screen before it gets fuzzy? I would only be using it outside on the garage wall for movies. You think this would work?

Ryan Snopco says:

Is that twangy sound the projector or not

Thunder o says:

Your cameras auto focus sound lol

Pecoda C says:

Why are you showing us your speakers?


Would it look and work good with an Xbox one?

435srte3453 says:

how long does the bulb last? and how much for new ones

Tim A. says:

Hey Miguel i have the same exact one but it’s Irulu great projector. great review , did you or are you going to ceiling mount it?

Demitrius Torres says:

How do you plug in your surround sounds to the projector ? Is their an input to plug it in ?

Juan Martinez says:

where would i get a bulb if it went out for this?

Miss Jada says:

Hey would it project on 144″ screen?

Donovin Henry says:

Thannnnkkkkkk youuuuu soooo muchhhh! I was nearly about to buy a $300 projector that isn’t even near the quality of this!

countcarmel says:

What distance is the projector to the wall your game is being displayed on? I have 200cm (2metres) to work with, is that enough for decent sized projection?

Azagthoth12 says:

… And now it’s $190

CatatonicTerror says:

Does Smash for wiiu have any input delay when playing on this projector like some TVs do?

Jadevelyn A.V.A says:

mate thank you and awsome video!!!!

Tahamaka Anderton says:

Can you buy this is New Zealand

Crank Turner says:

Not 2600 ANSI lumens. 2600 LED/Chinese lumens. Probably anywhere from 10-40% at best of actual ANSI bulb lumens.

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