ABOX T22 2000 Lumes Mini Projector – Unboxing & Review !!

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The best projector for under £100 !!!



Robert Bruce says:

It’s alright, but the fan on the thing sounds like a jet engine… tempted to take it apart and replace with with something quieter

wakeup2theNWO says:

On payday im going to get a projector is this one good to play Xbox one on or is there better for £100/150 im not expecting the muts nuts but just not laggy and an ok picture will this one be ok for that mate ??

John Stevens says:

i never understood the 1080p whole thing thank you for explaining craig, top video as always

Nomadic Cheese says:

I ordered one last week here in the USA the box here has English and Spanish on it…

fj57 says:

the surround sound setting is apparently for connecting to surround system

ultramarine23 says:

hi mate iam in australia so dont hve amazon. if we compare abox to gp70up which is better picture quality color sharpess an bright wise? apart of the fact that gp70up as more features to offer like bluetooth android?

ultramarine23 says:

Thanks for ur help


Is it 3d ready

Dan Rooney says:

The reason the ABOX seems so much brighter (outside of it’s higher lumens output) is the Helmholtz-Kohlrausch effect. Higher quality LED’s will produce better color accuracy. To summarize what the H&K Effect is, basically more color accurate imagery appears brighter then less color accurate ones. This is how an LED projector can output with lower lumens then a comparable DLP projector yet appear as bright/brighter. Good vid m8.

hypnostream says:

Can you put sky box on it mate and love your reviews keep it up mate

bazilian0 says:

Hi. Good review. What is it like with text/presentations please. Maybe you could include this in future. Ta.

Jim Barnes says:


ultramarine23 says:

hi mate iam interested in this projector, your honest opinion, is it worth buying in terms of color sharpness. for watching movies and youtube my second option is crenova projector xpe460, which is for $100.. ur advise??

hypnostream says:

Just for after work on a night in my bedroom for sky and xbox will it do the job

maritrunks says:

Thanks for the review, much appreciated

Freddy Lema says:

hi! mate i just got ABOX T22 but am finding it hard on how to switch it on. sometimes its responding positively but sometimes its resisting. please help

hgfhgfhgfhgf says:

Comparison not comparisment 😉

Richard Upton says:

hi craig 2 questions really, firstly i have a abox pro android box that i run through a h.d.m.i. to my television whould this work for the projector ? also can you project it onto a wall or do you need a screen for it ?? thank you.

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