Amazing ABOX T22 HD Ready Mini Projector Play PS4, Watch Movies on 176 inch HD Screen

ABOX T22 HD Ready Mini Projector up-to 176 inch HD Screen
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This is the best projector i have reviewed so far.

– LED Projector
– Every efficient @ 50W
– 2000 Lumens
– Lamp life 50,000 Hours
– Native Resolution 800×480
– HD READY and has a HDMI input
– Contrast Ratio: 2000:1
– Screen Size 32 to 176 inches

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Britec09 says:

I think the quality on this is awesome for the price.

Bakul Saravaiya says:

please India available this product

bluemoon mcfc says:

Purchased one of these arriving Thursday, can’t wait, excellent review as always 🙂

Steven Liew says:

I wonder why China manufacturer keep release new led projector but the native resolution still at 800×400?? why can’t they release 1080p ?

Alondra 101 says:

How can I connect my phone to It

Ken Kelly says:

Can you mount it on a tripod?

Tanmoy Roy says:

Chigz- currently using this projector and pretty happy with the performance…thanks to you for your review of this product…one query- How do I know that a new firmware/ software version is available to flash in the device? Is there any site/ forum wherein I can check for the same?

Jason Rodriguez says:

Can you connect it with external speakers? Wired it wireless?

The KitOwl says:

Enjoyed the review so much, I’m going to get one. Thanks .

scaldbrother says:

What was the name of the film from that first trailer? I’ve been googling and an’t find a result. (thank you for the review)

mia tano says:

Yasss whens the second part to the first movie comming out man

Bakul Saravaiya says:

thanks bro

Vinod Kgl says:

how much?

Sabine Fletcher says:

I just bought one today. Already have a 100 inch screen. Question: Will I/Should I get an external speaker. If Yes, suggestions?!

NozL Recordings UK says:

Cheers for the upload, Chigz.

mark gibson says:

apart from the Nvidia Sheild what’s the best box looking for oap’s the cable and sky prices are affecting my inheritance lol

Nadeem Khan says:

is that awailable in india ?.?

rzimmer1 says:

amazon ad says 50,000 lamp hours but when you get the item the box says only 30,000 hours. that is a 20,000 hour loss going by the ad with amazon compared to what it says on the box. another thing can you get a replacement lamp for this device and how much would it be? i hope the rest of the specs in the ad match what is on the box. i just got this 7-18-17 so i have not been able to try it yet. i am waiting on the screen i ordered. hope someone can explain why the difference in lite hours between the ad on amazon and what is on the box. 20,000 lamp hours is alot of light time to loose. just wondering.

Tom Deegan says:

Can you connect a firestick ??

Ana Beresford says:

Can you put the amazon fire stick in it

Kim Jong-un says:

Thank you for a quality review. I ordered one and am so excited! I got it for my bday present after returning a fancy ice cream maker. My bday is on December 23rd! I’m gonna show my papa (grandpa) when it’s Christmas Eve or Christmas morning because he always does a slideshow on the tv! But he will be able to do it on the projector! It will be here on my birthday too!

James Wyld says:

Looks really bright… even in daylight… another top review.. thank you… you unboxed one the other day.. that was 3200 lumen. waiting to see how they compare.. i know price wise it will be day and night.. but interested to see if you can see the differance between 2000/3200 lumen… 🙂 nice one.

Odin Müller says:

What about the noice of the Fans is it acceptable or is it annoying ?

rajib sorker says:

parsig koto taka

ultramarine23 says:

between gp70up and abox which is better.

gyani baba says:

who to bay in india plz help me plz

John Smith says:

What is the Native Resolution ?

Cole Wilson says:

i absolutely love this projector! its amazing for its price and i love using my xbox one on it!

ultramarine23 says:

hi mate iam interested in this projector, your honest opinion, is it worth buying in terms of color sharpness. for watching movies and youtube in comparing to crenova projector xpe460, iam on a budget????

GE TA says:

Thank you for a great review.

Suraud60 says:

Hey man, cool review. Is there anyway to adjust the screen size without moving the projector? There is only one location in my apartment where I can place the projector, so I need one that can adjust screen size regardless of distance. If not, do you have any recommendations on projectors that can? Thanks!

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