BenQ HT3050 Review | Best Quality 1080p HD Projector 2017

BenQ HT3050 Best Quality 1080p Projector 2017
On Sale Now: (amazon)

The Screen I use is by Silver ticket.
On Sale : (amazon)

In Today’s Video we will take a look at the BenQ HT3050 Projector .
While this model does not have all the smart features, the quality is what this company focuses on. Could this be the best out right now?

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parkerfamily94 says:

I have had quite a few projectors.. and none of them had a great picture in a lit room.. the Xgimi H1 blows those projectors away.. I have it in a well lit room on a 110 inch screen and it looks like a tv… would definitely recommend. You will be greatly satisfied

Jennifer Parsons says:

BenQ HT3050 2000 ANSI Lumens Full HD 1080p DLP Home Theater Projector w/ Rec. 709 + Projector Mount Bundle Includes, Low Profile Projector Mount, 2x HDMI Cable, 6-Outlet Surge Adapter & Cleaning Pen BenQ HT3050 Full HD 1080p Home Theater Projector with Rec. 709 The BenQ HT3050 elevates the home cinema experience


I’m currently shopping for that model buy the price it’s too expensive

Dontdalla says:

In terms of thr picture quality, which is better, the benq or the Xgimi h1?

Peter Ohara says:

Love your vids, but need advise I want to get a projector but need to stay under $800.00 for projector and screen. What would you suggest. I plan to use in basement which can be pretty dark, can do short or long throw. Would solve my problem if I win one. Thanks in advance.

mprus68 says:

Love the reviews keep it up. So many choices I don’t know which projector to get now.

Sree Guru says:

YEAH a best video.

Amera Tep says:

Great review been looking at this and the optoma 1080 darbee. All of your reviews are confusing me which 1 to Get. Always good feedback bro, and never a negative 1 smh thanks lol oh btw which projector works well with a lot of ambient light in the room. I think you haven’t done 1 video in a bright lit room. I know it’s a lot to read but I’m picky and don’t have much to spend on different projectors. Thanks bro

Antonia Delgado says:

Great video Casey

Mission Impossible says:

The benq is deff high end but not having the smart features really makes me think twice. But Im sure your able to put a firestick. I play store would be nice though. I’m moving soon and I’m trying to get ideas for the full basement mancave. Keep the vids rolling!

labman27 says:

I still can’t believe I got talked into buying a $900 projector. I signed up for Amazon 24 financing on it so it won’t be bad. Should be here Wednesday and I already have a Silver ticket screen Grey. This show is costing me money lol.

Mostafa Mohamed says:

#BenQ Hey I’m waiting for long time I really wish get luck to win I love your videos

Adrian Medrano says:

Can you watch antenna tv?

Cecelia Rideout says:

Optoma HD142X.

joe husosky says:

finally a Benq. I have been happy with them along of course with my favorite Optoma

Edgar Lugo says:

Nice projector!

Charles Mills says:

Is this Passive 3D ??

Cristi Cristi says:

be careful people,don’t order from GEARBEST…..YOU JUST LOST YOUR MONEY never received your order,i lost 779.75 usd for one XGIMI H1….NO REFUND NO REPLAY

Perumal Thasakriban says:

Very good

bvm yaswanth says:

#xgimi please

G George says:

Been leaning towards Optima w/Darbee but this Benq has been growing on me. Great video

Jo Sutherland says:

done and dusted

IRONMAN79101 says:

Bro so Ben q now damn bro I remember u when u first started u were doing budget projectors now we gone Hollywood good shit son I think I might cuff that other one da gimi one

imnobosh says:

Killing it Casey! Keep it up bro!

Guilherme Barros says:

This one looks sick !!!

Bill Peirce says:

Not on sale.
899.00 is the regular price

Suman Sth says:

You said you have found your best 1080p (Xgimi h1) projecter, how does these two compare?

bvm yaswanth says:

Good picture quality man nice video and tell me that how much it costs in India

Jesus Angulo says:

Reviews always on point and always on the look for a new projector – you’re the only one to come to for reliable info. Keep it up brotha!


This one rocks. Friend has this model.

Alberto Chavez says:

Dude, THANK YOU I’m hook on your channel . love all the knowledge that you are throwing / keep up the nice quality work. I love the that you are not just focus on very expensive projectors and letting us know that we can enjoy a big screen. once again thank you.

Claud Ennin says:

I wish I own one of these native 1080p projectors… nice review Casey…I wish u also do comparison videos of your best 720p & 1080p in their category 🙂

minus148 says:

Nice, ! Now I’m in to win.

Sir Grimace says:

comparison video of
1080p reviewed projectors please

Muhammad Awais says:


labman27 says:

Where is the link to it on sale. I don’t see it in the description. As always thanks for the awesome reviews.

My Passion 4 stuff says:

A screen is the.most exellent surface to reflect the image a painted wall its a horrible substitute

Igor Carrasco says:

Thanks for all the work.
Please review the JmGO V8 Projector when you can 🙂

Sloe Bone says:

Do they make anything that’s smaller than a toaster oven?

Erik Generik says:

5%er checking in! Hope all is well!

ALUACKBAR 420 says:

madman still posting its been a long time xD

Nikk Mercy says:

Dude by today’s standards most of the projectors have good quality pictures so you want impress anyone! you need to talk about if this projector will do a good job connecting to our cellphones, tablets, laptops and if can airplay or mirror your device, if this projector can play and stream online movies without lagging! It feels like you have no clue about projectors!

parkerfamily94 says:

Still luv my Xgimi H1

Chad Ostby says:

Uggg. I just ordered the optima 1080 darpree projector from your review

jokers Ride says:

whats up casey quick ? boss..the usb type A is a power only slot? or can i plug in my usb to watch my dls

dallypool says:

If I buy 1 these what would be the best 2 way 2 watch it on, a Projection Screen Vs Projection Screen PAINT. Thanks love the channel

Ray G says:

Subscribed!! I love your channel and your in depth reviews. This projector would be a great birthday gift for me haha

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