Best 1080p Gaming Projector | Optoma GT1080 Darbee 2017 Review

Best 1080p Gaming Projector Optoma GT1080 Darbee 2017
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This Optoma GT1080 Darbee 2017 Model Ranked #1 on the Mindseed TV Top 5 list. Below

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Games in The Test were all on PS4

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Games Tested in Video
Uncharted 4: (Amazon)
Abzu: (Amazon)
Mass Effect Andromeda:
Horizon Zero Dawn:

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Emm ii says:

Optoma GT1080 Darbee or XGIMI H1????

Antonio Sampietro says:

Hi, somebody knows which android box is working with this projector? I bought the VENZ V10 PRO and is not working. Please help 😉

teyib eddi says:

How long is lamp live ?

John Doe says:

I was gonna buy the gt1080 but I’m glad I’ve waited because the new one just came out. hell yeah!

kudzayi chimbodza says:

Wondering what the power consumption is when running this projector?

bigoso44444 says:

just followed you on facebook hope i could win that give away

tibo henon says:

is it noisy?

Sego Bin says:

Try the noyazu dlp projector with 5000mah battery. 1500lumens and finally 1980*1080p resolution for less than 200 dollar on ali express.

xavier Medina says:

Great videos! I’ve become a fan since being in the market for a projector. And I really think I’m going to get this one. Now that I know which projector to get I have some concerns regarding screens.
Do I really have to buy a short throw screen? I want a screen mounted to my room and another that is mobile for inside and outside. Like those that roll up manually. What do you think?
Your response is appreciated.

edstark44 says:

Thanks for the review! How are the black levels on the GT1080 w/Darbee?

edgarperez2630 says:

i hate this guy but cant find other video

Laud says:

16ms response time? No thanks. This is not for gamers who play shooters or fighting games.

hbknafri says:

Good job bro,keep it up, your reviews are cool, please do detailed review of this projector, like complete in detail, im waiting for that! And yeah subscribed.

Kavin Serrano says:

Do you have a top 5 gaming projectors? I would like to see that.

Osias Cruz says:

Hello, my friend, I am a big fan of your videos, thank you very much for post them, I would like to know what the best portable projector with external battery we can buy in china, I would like a full 1920 x 1080 native hd?

Knox says:

Going to buy this this month :p

Knox says:

Its sad that this is the only channel that does “professional” projector reviews. 🙁 btw great video!

waiehu27 says:

can you review a optoma uhd 60, and the compare it to this 1080 darbee? video gameplay and movie demos, and see how much better it is? or maybe the darbee could be just as good. That would be an awesome video if you could do that bro. keep up the great vids.

Chopper G says:

Which one????? Optoma gt1080 darbee or Benq ht2150ST??????

chriskeenan1 says:

I’ve got one of these and it’s absolutely fantastic, but I’ll give you all the heads up. I love this thing now that its installed, but installing it was an absolute nightmare. If you are ceiling mounting it, and you are trying to fit the beam onto a wall and you are going wall edge right and left, it is so very difficult to be precise in the instal because there is no zoom. I was there for ages trying to instal it. My head was nipping. I’m not trying to persuade people not to buy it, as I say, I love it. There is no problem if you are table mounting it, or you don’t need to be precise about where your left and right beam edges need to be. There is a zoom in the menu but is one stop and not a slider type motion. I hope this makes sense. Any questions please ask away.

SpyroGyro says:

Cool channel. Subbed. BTW, would you say the price differential ($200 +)between the cheaper Optoma HD142x and this is worth it? I was about to pull the trigger on the 142x but now having seen your vid I’m having second thoughts.

king fourway says:

Why is it so hard for people to like the video

Juan Medrano says:

I’m about to buy a projector and was considering either this one or the BenQ HT2150ST. Do you have any experience with that projector? I’m basically looking for the best 100″ image for a dark room for $1000 or less

triniboyvishal says:

how is the audio on this projector? is it good enough or do you recommend a external sound system when gaming?

Saleh Basalamah says:


Ruud the Diamond says:

a 200 pounds price difference from the 600 pounds gt1080e is too large a gap for the slightly overrated Darbee feature. In reality the Darbee feature is not that noticeable like the Optoma promo video shows, especially when watching movies. the setting of your games determines for the greater part the level of detail in a video image, not so much the rendering of the Darbee software. Better save some squids for that awesome affordable (under 1.5 K) 4K projector that will be available from next year on!

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