APEMAN M4 Mini Pocket Digital Projector – 854×480 native resolution

Review of the APEMAN M4 Digital Projector

I now have a comparison video with this and two other styles of portable projectors. You can watch that video here:

I love this thing so much! It’s ridiculously small, but it still has 854×480 native resolution. (I consider 800×480 to be the lowest resolution for projectors where you can comfortably watch a movie. Do not bother with anything lower. The 854×480 looks pretty nice.)

For those not aware of the difference between native and supported resolution, native is what the projector actually displays, and supported means that you can give it higher resolution files and it can still play them but it’s converting them down. I was using 1080P files during my review video.

I’ve actually used this projected from 30″ to 108″ wide. The 108″ was due to my not having table closer to set it on, but I was still able to get it focused and watched a movie this way. But I definitely think that’s as far as you want to go.

I tested the battery time and made it through all of Raiders of the Lost Arc and 47 minutes into Temple of Doom, equaling a grand total of 162 minutes with the volume on full! The current specs in the listing say 90 to 120 minutes, so I’m surprised this actually surpassed that by a significant amount.

The speaker is okay if you’re sitting beside it. The sound is clear, but it doesn’t go to high volumes. If you’re watching with multiple people, you will want to connect a separate speaker to this.

The projector itself it very quiet, and it starts up quickly. It’s very intuitive to use.

This projector does not have a built-in media player. You cannot just plug a flashdrive into it. It requires an HDMI input, such as an Android TV box, game system, blu-ray player, and so on.

– it’s so tiny and adorable!! Err, I mean, portable…
– very high quality
– 854×480 native resolution (with higher supported)
– good color, contrast, sharpness
– quiet
– doesn’t get hot
– comes with good quality tripod

CONS: (although not so much cons as just features some larger model projectors have that it does not)
– no built-in media player, so you can’t just plug-in flashdrives (and no card slot for the same reason)
– no remote control
– no wifi or bluetooth
– the volume is on the quiet side
– it gets covered in fingerprints very easily

Honestly, this little thing was love at first sight, and I surprisingly stayed that way and even like it more now that I’ve fully tested it. It surpassed my expectations. Also, the seller is prompt and friendly with answering questions. I 100% would recommend this.


Chem Meng says:


Praecantetia says:

perfect for the switch on the go

leozito3000 says:

Why does it sound like she is singing instead of talking?

Alan Smith says:

Hi hun,can I connect my android tablet to this,to watch movies etc ?

emattno matt says:

What distance did you put the projector away from screen to get those 108 inches?

Demented Duskull says:

Is it possible to change the screen’s size without moving the projector closer or farther away? This is a dealbreaker for me if it can’t do that.

Cairo Corea says:

I have a Anker Power Core 20000mah power bank… Can I run projector off it without wall AC power???

VR 360 TV says:

Wow look great, the quality looks amazing:-)

Simon Collett says:

Thank you. Now added to my 2018 Christmas wish list thanks to your excellent review 😀
Can you tell me if the image can be inverted as I’d like to clip it to the ceiling when I go out to the spa?

Alex S says:

could i connect bluetooth speakers to this?

Rajiv S says:

This woman is like.. she is singing…

Jkou Files says:

So what do u do with a usb out?

Dat Nguyen says:

A really good and detailed video.

Roy Munson says:

Fingerprint easily? Did she just say that?

Dominic says:

Great review.

Alex Lopez says:

Great review thank you

Go!ng 5150 says:

Mine wont turn on it shows lights but i cant start it

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